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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Cell Phone Spy Software

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Cell phone spy software is one of the most famous innovations of the present decade, which can serve a number of different purposes such as monitoring what your kids are doing online and with whom they communicate. Such a software also lets you monitor your employees in case you are a businessman, which will let you know if something fishy is going on in your company.


But the issue is that most people do not know much about the use of cell phone spy software programs and often find themselves in hot water, either due to scam companies, technical issues or due to different legalities involved in the process. Here are some of the factors you need to consider before you buy a cell phone monitoring software program, so that you avoid any inconvenience while you use the app.

Scam Companies


Considering the popularity of the trend of cell phone spying among parents and businessmen, many fake companies appeared on the scene. Many cases were reported where such fake companies received heavy amounts, but provided the customers with non-functional software programs. So the first thing you need to take care of is that you do not purchase cell phone spy software from any scam company. Here are a few things which you may notice whenever you open any website which sells cell phone monitoring software programs:

  • The website must give a professional look, a look which represents a valid corporation.
  • Look for the contact numbers and addresses mentioned on the website.
  • Try to contact the vendor through email or phone
  • If possible, physically verify the address mentioned on the website.
  • Look for social media accounts of the company and read the comments posted there by the people.

Another good idea of checking if a company is a scam or not, is to search the name of the company in your favorite search engine and add the word ‘scam’ after the company name. Doing so will display comments which people may have posted on different blogs and social media accounts, in case the company happened to be a scam. So the first thing you need to make sure that you do not waste your money.



Well, this is another major issue about which people remain confused. Most cell phone spy software programs available in the market are compatible with the major operating systems such as Android, iOS and Blackberry. But you need to remember two very important things in this regard:

  • No third party app can be installed on a gadget using iOS platform, whether it is an iPhone or an iPad, without jailbreak, and cell phone spy software is no exception. If you need to install a cell phone spy software on your child’s iPhone, jail break is a must thing to do.
  • Although it doesn’t always hold true, but in most cases, you need to root your Android device in case you need to install a cell phone spy software on an Android phone.

Choosing an App

There are, of course, many cell phone monitoring software programs available in the market, and they vary greatly in the features they contain and the price packages they offer. So you need to be diligent while you choose such a software which truly suits your requirement. You need to ask yourself three questions:

  • For which platform, I need to use the cell phone spying app?
  • What features do I need to have in a cell phone monitoring software?
  • What is my budget?

If you successfully answer these three questions, you can surely choose the right kind of cell phone spy app.

Legal Issues


Yes, this is the most important issue you need to consider while using a cell phone monitoring software. In many parts of the world, it is illegal to monitor somebody’ activities and is considered a breach of privacy. However, in many areas, such as the US, it is not illegal and unethical to spy on somebody, subject to some conditions. You need to comply with the following conditions, in order to stay in the legal limits while monitoring one’s cell phone.

  • You must be the owner of the cell phone you need to monitor.
  • You may install a cell phone monitoring software on your child’s smartphone, without his consent or without telling him the fact that he is being spied on.
  • If you need to monitor your employees, you need to intimate him and get his written consent before you install a cell phone monitoring software on your employee’s smartphone.

Remember, spying on somebody, without his consent is a breach of law! So it is advised that you should consult your legal advisor or any private consultant in your geographical region, so that you may come to know about laws regarding cell phone monitoring in your state or country.

All the valid cell phone spy software companies have added the sections ‘disclaimers’ and legal issues on their respective websites. You must study these sections carefully before you buy the product. Doing this will definitely save you from legal notices!

Installing a Cell Phone Spy Software Remotely

Lately, there has been much debate on the issue that whether or not a cell phone spy software be installed on the targeted cell phone from a remote location .i.e. Without having physical access to the targeted cell phone. The simple answer to this question is that a cell phone spy software cannot be installed on the targeted cell phone from a remote location, due to a number of reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Initial steps in the installation process of a cell phone spy software program demand human interaction.
  • Jailbreak of the iOS and rooting of the Android device cannot be done from a remote location.
  • During installation, one may need to contact customer support.

Following the above mentioned tips may help you choose the right type of cell phone monitoring software and save you from any possible inconveniences.

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2 Responses to “5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Cell Phone Spy Software”

  1. Jasmin Bing says:

    I never trust the so called free spy apps. Most of the free spyware applications are packed with viruses.

    However, there is a certain program I came across last week that lets you access peoples photos and sms messages.

    It is called iKeymonitor. you might have to look it up for yourself. It lets users monitor their cell phone in real time. After the software is setup on the phone, it will record an array of phone activities including text messages and call activities. It will then silently upload the data to a user’s private iKeymonitor account which they check online without needing access to the phone.

  2. mobilespysource says:

    I agree with your points.