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Step-by-Step Guide for Improving Your Writing Skills

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Writing is one of the respectful professions that require sufficient time and skills to produce a perfect piece of content. Today, in the world of internet marketing, professional writers are in great demand to write astounding articles, web copies, blogs and press releases. However, to earn the title of ‘expert writer’, you need genuine guidance. Internet is occupied with thousands of writers which are easily available on freelance portals such as Freelancer and Upwork. But, you will not find all of them expert. If you have taken resolution to become a well-known writer, then it is the times to follow are liable guide.


Below mentioned steps are the extract from my experience which I have gained in the period of three years. I started as a junior writer at a digital agency. But with the passage of time, I learned and implemented best practices that made me who I am today.

I truly believe that after following these steps, you will see an incredible improvement to your writing style.

1. Research is What You Should Start With
It has been said that research serves as the keystone to achieve milestones. Similarly, if you are living up the dream of becoming a professional writer, you should be habitual of extensive research. You should start reading local and international newspapers and online magazines to keep an eye on latest news and updates from across the globe.

2. Look For an Inspiration
Writing is done with passion. It is something that comes naturally from the heart. To satisfy your heart, you need to look for some real inspiration that can motivate you to produce captivating content every time. You should read books related to writing for keeping your mind fresh, vitalize and full of amazing ideas.

3. Join Groups Related to Writing
Internet has made easier for everyone to get connected with the like-minded people. There are enormous writing groups, communities and social platforms available to quench your thirst. You should make the most out of these sources to overcome your writing flaws and to communicate with the people of similar field.

4. Follow The Influencers
It is one of the sensible steps to learn new techniques and best practices. Following influencers on social platforms can help you stay connected with the well-known writers who have done remarkable job through their writing. I recommend you to follow Neil for better understanding of writing for search engines.

5. Participate in Writing Contests
Believe it or not, but participating in writing contests can help you learn a lot in a short span of time. If attending a contest physically is not feasible, you can apply for several online competitions. I have been a member of couple of writing competitions which assisted me in improving my technical approach.

6. Enhance Your Reading Habit
You can’t become a writer unless you have the power to attract readers through compelling words and phrases. To achieve that level, you need to enhance your reading habit. You should buy the books online or from near book store stograsp innovative writings styles for expressing your thoughts.

7. Add Personal Touch to Your Writing
Copying someone else’s writing style won’t make you what you actually want to be. Instead, whenever you write, try to add your personal touch. This way, people can start recognizing you through your unique way of writing. The appropriate example that fits in the situation is Jeff Bullas. He knows what to write and how to write in the best way possible.

8. Avoid Grammatical Errors
No matter how much creative and unique your ideas are if your writing is not free of even a single grammatical error, you won’t be considered as an expert writer. To overcome this barrier, go back to the basics and revise everything from scratch. You can also take guidance from your seniors who can help you rectify the flaws.

9. Avoid Repetition of Words
To produce an eye-catching content, you should stop using similar words over and over again. It is a solid prove to the reader that your vocabulary is weak and you are facing difficulties in expressing your point of view. I recommend Cambridge Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus to avoid such a blunder.

10. Be Very Strict When Proofreading
It is the most important phase of writing that requires you to be focused and free from everything. When proofreading, you have to consider even a minor mistake very seriously. You can divide proofreading into the five phases. The first two phases should be comprised of grammar and syntax checking. Once you are done resolving all the grammatical issues, start reading your content again to see if there is any sentence or paragraph that can distract your reader. Fix it and then go through the whole content one more time.

Trust me this approach will make your content a perfect source of information for its readers.

11. Use Authentic Plagiarism Checking Software
The moment you get free from writing your content, don’t forget to check its plagiarism. There are number of software available, but Grammerly is the highly recommended software by the site like Dissertation Mall.

12. Don’t Push Yourself Too Much
It is good to be passionate about something, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave everything for it. Writing requires a fresh and totally energized brain which is only possible if you are not pushing yourself too much towards achieving the ultimate goal.

13. Welcome Rasping Feedbacks
Good things never happen overnight, instead they take time. Similarly, you can’t produce reader-centric content from the start of career, but the quality can be improved day by day. If you ever come across some rasping comments and feedbacks about your writing and if they are legitimate, welcome them. In fact, try to overcome the issues as soon as possible.

14. Make Proper Sub-Headings
It is an effective way to add charm to your content. Readers often get distracted with long paragraphs and to keep them engaged sub-headings play their part. If you are writing a simple blog post of 600 words, you should make at least 4 to 5 sub-headings to make it interesting.

15. Keep the Content Short and to-the-Point
I use to see a lot of people using excessive words in their content without any reason. If your message can be conveyed within few words, then using too many words is simply a waste of time. Practically, it is of no use because a reader always looks for the information he wants. To serve your reader, you should keep the content short and full of relevant information.

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