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15 Amazingly Cool Accessories To Boost Your Macbook

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If you are looking to purchase a laptop, it should offer stability, efficiency, and less bulky, then the only laptop that comes to my mind is Apple Macbook. There is no doubt that it is a dream for every gadget lover to own a Macbook and moreover the overall experience of working on a Macbook is just amazing than other laptops.


There is no doubt that Apple products are just pure technological marvels and their accessories do play an imperative role to make them look good and giving a boost to the overall experience. So, I have rounded up some of the best Macbook accessories that can help you get more out of the device.

1. Nifty MiniDrive


If you think that 128 GB SSD on MacBook is just not enough, then you can add a Nifty MiniDrive that will help create extra space of up to 64 GB. This advanced minidrive uses SD card slot of MacBook Pro to add extra storage space. While the standard SD cards would usually protrude out of the MacBook the moment they are inserted, Nifty MiniDrive uses a MicroSD card that sits flush with the body, therefore giving a flawless and clean look. You need to spend £24.95 for the MiniDrive.

2. USB SuperDrive

Priced at £79.00, two notable things about this SuperDrive are – sleek and compact. It packs in everything that you desire from an optical drive. With this accessory, it does not matter whether you are sitting in your office or you are roaming on the road, you can still burn both CDs and DVDs using Apple USB SuperDrive.


It is an ideal device while watching a DVD, create backup discs, and install software. Since it is compact and lightweight; it can be easily carried to anywhere. Having a size of a CD case, it can be easily carried in your travel bag.

3. AirPort Time Capsule – 2TB

Priced at £299.00, now you can easily take backup of your favourite pictures, videos, and other important data. This accessory is a wireless hard drive that works without a glitch with Time Machine in OS X. It comes with a Wi-Fi base station along with the latest 802.11ac technology and simultaneous dual-band support. You have the option of choosing from 2TB and 3TB models.


With its 2TB or 3TB hard drive, it easily works with Time Machine in OS X that facilitates you to take easy back up. You don’t need to worry about the cable and you can also back up all the Mac computers at one sole location – automatically and wirelessly. As it has an elevated design, the antennas are placed at the top and with its high platform, the signals are dispersed easily.

4. Rain Design mStand for MacBook


Priced at £49.95, mStand is made using aluminium assuring its firmness. The accessory helps in transforming your notebook into a steady and funky workstation. Since it comes with a tilt design; it helps in bringing the screen closer and it will perfectly meet your eye level and help in preventing slouching. You have the option of choosing mStand in three striking colours – Golden, Gray, and Silver. No matter which is your favourite colour, it will surely look impressive and bound to turn heads as well.

5. Bretford TechGuard Charging Locker

Priced at £389.95, your guests, friends, and family members can easily charge their MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. All that is required is to fasten your device inside the locker, have your own personalised code, and you are good to go. The best thing about this accessory is that you can charge three devices simultaneously. Every locker comes with two administration keycards intended for override access.


A bay has an AC charging outlet and two USB charging ports that can provide up to 2.4 A each. Keypad lock is powered by the internal system, so there is no requirement for batteries. It comes with steel construction and security-grade window. Ensuring high-standards of safety, it is UL 60950-1 certified. You can easily keep a check on the lockers in shared environment with clear-window and interior lighting.

6. Ultimaker PLA 3D Printing Filament


Priced at £29.95, printing 3D models can be easily done. It is made of corn starch; the best part is that it is environment-friendly and odourless. It is an ideal accessory to be used at home, classroom, or office. It is designed in a manner that it can easily print the prototypes accurately and without wasting any time. Being flexible and easy to use, this accessory can be used both by the professionals and novices.

7. AirPods

Priced at £159.00, it will surely change the way you listen to your favourite music. One of the striking things of AirPods is that there is no wire, so you no longer have to go through that tiring untangling process. The moment you pull out your AirPods out of the charging case, they get turned on and get connected to your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. As soon as you put them in your ears, audio automatically starts playing and the moment you pull them out, the music will stop playing on its own.


If you are looking to adjust the volume, make a call, get directions, and change the song, all you need is to double-tap to activate Siri. Motion accelerometer and optical sensors play a pivotal role in the detection when they are in your ears, whether you are using one AirPods or one, the W1 chip will route the audio and will connect the microphone. As W1 chip helps in managing battery in a better way, it delivers 5-hour of listening on one charge.

8. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Priced at £249.95, Beats Solo 3 does not need any formal introduction. It offers an impressive battery life of 40 hours and you can use these headphones for day to day use. It comes with Fast Fuel, that gives you a staggering 3 hours of playback and you just need to charge it for 5 minutes. The cushioned ear cups can be easily adjusted according to your fit.


Setting up can be done easily; all you need is to power the headphone and keep it near to your iPhone and it easily gets connected. The headphone does its core task quite efficiently and delivers fine-tuned acoustics that increases the balance, clarity, and breadth.

9. Magic Keyboard

Priced at £99.00, Magic Keyboard comes with a sleek design, built-in rechargeable battery, and other key features. You will find enhanced scissor mechanism beneath every key that facilitates increased stability. You will surely have a remarkable typing experience while running fingers on your keyboard. It easily gets paired with your Mac and the best part is that it comes with a long-lasting battery.

Magic Keyboard comes with a lightning cable, which you can use it for charging it via a USB port on your MacBook. You can switch it on or off using a switch which you will find it on the back side of the keyboard. Are you fed up with those bulky and heavy keyboards? Well, there is good news, as Magic Keyboard is quite light and being compact makes it easier to use and carry.

10. Magic Mouse 2

Priced at £79.00, Magic Mouse 2 supports a fresh design and the moment you lay your eyes on it, you instantly want to hold it in your hands. It comes with a reflective glossy finish much like its predecessor with Apple logo in grey colour. It is rechargeable, so no more using traditional batteries.

It easily pairs with your MacBook and it is also quite light and fewer moving parts. With its in-built battery and optimised foot design, the mouse moves easily and with less resistance on the desk. With the help of Multi-Touch surface, you can perform easy gestures like swiping between the web pages and scrolling through different documents.

11. Magic Trackpad 2

Priced at £129.00, Magic Trackpad 2 comes with Force Touch pressure-sensitive technology that you have seen in Apple Watch. You will see metallic finish around the edges of the pad which offers an impressive look to the pad. Set up is quite easy and you will find the on/off button at the back. It comes with a lightning cable for charging the pad.


This pad supports both standard clicks and deeper force clicks, this helps in activating a wide array of additional functions depending on the application. You will surely cherish its edge-to-edge glass surface area; it is around 30% larger than its predecessor. In addition, it also comes with a lower profile, making scrolling and swiping much easier.

12. AbleNet TrackerPro

Priced at £740.00, is a computer input device. It is a kind of device that replaces the place of a mouse for all those people with little or no hand movement. You just need to plug it in and it will function like a mouse. You don’t any separate software, just plug in the TrackerPro in the USB port of the computer. This accessory can be used for drafting, drawing, or any other control that requires fine cursor control.

It comes with high-resolution CCD camera that offers smooth and pixel-perfect tracking. You can sit anywhere in front of your MacBook as it comes with a 45-degree field of view. It can even function in the direct sunlight.

13. Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter

Priced at £29.00, is a bidirectional adapter which can connect Thunderbolt 3 with Mac along with a Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 port. In addition, it also connects Thunderbolt-enabled displays such as –LG Thunderbolt 2 displays and Apple Thunderbolt display.

14. USB-C to Lightning Cable (2m)

Priced at £29.00, the cable comes handy in connecting your iPhone, iPod, or iPad with Lightning connector to your MacBook with USB-C port with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports in order to charge or sync. This cable can also be used with your Apple 87W, 29W USB-C power adapter to charge an iOS device.

15. Belkin Aluminium USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

Priced at £49.95, Belkin Aluminium USB 3.0 4-Port Hub helps you connect 4 USB enabled devices to your MacBook. With USB 3.0 connection, you get 10 times faster transfer speeds as compared to USB 2.0. It is a feature-rich accessory –

  • Plug and play
  • 5 Gb/s transfer speed
  • Does not support iPad charging
  • Charges up to two iPhones at a time
  • Up to 900mA of power per port
  • Up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0
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