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Top Reasons You Should Get an Efficient Password Manager

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Are you aware that no more than 8% of all consumers employ a password manager to remember their online accounts’ passwords? A good majority of people actually have no system at all for password management, and instead prefer jotting them down somewhere or simply memorising them. Considering the ease with which you can use the top-rated password management products of today, why would you even think of exposing yourself to the risk of account breaches? Whilst there are lots of apps out there than help improve security, a password manager is a great place to start.


Let’s go over some very important reasons why you should get an efficient password manager and make it one of the most important digital tools in your arsenal online. After all, password managers, especially the ones falling in the online password manager category, are highly effective, safe and easy to use. Onto the reasons now!

It’s Like Having a Personal Security Adviser

Data breaches are nothing new for the end-users and companies. It can be a very time consuming affair to scan through all the news every day only to seek out possible data breach attempts that may impact you. A password manager automatically monitors all such incidents and notifies of any vulnerabilities, along with actionable advice. In a way, they function as personal security advisers that enable you to swiftly change your passwords for vulnerable or compromised accounts.

They’re Super-Safe


Password managers provided by reputed companies deliver a very high level of security that can’t be matched by manual monitoring. Majority of them feature bank-grade security features, for instance 256 bit AES encryption, implying that no one else but only you get access to the data. Such security measures are well known to be super-safe and haven’t been cracked as yet. These managers also employ a two-step verification process, to provide an added security layer.

They’re Easy to Use

If you’re using a password manager, you don’t need to remember the details of each one of your online accounts. Once you’ve set up an account with the relevant details, the password manager takes over and makes the entire login process easier and simpler for you. All the passwords are stored inside the database guarded by a master password that’s known only to you (unless you share it with someone else).

They’re Portable

Majority of these password managers provide easy synchronisation across different devices, enabling their easy usage from various platforms. So, any account details that you store on your desktop PC, can also be accessed on your smart phone instantly. This proves to be a great saviour when you’re on the move and don’t have your desktop to check your account details.


To conclude, password managers save you from the trouble of remembering each one of your account passwords, and typing them in whenever you log onto those websites. Whether you are checking your Facebook page every now and then, are logging onto your favourite online store, password managers have you covered and constantly deliver a smooth logon process.

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