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Top 50 Best Sites to Get Paid for Writing & Blogging

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If you have always been passionate about writing and find university assignments an easy task, then you should have probably started wondering about how to benefit from your abilities. Every young person always needs extra money.


However, not many university students know that there are numerous part-time job opportunities related to writing. Thus, here is a list of top 50 websites like Artscolumbia – a useful service for students where you can easily make decent money.


1. Upwork – Writing Wizard
This is one of the most popular platforms among freelancers from all over the world. There, you can easily get paid to blogor find any other kind of a writing job.

2. Polygon
At this website, you have a chance to deal with writing articles that are related to the gaming industry. Would be a good choice for young men, who are interested in cybersport and gaming in general.

3. DigitalOcean
Here, you are free to share your experience with other writers who have only begun their careers. You can share your guides, tips, and ideas with hundreds or even thousands of other people. Like any other blog, the number of readers depends only on your desire.

4. Cosmopolitan
An excellent opportunity for young females to find something they are passionate about and write about it. Clothing, Love, Cosmetics, and many other topics that are of particular interest for your peers.

5. SitePoint
If you are that kind of person, who cannot live without helping others, then this website is for you. Tough requirements but high reward, do you feel like you want to try?

6. Cracked
Another platform where you can write blogs for money. Register, send an example of your article, get approved, start earning money.

7. Paste Magazine
A website, where any kind of trendy content is appreciated. Do you know exactly what interests youth? Then you should definitely give it a try.

8. Better Homes and Gardens
A platform, where only helpful tips are posted. Interested in travel or are concerned with the environment? Join their team and share your ideas with the readers.

9. Linode
Are you a young programmer who has tons of experience to share? Join this platform and tell everything you know about Linux.

10. WhatCulture
Do you want to try being a journalist? This resource allows you to do so. Deliver quality and unique content, and get paid every time it is published!

11. Listverse
Do you like making lists of tips or guidelines? This platform allows you to earn easily by sharing your instructions on pretty much everything.

12. Smashing Magazine
Here, you can give your guidelines, life hacks, case studies. Make sure that they are exciting and stop wondering ‘how to get paid for blogging?’

13. Dorkly
If you are really aware of popular culture, then this resource is an excellent option for you. Make lists of funny things like ‘Top 10 Cosplays of 2018′ and get paid for that! The bigger the list, the more you earn.

14. NewScientist
If you are ‘a scientist yourself,’ then this magazine is for you. Just get acquainted with the kind of material they usually publish and if you feel like you can manage to deliver, start earning money right away.

15. Scotch
If you are a young coder that has enough experience to share and, most importantly, is eager to teach somebody, then this platform is for you. Reach more than 1 million readers monthly with simple blogging.

16. EatingWell
Does healthy food mean something to you? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely try sharing your tips on how to eat healthy at this platform.

17. CollegeHumor
If you have a good sense of humor and have dozens of funny stories to share, then this website is for you. Get paid for sharing funny stories and make your readers laugh.

18. Doctor of Credit
If you study Law or Finance and want to earn money from sharing your knowledge and making other people aware of specific problems, then use this platform to do that. You can either work as a freelancer or a regular contributor there, everything’s in your hands.

19. Submittable
When you read a lot and are good at reviewing books, then this platform is for you. Get paid for guest posts and share your ideas with a broader audience.

20. The Penny Hoarder
Do you have ideas on how to earn or save money but wonder about ‘how to create a blog for free and make money?’ Then this resource is a viable option. Just give it a try.

21. SparkPeople
Do you find health to be the most precious resource? Try convincing others by submitting your articles to this platform.

22. Hongkiat – Freelancer
Fantastic place to submit any kind of work you can do. Be it an article, a piece of code, or a guide – everything can find its place here.

23. ADDitude
This one, like other blog writing sites, gives you an opportunity to get paid for articles. Learn what kind of content is published and submit your report.

24. The Diplomat
A great platform to submit blog posts and articles and get paid for that. Interested in politics or environmental problems? Submit your article and get heard!

25. Today I Found Out
Do you have unusual ideas you’d like to share? This is the place to start writing blogs for money!

26. Scary Mommy
Share your original stories and find appreciation from readers using this platform.

27. Two Plus Two
Good at gambling? Have an idea of how it works? Want to write a guide on poker? Great! This is the place to start.

28. TakeLessons
Share your expertise with teenagers or young parents! Have sound advice? Go on and share it with the world then.

29. Money Crashers
Managing budget is essential. Can you relate to it? If you have good advice on money-saving, then it is about time you shared your ideas.

30. Flywheel
If you are a creative kind of person that would like to share your unconventional ideas or views that are bound to be helpful, then this is a platform you should probably use.

31. Longreads
If you love writing essays that are longer than 2000 words, then you should try this website and make decent money.

32. Backpacker Magazine
Are you aware of environmental problems and want others to feel the same? Try this resource to express your concerns.

33. Motherly
If you are a mother and want to share your tips related to upbringing, then this is the right place to share them.

34. Problogger Jobs
A great platform to find a job on any topic you like. Numerous opportunities that you don’t want to miss.

35. MoneyPantry
Share your original and practical tips on how to earn money at MoneyPantry.

36. International Living
If you are an experienced traveler that knows precisely how to visit every corner of the world while saving money, then share your experience with others here!

37. A List Apart
Being creative and inventive are traits that this resource is looking for. If you have them, then start collaborating right away!

38. Semaphore
Being a confident PC user may be tough when there is a vast variety of software. If you are passionate about giving tips and advice and have advanced knowledge of modern software, use this platform to help others and earn some extra cash.

39. CraftBits
If you have some concepts you’d like to share with others, send your ideas to the website’s management for approval. As soon as you get one, create your own project and share it with the world.

40. Photoshop Tutorials
Are you a graphic designer? Do you find all those books on Photoshop useless and can explain complicated things in a simple manner? Share your expertise with the beginners here!

41. InstantShift
Another platform that features materials on designing and web-programming. If you have enough experience you’d love to share with others, try it!

42. Incomediary
Digital marketing is only developing. Though, there are people that know everything about it. If you are one of them, get paid for sharing your stories and case studies that will help others promote their websites on the web.

43. Survival Life
Love travel? Love danger? Love dangerous travel? Share your most exciting stories with those who love adrenaline as you do.

44. Make A Living Writing
From the website name, it is clear that you can earn decent money from doing what you love the most – writing. Go on then, try it out!

45. TransitionsAbroad
Another platform for those who love traveling! Make sure you have gripping stories to share and start earning money today.

46. Back to College
This website is designed for adult students who want to get another degree in their, say, forties. If you want to encourage them, share your story!

47. AppStorm
If you know everything about modern apps and can make a top-ten list on a particular topic, or make an in-depth review of an application, then this resource is for you.

48. Bird Talk
Do you have If you want to share your story about a pet like a parrot or a canary, then you should try this magazine.

49. DesertUSA
dozens of exciting stories about traveling you’d like to share, then DesertUSA is a good choice. Help others learn from your knowledge and mistakes.

50. Narratively
If you have exciting stories you are never going to publish as a separate book, then try this resource and make other people fascinated by your writing.

So, there you have it, our list of top 50 websites that allow you get paid for writing! Enjoy!

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