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Cool Comment Tweaks that Work Magic for WordPress Sites

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Blogging and commenting go hand in hand. Irrespective of how informative your blog is, if it hasn’t received any comments, it’s actually lagging behind. Most of you (here, I’m referring to bloggers and website owners) would agree that comments play a significant role in helping a blogging site grow. And that’s not all, greater the number of comments, the greater would be count of readers visiting your site. Having said a lot about the pros of commenting, it is worth noting that the concept has also witnessed some unimaginable consequences for websites.


There are online entrepreneurs who’ve faced some really bothering issues in relation to comments posted for their corporate blogs. It is under such situations that a little comment tweaking can work as a magic wand. Dedicated to all WordPress users, this blog throws light on some time-tested comment tweaks which have saved websites from the harsh after-maths of spam commenting/mismanaged commenting systems.

Why Exactly are Comments Necessary for Your Blog?

Do you want to gather limelight for your WordPress blog? If your answer is a yes, then it’s time to pay attention to the comments posted for the blogs/articles published on your site. Well, there are ample numbers of blogging websites which come with a vast library of knowledge. Choosing one from this crowd of portals is definitely challenging for an avid blog lover. Remember, a blog without a reader and commenter is truly useless. If you want to reach new heights of business success then running a blog is something that will help you take a positive route. Reaching out to a global audience is possible with a flawlessly functional blog. Moreover, receiving comments for blogs indicates how efficiently you’ve introduced your business to the target customers. Here’s a list of advantages you can avail by receiving comments for your WordPress blog:

Visible significance to the site’s SEO
Since comments become a part of the post, the search engines would definitely analyze them. This would in a way help you with the site’s search engine optimization, getting you featured on the topmost search engine results page.

A must-needed platform for interaction with other renowned bloggers
Your WordPress site’s comments box serves as the perfect platform for interacting with bloggers who possess an interest in similar subjects/topics as the ones you’re keen on.

A perfect way to showcase your diversified knowledge in the field of your business
By answering queries and other discussions held over your site’s comments box, you can easily reveal your knowledge regarding the field of business you deal with.


And now, some cool WordPress comment tweaks for you:

1. Shifting Comments from One Post to Another

I know it’s not that easy as it sounds! Well, there are multiple reasons that would prompt you to move your comments from one post to another. As the very first scenario, you might be drafting a new version of an older post and would want to move the comments to the latest rendition.

In a different scenario, one or more of your readers might have left their comments on a wrong post. Here, as well, you’d definitely want to shift the comments. Thanks to the vast ocean of WordPress commenting plugins. We have a plugin for everything.

Tako Movable Comments is one of the most popularly used WordPress plugins that let you move comments from one post to another post and from a page to a post. To get started with the Tako Movable Comments plugin, all you need to do is simply select the post type that you intend to move the comment to. After this, select the actual title of the post/page that you want the comment to move to. If you’re inclined on moving a bulk of comments, then simply go to the WordPress’ comments section, choose the posts whose comments you want to be moved and then opt for the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down.

One of the greatest advantages of the Tako Movable Comments plugin is that it allows you to keep the threaded comments in a proper order even while they’re being moved. This keeps the users’ conversations intact, without making you lose an important interaction held between the admin and a user or between multiple users. As a total time-saver, Tako Movable Comments plugin helps you in moving the comments from one page/post to other just within a couple of clicks.

2. Close Comments on Posts/Pages after a Specific Duration of Time

Keeping comments open for older posts is definitely not a good idea. Doing this will just increase the load time of your site, making visitors lose their interest for your blog posts. Hence, it is advised to close comments for blogs after a certain number of days/weeks/months. This will definitely cut down the risk of spam commenting and you’ll be able to protect the reputation of your site/blog.

3. Disable commenting for current posts

There are times when you might get tired of responding to comments received for a bunch of posts. It is under such circumstances that disabling comments serves as a handy solution. You can choose to disable comments for active/published blog posts wherein the original author isn’t associated with you anymore. This is something that will save you from the hassles of responding to regular commenters for blog posts you aren’t aware of. Whatever be your reason behind disabling the comments on a post, the best way to do it is with the help of a plugin.

WP Disable Comments is a plugin that allows you to disable pings, plugins and trackbacks for your authors, posts, tags, categories, referrers, URL paths, post formats, IP addresses, languages and post types. In all, you get a greater control over comments received for different blog posts.


So there you have them all, the cool and trendy WordPress comment tweaks that aid in improvising the performance of your website. I hope performing these simple tweaks would prove befitting for growing your readers count as well as the site’s visibility.

Are you aware of any other methods of playing with comments received for blog posts? If yes, do consider sharing them with our readers using the comments box provided right under this post.

Author: Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker is a blogger cum WordPress developer. She loves writing information-rich blogs on PSD to HTML conversion services. Currently, she is employed with Designs2HTML Ltd, a leading markup conversion services company that has delivered top-grade markup conversion services since 5 years.

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