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Top 13 Magazine Cover Websites to Instant Social Media Fame

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What comes first in your mind when you look at the cover page of prestigious news magazines like Time, Outlook, Caravan and Forbes that carry the faces of your favorite celebrities? Your craze increases and you like to do the same.


Nowadays it is being considered as a great achievement if any celebrity lands on the cover of such famous magazines. As you all love your favorite stars, want to look like them, and wish to see your face on these magazines but that’s a long way to walk. So, you just need to chill out. It is possible without banging your head on the wall. You just need an Internet connection and visit top magazine cover online websites to make yourself famous among your friends. It is free and easy.

Here I am giving you a list of top 13 magazine cover websites, curated on the basis of efficiency. You only need to login in these sites, upload your photo and customize your magazine cover. You can post your magazine cover pictures on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker et cetera right from these sites become famous.

Enjoy Pic


This is an exciting tool to customize your cover photo. This website provides you different photo effects like photo in hole, photo GIF, photo frame and popular magazine cover like The Time, Fashion etc.

This magazine cover website gives you features like different effects as burning photos, photo in a cup, rain and a lot more events. Different magazine cover categories include bride, popular, hip-hop, people, family and friends and others. Its most amazing feature is that you can make your cover even in different languages.

My Picture on Magazine
This website provides you 15 different categories like fashion, traveler, the web, motocross, hip-hop, the web and many others to customize your cover photo in a single click. Just select a category of your choice from dropdown menu, upload your photo, and become famous.



This is an amazing site, which gives you an opportunity to make your custom magazine background cover page. This online photo editing tool gives you different magazine posture like reading, magazine on bike, on table etc.

Fakeazine is a great tool to make your custom magazine front cover page easily. This tool gives you a chance to customize your cover photo in hundred ways because it has hundred magazine background cover. Another feature is you can change your background color with ease.

Big Huge Labs
Big Huge Labs gives you an extraordinary feature for making website design. Here you can customize all your magazine contents like colors, fonts and its style, magazine title, tagline, publishing date and price. Here in this website you can upload your image through your Facebook, Instagram, Flicker accounts etc.



This site offers you different face effects, cards, faces and facebook covers. It has one added feature that is to look behind famous faces like dreaded terrorist osama bin laden, pope, a supermodel and army officers. Apart from this, it also lets you give good effects like your picture on billboard, on a ship, in the hands of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and in a market place.

As it reflects from the name that this website lets you create your personalized magazine cover. It also allows you to download high resolutions versions of your cover photo. You can upload high resolution pictures to make sure your photo fits well with the high resolution design of the magazine cover. So, here it goes cool.



FaceontheCover is well designed site for this purpose. The user interface guides you to get your first magazine cover. There is an upload button in the right side bar to upload your image. The x factor of this website is its user interface that makes this process entertaining.

This site provides solutions to all sorts of cover image needs like women magazines, men magazines and business magazines. Though you need to make payment for using its services.

It is designed keeping you in mind. Websites bio says that you can create a fake magazine cover in just three steps and I tried it works.

It’s also one of the simplest sites for this purpose. The front of the site is preety appealing but when you hit on the create your cover now, it brings you on a different page which is little boring and sturdy.

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