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20 Effective To-Do List Tools to Get Things Done

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We all see the first autumn or first Monday of the year as a chance to start a new life. For some students, this is an opportunity to become better paper writers or maximize on studies. That’s how most of us are used to implementing changes in life. However, there is an easier practice that can bring a new system to our daily life. That’s creating a to-do list.


Despite a to-do list having an ancient origin, it’s still an effective method that enables us to accept long-term changes. In the contemporary society, however, we use innovative gadgets more than notes that are written on papers. That’s logical from the evolution point of view.

Below is a list of the most effective and popular tools that can be used to create to-do lists. These tools enable you to get proper, timely notifications and follow results.

1. Remindus


When academic tasks become difficult for you to tackle, you may want to delegate some of them. This tool enables you to create tasks and assigns to connections. Remindus is a great tool to use when for instance you realize that you need help to write a paper.

2. Google Keep

This to-do list tool enables you to keep notes, photos and audio recordings in addition to helping track of tasks and ticking them off when finished. Just like Gmail, Google Keep has colors and labels that separate different tasks as well as parts of life like family and work. There are also nifty alert features that include location-based reminders that are ideal for absent-minded students.

3. Remember the Milk


This is another free to-do list tool that helps students do the basic tasks while setting priorities and deadlines. It also allows students to share tasks and lists with colleagues and friends making it very useful when it comes to completing group assignments. With the ability to set priorities and deadlines, students can use this tool to determine when to get help to write a paper.

4. Habitica

Habitica is a serious and powerful time management app that allows you to tick off and track daily tasks though it’s different from others. It enables students to create characters, unlock armors, quests and pets, and then battle the monsters in the framework of a to-do list. Meanwhile, you have a reward system that encourages you to spend gold that you loot on treats’ time in a real world while getting organized.


This free to-do list tool enables you to set tasks that are not one-off duties as recurring and sync the to-do list across multiple devices. Perhaps, the most innovative aspect of this tool is the fact that it lets users create to-do lists by talking to their Smartphone. Additionally, if you find writing paper challenging, you can divide this task into parts then mark each part as a task that must be done today using the Moment.

6. Zedone


This tool provides a template to follow when you want to get things done regardless of the number of tasks you have. It allows for the integration of Google Calendar and Evernote.

7. Wrike

Wrike allows you to create tasks, folders and labels for your tasks, schedule deadlines and even attach files. It also enables you to label recurrent tasks. With this tool, you can even receive weekly or daily rundowns of tasks slated for each day.

8. Todoist

This is a straightforward task management tool that provides labels, projects, weekly overview and filters, among others. It is ideal for students that are juggling many tasks like trying to have a paper written and other coursework tasks done in a timely manner.

9. Nirvana

This is an ideal to-do list for Mac enthusiasts. It comes with features that enable students to designate time for every task and set time when each task is due.

10. Hitask


This is a personal task management application. It has numerous features including grouping, calendar, subtasks and tasks. It organizes all tasks in a single folder to ensure that the user doesn’t have to jump between different folders.

11. Google Tasks

This is a simple and useful to-do list tool. It integrates other features like Google calendar and Gmail. You can set a tasks list in web app in your navigation with this tool.

12. Wunderlist

This is a cross-platform, mobile and desktop to-do list manager tool with applications for android, iOS, OS X, Linux and Windows. It’s easy to use and it comes with time reminders and recurring to-dos. It also allows users to star crucial tasks and customize its look.

13. Swipes

This tool enables you to make a to-do list and swipe tasks that you are done with away. You can also snooze tasks that you wish to do later or reschedule them. Nevertheless, features of this tool make it suitable for responsible paper writers.

14. Finish


This tool enables you to prioritize tasks on a short-term and long-term basis. It also lets you check off tasks with a swipe.

15. Vitalist

Vitalist is basically about projects, actions and contexts. Actions represent things that you want to do while contexts and projects help you organize them. Vitalist enables you to come up with a to-do list and deal with long-term projects.

16. Simplenote

This app takes a minimalist approach while providing a powerful means to maintain notes and lists. It enables you to keep activities backed up so that you can revisit previous versions once you change them.

17. Google Drive

Google drive provides numerous collaboration tools to students. Students in a group can load tasks and to-do lists into one folder in Google drive to allow different individuals to work on the project in a timely manner.

18. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud service that allows students to create files and share them. The person that creates files permits others to use the files. That means students can create a to-do list and share it with friends when handling common tasks to do together.

19. Evernote

Evernote is a popular cross-platform tool that most students use today. It allows users to categorize files including to-do lists and share them. This makes finding and sharing work, voice memos, audios and videos easy while ensuring students stick to their to-do lists.

20. CiteULike

This is a tool that enables you to find research and work with friends on common tasks. It enables students to find and cite scholarly articles. It can also be used to share research, citations, and to-do lists with peers.

These are some of the tools that will enable you to get things done by maintaining a to-do list. Whether you are writing paper or coursework assignment, selecting and using one of these tools will enable you to complete the task in a timely manner or decide on the right time to get assistance.

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