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Monitor Business Running by Using Mobile Spy Technology

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Employers may be curious about the activities of employees while at work. These employers may think that their employees are wasting time talking with friends or giving confidential company information to other people through emails. If this is the case and employers would like to confirm their doubts about their employees, they will have to spy on the mobile phone that was assigned by the company to the employees. It is possible to know the activities of certain employees while at work without giving them the idea that they are being monitored. Employers will be able to view the exact text message and email that was sent by the employees as well as the number they dialed.


Since employees may have the tendency to misuse company property, such as mobile devices, it is advisable for employers to use mobile spying technology. Whenever employers feel that their employees are not using the devices properly or are imprudent in their use of company resources that may result to unwanted expenses, it would be essential to monitor how employees are using their mobile devices to collect evidence against them.

The Power of Mobile Spy Technology

Mobile spy technology has emerged with the developments in the mobile industry. These latest developments in mobile technology will allow employers to secretly monitor the phone activities of their employees wherever they may be located at a particular time. This technology will allow employers to know the activities of their employees during official office hours. They will also know the exact location of their employees. In addition to this, employers will have the capability of monitoring calls of the employees through the internet.

Secret Work of the Mobile Spy Technology

The focal point of the technology is its ability to allow users to monitor the targeted mobile device without the knowledge of the user of the device. A number of mobile spying applications utilize this technology to run on various mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows. Among the most popular applications include mSpy, Mobile Spy, StealthGenie and Phone Sheriff. After the suitable app is downloaded and installed into the phone of the employee, it will immediately work in the background to monitor and record the following:

  • All calls and text messages including the ones that were deleted
  • All emails including the ones that were deleted
  • Chats through messenger
  • Social networking posts and chats
  • Websites visited and bookmarked
  • Location through GPS at regular periods
  • Images and videos viewed
  • Applications that were installed like to-do-list apps and memos


Aside from its stealth mode, the independent functionality is another important feature of the application. This feature indicates that it is not dependent on the phone logs. Instead, all of the activities are saved by the application as they happen. Due to this, it is capable of monitoring and recording calls, text messages and emails that were already deleted.

After the mobile spying application is installed, it generates a record of all activities of the phone. The record will be uploaded to a separate server using an encrypted transmission medium. The records will become available to the employer an hour after it was installed. The employer can access the record through the account created on the official website of the application. The recorded activities are regularly uploaded into the server that the employer can access. This is how mobile spying technology will allow employers to monitor the activities of their employees.

Using mobile spying technology is not too difficult for employers due to the developments in the mobile industry. It will be easy to find a suitable application that employers can use to monitor the phone activities of their employees. After the application is installed, they will be able to immediately monitor the activities of their employees and obtain the necessary information in connection to how the mobile device is used by the employee.

One of the above mentioned spy applications is called “mSpy”. This app is one of the best ways to keep an eye on what is going on inside your office, for more information you can visit mSpy app review. This way, employers get the easiest way to spy over their employees’ activities concerning both data change and phone calls, messages and web browsing history, stored and shared files, locations, etc. Thus, everything that is being fulfilled via mobile phones, in regard with the given company’s business affairs, remains within the reach of the company’s manager. On the other hand, this is an excellent way to keep your employees on alert all the time, and enlarge the control over information flows and leakage.

These mobile spying applications are dependable. No matter what the employees are doing, the application will secretly work in the mobile device where it was installed. It will provide employers with all information about incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, emails, and websites that were visited by the employee.

The duration of every call may also be recorded by advanced systems. The phone number of the individual that the employee was communicating with will also be recorded by the application. This will allow the employer to know whom the employee was communicating with, whether it was a friend or family of the employee. It will show the employer whether the employee was wasting time while increasing the phone bill of the company. It may also reveal if the employee was secretly communicating with a competitor of the company.

Since these mobile applications monitor the location of the mobile device, it will give the employer the exact location of the employee on an actual map. It will also show the time when the employee was at that location. This is useful for companies that have a good number of employees who perform field work. It is also useful to know whether an employee met up with clients or customers. It will show employers whether their employees were performing actual field work.

The application can also enhance productivity by providing employers with the capability of preventing employees from visiting social networking sites or downloading applications that are not necessary for their job.

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