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6 Ways a Mobile Phone Monitoring Application Can Keep You Safe

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In today’s fast-paced world, corporate decisions need to be taken in real time. To support decision making, companies provide their key employees with mobile phones. Working parents are also providing cell phones to their spouses and children. To safeguard against misuse, they install a so-called mobile phone monitoring application on the phones. Perfectly legal to use, this software covertly logs the details of the mobile phone’s activities to the vendor website for secured viewing. This state-of-the-art technology can help you stay safe in more than one way.


Keeping Your Acquaintances Away from Unsafe Neighborhoods
The software features physical location tracking. Before any of your employees, your children, or spouse reaches in the proximity of an unsafe neighborhood or downtown area, you can alert them to stay safe and avoid places with potential threats to life and property.

Keeping You Safe from Industrial Espionage
Industrial espionage, the unhealthy side of the competition, is on the rise now. The insider can put you in harm’s way faster than the outsider. You should monitor your core employees with mobile phone monitoring applications because trust is good but control is better.

Keeping You Safe from Employee Thefts
Your sales team might be stealing your time knowingly or unknowingly. While every team is equally important, the sales team directly affects the goals and objectives of your company. You should track the visits and time management of your sales team to optimize sales efforts.

Keeping You Safe from Malware, Spyware, and Viruses
Malware and viruses are the dark side of internet revolution. Seemingly innocent links, when clicked, can deprive you of your valuable hardware, software, and even network resources. Since spyware and malware are designed to take advantage of human nature, they are hardly traceable without IT’s help. Share your software’s log of internet surfing with your IT department to devise strong IT policies and efficient firewalling.

Keeping You Safe from Increasing Tariffs
If your corporate email facility or phone is being used for excessive personal use, your provider will likely increase the tariffs next time you negotiate. If you monitor the web surfing, calls, messages, and corporate emails, you will control excessive personal use of corporate resources resulting in optimal tariff rates.

Keeping Your Child Safe from Bad Associates
Most of the teenage blues are related to “peer pressure” and influenced by bad company. You should monitor the contact list, call logs, and messages of your children to know if they have the right friends.

The application provides you with all the power to manage your world the way you want to. The remote monitoring allows you to stay in control even when you are on travel. I definitely recommend it.

Author: Brian Coulter

Brian Coulter is an expert on mobile phone technology and its applications. His experience and love for Mobile Phone Spy technology allows him to write about how this technology can affect our lives today.


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