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Top 18 Tools to Improve Your Dropbox Experience

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The cloud storage industry changed the way we perceive computing. Steve Jobs said it well: “It’s faster in every case to talk to the server than it is my local hard disk… Carrying around these non-connected computers − with tons of data and state in them − is byzantine by comparison.”


Cloud services enable their users to store files on safe, external servers, and share that data with anyone who has access to the Internet. Dropbox, as one of the most popular cloud services, has 500 million users around the world. That piece of information is overwhelming, isn’t it?

The question is: are all these people using Dropbox to its full potential? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Not all of us are aware of the fact that we can make the service even more effective and convenient to use if we rely on the right tools. Today, we’ll suggest 18 of the tools that have potential to improve the Dropbox experience.

1. SortMyBox


Sure; Dropbox has a convenient search tool, but what if you get stuck and you can’t remember the name or any precise details of the file you’re looking for?

SortMyBox makes organization simple and effective. It will move files to folders, according to the rules you set.

2. Spotdox


When you pair Spotdox with Dropbox, you’ll be able to grab any file from anywhere, on any of your computers. You simply install Spotdox on the computers you want to remotely access. Whenever you need a file, Spotdox will drop it in your Dropbox.

3. DropboxPortableAHK

This reliable app enables you to create a portable installation of Dropbox. All you need is a removable drive, and you can take all Dropbox files wherever you go.

If you believe that your data is safer on a USB stick, but you still want to benefit from the cloud, this is the tool for you. You won’t have to save your Dropbox folder on multiple computers; you’ll just make it portable.

4. MacDropAny

Dropbox will only sync the files you tell it to sync. If you want to make this process automatic, you can rely on MacDropAny. It will sync any folder on your Mac, so you can access it from anywhere.



With this tool, your Dropbox will work together with the services you commonly use. You can set up the tool to quickly sync every file you create or update, get an email when Dropbox publishes new action, save Gmail attachments from specific senders to Dropbox, safe trending GIFs to Dropbox, add Google photos to Dropbox, and so on.

6. RecUp

This is a pretty straightforward tool: it enables you to record voice memos and directly save them to Dropbox. If you prefer voice memos over written documents, you should definitely start using it.

7. JustCast

If you’re maintaining your own podcast, you’ll appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of JustCast. It makes it easy to publish podcasts to the web and iTunes.

How? It simply connects a specific Dropbox folder to its hosting platform. All you do is drag the new episode in that Dropbox folder, and JustCast will automatically publish it.

8. DropTunes

DropTunes is a tool that will organize music files, but will also allow you to use Dropbox as your web jukebox. The best part is that you don’t need to have Dropbox installed on a device; you can simply log in through DropTunes.

9. Send to Dropbox


Can you imagine how convenient it would be to email files to Dropbox? If you’re working on a device that doesn’t have Dropbox installed, emailing those files directly to your cloud service would be great! You don’t have to imagine that; Send to Dropbox is the tool you need.

10. Writebox

This is the most minimalistic word editor you’ll ever find. It’s free of any distractions, and it launches you in a focused online environment that’s just waiting for your words. It offers simple, but effective customization, so you can achieve decent format of your files.

Writebox connects with Dropbox, so your writing will remain safe and accessible at all times.

11. URLifier

With this tool, saving files to Dropbox is easy. All you need to do is go to URLifier’s homepage, and enter the URL of your file. If you’re already signed in to Dropbox, the process will be automatic. If not, the pop up will ask you to sign in. And that’s it; the file will be in your Dropbox in a matter of seconds.

12. Archiviste for Windows


If you’re using Dropbox to store family photos, music and videos, you probably don’t need them in sync on various devices and you’d like to avoid the task of copying everything to Dropbox. Archiviste is a simple upload manager that simplifies the use of Dropbox.

All you need to do is create a special Dropbox folder and use Archiviste to drag and drop files there.

13. Boxcryptor

Security is your main concern when it comes to using the cloud? Get this encryption software and you’ll increase the safety of all files you store in Dropbox.

14. Kanban Tool

If your entire team can access Dropbox folders, some of the members will have difficulties finding the documents they need. If you make the organization visually attractive, you’ll overcome this disadvantage.

This visual project management tool is exactly what you need. It gives clarity and visibility of the project’s progress, and it enables all team members to collaborate in real time.

15. Conflicted Copy Pro

If you’re using Dropbox with a team, the same documents are being accessed by different users, from different locations. That’s why it’s easy to end up with conflicted copies of important docs. With this downloadable software, you can see if and when a certain document is being opened from another location, so you’ll avoid making another copy.

16. DropClip


When an entire team uses Dropbox, it’s not uncommon for the members to access and edit the wrong files. With DropClip, you’ll send links to specific files that your coworkers can download and edit. Your original file will stay intact.

17. PandaDoc

This tool is intended to make the process of creating, sending, and tracking sales proposals more effective. It integrates with Dropbox, so you can manage these documents as effectively as possible. Thanks to PandaDoc, management teams can see and manage sales activity from a single platform.

18. Dropbox Tags

When you have several similar files in a Dropbox folder, it will be really difficult for your team members to find the exact one they are looking for. All files contain similar keywords. With this tool, you can organize shared folders and files with tags and filters.

Sure; you won’t need all of these tools! You’ll make your choices depending on the functionality you’re looking for. The important thing to remember is that Dropbox can and will become more effective when you rely on the right tools. Go on; make your choice and start experimenting with some of the tools we suggested above.

Author: Rachel Bartee
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