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Top 50 Best Password Generators to Create Strong, Secure & Random Passwords

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Having a smartphone in this era serves as a blessing for humankind. But this blessing can turn into a big curse if you don’t have a strong and secure password to login to your private data. Mobile phones have changed the lives of people in a positive manner all around the world, these smart devices help us in every possible manner.


While using a smartphone, your biggest concern should be to generate a secure, pronounceable and random password for your device and for the applications you use in your beloved device. In this article, you would get to know the 50 best tools to generate a strong and random password: Read more…

Top Reasons You Should Get an Efficient Password Manager

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Are you aware that no more than 8% of all consumers employ a password manager to remember their online accounts’ passwords? A good majority of people actually have no system at all for password management, and instead prefer jotting them down somewhere or simply memorising them. Considering the ease with which you can use the top-rated password management products of today, why would you even think of exposing yourself to the risk of account breaches? Whilst there are lots of apps out there than help improve security, a password manager is a great place to start.


Let’s go over some very important reasons why you should get an efficient password manager and make it one of the most important digital tools in your arsenal online. After all, password managers, especially the ones falling in the online password manager category, are highly effective, safe and easy to use. Onto the reasons now! Read more…

15 Ways to Store, Protect and Manage Your Online Passwords

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There’s a good chance you’re living your life online now. You’ve probably got an interactive platform to work with colleagues and a home wifi network plan that’s designed to keep Netflix streaming as smooth as possible. There’s an app (or program) for literally everything you can imagine. It’s a great time to be alive.


But for all the progress we’ve made and the convenience we have, we still haven’t figured out how to provide access securely. Even the most sophisticated algorithm and cutting edge computer software is locked behind a traditional password. The average person tends to have over 19 different passwords and 33% of all internet users use passwords that are insecure. Read more…

Top 20 Popular Online Scams and Dangerous Frauds

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Internet these days is full of frauds and scams; you think you are looking at something but it may turn out to be the exact opposite of it. As much advantages as an Internet offers to every person, there are also a number of scams attached with this experience that you must look out for. Such scams can affect a person one way or the other without them even realizing it.


If you are also among those who are tired of being hit by several online scams, then below you will learn the top 20 online scams that should be avoided at all costs: Read more…

The Future of Security on Social Networks

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The social networking bug has bitten and gone viral. With invitations to join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, MySpace and many more streaming through the inbox and endless new networks cropping up by the day, connecting with friends, family and business associates all on one platform, has never been easier.


For example, take Facebook. A name synonymous with social networking, this media powerhouse has taken the Internet by storm. If its popularity is anything to go by, the user count is predicted to run into billions in the next few years. Add to this the amount of private information being uploaded every second on hundreds of social networks that overrun the web and what you get is a strong requirement for security measures to be firmly established. Read more…

17 Online Services to Create Strong and Secure Passwords

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Password plays a very important security role to prevent any unauthorized access to your computer and online accounts such as Facebook, Gmail and Internet banking accounts.Many people tend to use their own names, date of births, or even a string of easy-to-guess numbers such as 123456 as their passwords. If you use this kind of password, chances are your online accounts are highly vulnerable to hacking. To prevent this happening, we strongly recommend you to check out our previous post titled “40 most hacked passwords you shouldn’t use” to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cyber criminals.


So, how to create a highly secure but easy to remember password? Below we’ve rounded up a list of online password generators. These free tools enable you to easily create strong and memorable password with just a single mouse click. Most of them allow you to specify password criteria depending on the level of complexity you want. Read more…

5 Useful Tips to Protect Online Account Passwords from Hacker

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These days, hacking is becoming a real issue. As a regular Internet user, we should do our best to make sure our online accounts are safe. Having accounts hacked can be dangerous, If someone gains access to your online account they can do whatever they like. Just imagine that if the password of your online banking account falls into the hand of cyber criminal, all your savings will be gone in seconds. Certainly you will never want this happens in your life.


To prevent this online security threat, below are some useful tips to help you protect your passwords effectively. Don’t miss it! Read more…

Top 7 Best Websites to Check Your Passwords Strength Online

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Without a doubt, having password is the most common way to protect your computer and any online accounts from being hacked by hackers. However, there’s a fine line between a strong password and one that’s easy to remember. A password that’s easy to remember is also easy to guess. If someone breaks into the network, they can easily break the password and steal every bit of data on your computer.


If you have any important online accounts such as email account and bank account that are protected by weak passwords, you better change it to a strong one with the correct length and complexity. To help you create a strong passwords with ease, below I’ve listed 7 websites that allow you to check the strength of your passwords for free. Prevention is better than cure, you better take action now! Read more…

11 Ways to Securely Password Protect Your Computer, Folders and Files

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Setting a password is the most common way to protect your computer and important data from being accessed by others. If you are concerned about your data, make sure you’ve got the right security tools on hand to keep them private with a strong and hard to crack password. The practice will ensure that your important data is always safe in case you lose your notebook, USB drive or external hard disk.


In this article I would like to share with you 11 effective ways to password protect, encrypt or obscure files and folders from others who might use your computer. Hopefully you can find them useful! Read more…

Top 10 Free Password Managers and Web Form Fillers

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How many usernames and passwords you’ve got to remember in order to cope with your daily Internet’s life? These days, we all have a multitude of online passwords for email, social media, and even more critical accounts like banking accounts. However remembering passwords can be a difficult task to most of us. The good news is we have an option to make our life easier. In this roundup we will share some of the best free password managers and web form fillers that you can use to store your passwords securely. Now you don’t have to worry about forgetting your passwords result in time consuming retrieval anymore!


Read more…