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20 Popular IFTTT Recipes to Automate Social Media Marketing

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In today’s scenario, with an array of social media channels available, it becomes insanely tricky to keep track on all them without any help. But, IFTTT (If This Then That) has made things quite easier and simpler. It is basically a free automation tool that saves your countless hours every year. Social media platforms have turned out to be the most essential marketing strategy for businesses all across the globe. With the rapidly changing market trends and various social media platforms, it has become of utmost importance for the company to manage their social media accounts effectively in order to achieve success.


With the help of social media, it becomes easier for businesses to promote their product range, services or articles in front of a large customer base. Social media is used by a very large number of people all across the globe and covers almost every topic range beyond your imagination. In addition to this, social media is also relevant to search engine optimization. Having a unique format, social media not only helps in promoting the content directly to the targeted audience but also generates traffic through SEO. However, along with the online reviews, social media helps any business in building trust.


A logical programming statement, IFTTT makes use of recipes in order to help the businesses in automating actions not just for social media but also for various other channels. Be it to share posts across networks automatically, save posts for reading it later or add reminders to Google calendar, IFTTT can be of great help. It takes a huge time to regularly update and ensure that every blog post has been shared across various accounts. To avoid such situation, IFTTT can be brought in use which is not only free but also saves time.

Have a look how businesses can automate social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook along with some other social media recipes.

List of 20 Social Media IFTTT recipes for simplifying the workflow:


1. Save Tweets to Google Spreadsheet

With an array of variations available of this recipe, the businesses can easily save their tweets (or links or new followers) to a Google Spreadsheet. They can simply make use of IFTTT for creating a searchable archives of the tweets which in turn ensures that they do not repeat themselves.

2. Update Google+ Page Using Facebook Posts (via Buffer)

Another must have social media scheduling tool that is widely used for managing content publishing across various social media platforms is Buffer. This tool basically provides access to specific social media profiles that can be utilized by teams. It finds the perfect time for publishing the post that may help in getting maximum views and likes on the social media site. It allows the businesses to queue the posts as per the day and time they wish to publish with preset posting times, view posts on a calendar, or even curate content from RSS feeds.

3. Share New Blog Post on Twitter or Facebook or any other

Every blogger understands the importance of promoting their content in order to become a successful blogger. Here IFTTT comes into context. With the help of IFTTT, you can automatically share your new content on several social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others by utilizing one of the recipes available.

4. Save Links to Pocket

With the help of this recipe, you can easily save the first link of your favorite tweet to your pocket account of Twitter. Irrespective of the app that you use, this recipe is the perfect way for saving long post on Twitter.

5. Favorite Tweet to Add to Buffer

This recipe is the perfect way for keeping the Buffer queue topped up. Once you make a tweet favorite, it will be added to Buffer in no time so that it get tweeted at a time based on the Buffer schedule. Hence, instead of re-tweeting tweets, you can simply go through your Twitter feed and add all of them to Buffer queue. This buffer comes with an array of variations such as Feedly favorites or adding Pocket to Buffers, so, whatever be the situation, you can just keep on adding to your buffer queue without any hassle.

6. Curate Content in Spreadsheets

If you wish to keep track of the links you have read and gone through or want to use it as a reference for the future posts, you can simply use one recipe from an array of options available in order to save them to a Google spreadsheet. One recipe, for instance, lets say add Feedly saved articles to a Google Spreadsheet, but by creating a new recipe, you can easily add saved tweets or any other posts that you read online to a spreadsheet for the future reference.

7. Add Fiverr Orders to Google Calendar

Fiverr is the perfect recipe for freelancers as it automatically adds all the latest Fiverr orders to the Google Calender. This not only helps you in saving time by adding them to a calendar but also keeps you on track with the projects.

8. Tweet When You Get a Positive Fiverr Review

For a freelancer, positive reviews can be beneficial and if they get a positive review on Fiverr, they can easily advertise it to the world using any of the recipe of IFTTT. They just need to connect the Fiverr and Twitter channels and then every positive reviews will be tweeted out directly to your followers.

9. Post Instagrams to Pinterest

Another benefit of having IFTTT recipe is that you can easily upload your photos to Pinterest in no time. This recipe automatically posts all your Instagram photos to your Pinterest account which saves a lot of time every day.

10. Tweet having #fb hashtag to Facebook status with no hashtag

Facebook and Twitter are now equipped with such elements that make it easier to cross-post the articles. However, there are people who do not wish to post each tweet on Facebook. Here IFTTT comes into the scene. It allows you to create such recipes that automatically post tweets with specific hashtag to Facebook and also eliminates the hashtags while posting it on Facebook.

11. Post Instagram Photos As Native Twitter Photos

This recipe is the perfect option for people who are the regular user of Instagram. As a matter of fact, sharing photos from Instagram to Twitter is not an easy job as the photos are always carried over as a link instead of actual image. But, with the help of this recipe, you can easily post your Instagram picture as a full image.

12. Build A Twitter List From A Specific Hashtag

With the help of this recipe, you can easily keep track of any specific topic on Twitter. It builds a list of Twitter people who tweet making use of the hashtag with your selected topic. It is the perfect option for increasing brand awareness and analyzing who is talking about your interest.

13. Add Your Facebook Posts To A Google Spreadsheet

Those who wish to keep track of all their Facebook posts in one place, this recipe is the perfect option for them as you no longer need to manually enter each post into a spreadsheet.

14. Call Your Gmail For Quick Notes

Generally, there are times when you have a spur of moment thoughts but are not in a situation to write them. This recipe comes in handy as it allows you to call IFTTT that sends a transcript and mp3 recording to your email.

15. Add Photos Taken On Your iPhone To Google Drive

This recipe is the perfect option for people who love sharing photos with a bunch of people. It allows you to automatically upload the photos to Google Drive for everyone to view and then share it to social media.

16. Share New Photos Added To An iPhone Album To Facebook

Whenever you add any image to a specific album on your iPhone, it will automatically get posted to your Facebook album. This can be the perfect way of sharing photos on Facebook without any hassle.

17. Schedule Your Facebook Page Posts Using Google Calendar

With the help of this recipe, you can easily manage your Facebook posting in a quick and simple way. You simply need to add “#fbpages” to each event’s title and in the description, include the copy that you would like to post on Facebook.

18. Share New Blog Posts To Facebook

This recipe comes in picture if you are using WordPress. Whenever you post any new blog to your website, it automatically sends the blog to your Facebook page saving your time.

19. Share Your Blog Posts To Linkedin

These days, almost every business has a LinkedIn profile and this recipe allows them to keep their page populated with the appealing and good content.

20. Videos That You Upload To YouTube Will Be Directly Uploaded To Your Facebook Page

Everyone is looking out for such option that allows them to share the YouTube videos directly to their Facebook page. With the assistance of this recipe, they can easily do their desired task.

Wrapping Up!

A stunning and outstanding tool, IFTTT comes with an array of recipes that offers you multifarious features and also enables you to make a new recipe as per your needs. As it connects with various channels, you can easily automate every small thing you wish.

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