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20 Coolest Futuristic Gadgets for Your Car

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Increasingly more companies are manufacturing vehicles with fancy navigation systems and built-in Bluetooth. That being said, it’s obvious that the industry is changing. In-car gadgetry is now a common thing, and almost everyone looking for a new car will purchase a type with some sort of futuristic gadget incorporated. From dash cameras and multi-talented connected navigation to DAB radio and satnavs, a lot of innovations are being integrated in today’s newest cars.


Here are 20 of the coolest gadgets you should consider for your vehicle.

1. Gesture Control


In collaboration with Google, Ford is developing pioneering car technologies. One of those technologies will permit drivers to have full control of their vehicles with simple gestures using the head and the hand. The futuristic in-car gadget will depend on voice recognition software and 3D cameras. You will be able to open/close the windows or control the temperature by nodding or pointing.

2. Complete Digital Gauges


Most of today’s mechanical gauges are tough to read; they’re inaccurate and to some extent they look outdated. Fully digitized dashboards are the future. They’re slick and easy to use, not to mention that they will transform your car into a genuine spaceship.

3. Smart Door Handles
Leading car manufacturers are constantly trying to wow buyers. Right now, some are working on developing vehicles with smart door handles. By making the handles touch sensitive, getting into a vehicle will become a lot more convenient. The feature will minimize drag and boost efficiency, which is ideal when driving fast.

4. Rims that Glow at Night


Glowing rims will make your car look like it was taken from the movie Tron. Believe it or not, this technology could help boost vehicle visibility while on the road; the feature will increase safety when driving at night.

5. Color-Adjustable Headlights
Many famous car manufacturers such as Porsche and Audi have started to pay more attention to mood lighting. They’ve incorporated customizable headlights into their high-end cars so that the driver can adjust the color according to his mood.

6. Griffin iTrip


Griffin iTrip is a popular transmitter. It sends audio from people’s smartphones over FM radio signals. Divers can also use the Aha by Harman app to play nearly any radio station; as an added bonus, if you tune in a station marked “coffee”, the app will instantly offer a report on the most recent points of interest. There are stations for local weather and traffic you can tune in too.

7. Cobra iRadar Atom


Radar detectors are not new; however, the Cobra iRadar Atom is a smaller more compact device that connects to your smartphone, and then monitors police radars in the area. It is 35% smaller than average radars, and it sends alerts each time a police car is nearby. What’s even greater is that you can share your location with other iRadar users and let them know about the speed limit.

8. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics
The Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics goes into the ODB port of one’s vehicle. It helps the driver understand various car problems by using a related mobile app. The futuristic gadget can do a lot more. Use it to lock/unlock your vehicle, set a geo fence to warn you when you’re on the wrong path, pop the trunk, and more.

9. Inrete Automatica
Inrete Automatica is a flash drive that syncs to find you Wi-Fi, and thus enable the download of different sorts of media files from your Skydrive, Dropbox or Box accounts. It comes with 4GB of storage and it will cost you $99.

10. Magellan SmartGPS


SmartGPS from Magellan is not just your average type of GPS. The gizmo prides with features similar to Lexus and BMWs. The device syncs to your smartphone; this means it sets a route on your phone, and then it syncs each time you get inside the car. It is extremely advanced, setting complex routes and waypoints.

11. Laser Lights


When Audi R8 LMX and BMW i8 launched last year, everyone thought that their laser lights was a joke. Even though the technology is not legal in the US, the mere fact that manufacturers are developing high beams could mean a lot for the future of car technology. Incredibly precise, laser lights could be put to good use, such as indicating vehicle width while on the road.

12. Audi’s Future Styling


Audi’s Prologue concept car was just launched in Las Vegas. The car fits a hybrid powertrain, and it could be an indicative of the manufacture’s new styling direction. Featuring 3D instrumentation, Prologue looks like a superb car of the future.

13. Sharp LCD Instrumentation
The newest LCDs from Sharp are a massive improvement over the current TFT displays. The futuristic devices are expected to launch in 2017; they have a free form, which basically means that the designers have more flexibility to manufacture the most creative and high-tech interiors.

14. Inductive Charging
Hybrids are here to stay; although it can be annoying when you’re in a hurry and you have to charge. Sometime in the future, we hope to have an inductive charging device for our electric cars. It’s not rocket science, and soon enough the advanced technology will allow developers to make them.

15. SYNC 3 from Ford
SYNC 2 from Ford didn’t live up to our expectations; but the car maker didn’t give up and developed SYNC 3. Greatly improved, the gizmo is more intuitive and faster; Ford fans will adore it.

16. Cloud Based Computing
eHorizon is the newest cloud based computing system presented at this year’s CES. The system doesn’t just exchange traffic info and connects cars; it feed information to the system thus helping it run smoother by enabling a powertrain strategy.

17. OLED Technology
OLED technology could be the future of car lighting. The technology packs homogenous light that works inside and outside. The ultra clean effect could create the smoothest look for tail ad cabin accent lights.

18. Parrot Asteroid Mini
Parrot Asteroid Mini is an elegant dashboard mounted hands-free multi-media system that integrates with the audio system of your vehicle. It is similar to Android OS, and it provides access to all kinds of audio and music sources.

19. Road Angel Gem
This cool gadget warns you of upcoming speeding cameras. It keeps drivers informed about the speed limit, and it makes sure that your vehicle complies with the local laws.

20. Devium Dash
This dashboard platform is designed to hold any type of smartphone. Also, it has the ability to hook it straight to the stereo system of your vehicle; this means that you can get access to apps and music from your phone, as well as access additional FM/AM radio frequencies.

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