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20 Best Tools to Send and Share Large Files Online

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In an age where the computer is king, businesses and individuals alike have a requirement to send and receive files larger than their email provider allows for.


Graphic design companies and other professionals constantly make use of large files, well above the usual 20mb limit allowed in emails (dependent on your provider). To compensate for this, outside tools are used to share such files with colleagues and clients – below we have listed 20 of the best file sharing tools on offer.

1. 7-Zip

7-Zip is one of the more basic tools for sharing large files. The tool compresses files just the same as any regular Zip format, and can further compress files down with its own 7ZIP format. This can reduce file size between 2% and 10% and allows.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the more favoured tools used in businesses to share large files seamlessly, allowing multiple users to work on a document. The free version allows for 2GB of free storage with various plans available to take your cloud storage up to 2TB for individual use.

3. Drive


Drive works almost exactly the same as Dropbox, although Google’s cloud tool allows for users to work on documents directly on documents easier. Documents are shared with other users (the same as Dropbox) and can be edited online via Google Sheets or Docs. Drive allows for 15GB of free storage space or 100GB to 30TB if you wish to pay for its usage.

4. FTP

File Transfer Protocol is one of the oldest forms of transferring files from one user to another, but is also one of the most secure. Clients transfer files from one computer to another on a network, and are able to utilise usernames and passwords to add an extra layer of security. Free versions allow for the transfer of file sizes up to 2GB, while premium versions have no maximum file size.

5. MediaFire


MediaFire is the perfect blend of storage space, cost efficiency and security on the market. New users will be greeted with 10GB of free storage (which can be bumped up to 40GB when referring to friends). The premium version includes 1TB of storage space, allowing for files up to 20GB to be shared, and includes one-time download links – meaning that as soon as one user has clicked the link, it no longer exists.

6. Hightail

To get the most out of this tool, you really have to be prepared to pay the $12 a month subscription fee with only 250MB afforded to free users. The premium version allows for unlimited workspaces/folders with support for files up to 25GB which any number of users can access at any given time.

7. WeTransfer


For the same price as Hightail, users can make use of 100GB of storage and share files of up to 20GB in size. This tool provides users with an easy step-by-step guide to follow, making it the perfect accompaniment for a computer novice who wishes to share large files.

8. Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is a free piece of software that has absolutely no limits on file size you can share from device to device. Formerly known as BitTorrent Sync, the tool uses peer-to-peer connection to transfer large files between devices, also allowing for other contacts to securely download files from your network.

9. Adobe Send & Track

At $20 per year, Adobe’s convenient file-sharing tool is one of the cheaper premium options available, and incorporates a cool tracking tool that allows users to see which of their sent files has been opened. Files are sent via the Adobe website or Reader app, potentially to multiple recipients, with no maximum file size.

10. Mega

Where does this tool get its name from? Possibly the mega 50GB of free storage that is available to all users. The simple drag and drop function allows for users to upload their files safely and securely with ease. Convenient Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available, as well as mobile apps to take your files anywhere you go.

11. Jumbo Mail


Jumbo Mail is a simple tool that allows users to send files of up to 2GB for free (5GB with referrals) and save on their server for a week. Premium users can send up to 20GB files and, depending on the type of plan you sign up to, can make use of either 250GB or 500GB of permanent storage space.

12. TransferBigFiles

It does exactly what it says on the tin enabling files as large as 20GB to be shared between users, although only files up to 30MB can be shared on the free version. Files are emailed to users with a unique link allowing them to download the file from the server.

13. MailBigFile

MailBigFile is almost an identical service to that offered by TransferBigFiles, with files of up to 20GB able to be shared between users, although this tool allows for users to send files of up to 2GB free of charge.

14. SendThisFile

SendThisFile was created with business use in mind, allowing for integration with Outlook and 50GB of bandwidth to utilise. Expensive subscription fees applied for unlimited business usage – depending on the size of your operation, this tool is definitely worth it.

15. FilestoFriends


FilestoFriends is a tool designed for individual users, rather than businesses, to share large files to up to five recipients. Files of up to 5GB can be shared, with free users able to send 1GB size files to friends.

16. SecurelySend

SecurelySend’s selling point is its high level security, with messages deleted after they are read. This tool only allows for files of up to 2GB in size to be shared, so is definitely lacking in the storage department. SSL certificates and password protection ensure that your files do not end up in front of the wrong eyes.

17. Titan File

With Titan File, unlimited file sharing and storage is allowed as part of its Enterprise package – with no price listed on the website, but is guaranteed to be north of the $29.95 per month professional package designed for mid-sized firms. All packages come with unlimited storage, with variants of 1GB and 4GB file sharing.

18. StreamFile

For $79 a month users can make use of 5TB file size limit and no bandwidth limit, while free users can send files of up to 300MB with a 1GB monthly bandwidth limit. Along with file encryption and upload expiries, StreamFile caters for professional users looking to send files securely.

19. DropSend

DropSend is a convenient and easy means of sending large files, catering for files of up to 8GB in size. This tool should only be used primarily for sending files, as opposed to storing, with no storage space offered on the free version and up to 10GB offered on premium packages.

20. Send Space

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to send across large files is with Send Space, an online based file transfer tool that allows for users to upload files to an online server and share with colleagues and clients. With up to 300GB of storage space, along with files of up to 10GB in size able to be shared, Send Space is a tool that can be used both by individuals and professionals.

Author: Aaron Regal

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