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Top 20 Customer Feedback Tools to Improve Conversion

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Making sure that a mobile application development company is operating at peak performance can be difficult to accomplish. One of the most effective methods improving sales is obtained customer feedback. Whether you manage an iPhone app development company or an Android app development company, when it comes to customer feedback tools, deciding on which tools to use can be a challenge.


In order to help you find the right tools, we have created a list of 20 tools that can help streamline the feedback process and analyze the data efficiently.

1. Get Satisfaction

Get satisfaction is a great tool for mobile app development companies to hear from their customers through online community dialogue. It gives companies the ability to engage directly with their current and possible customers by communicating about improvement ideas and issues with the company’s process.


GetSatisfaction works differently than most feedback tools by providing a direct dialogue connection between company and customer, developing a community solely for customer discussion about your company.

2. Ideascale

Ideascale is a tool for developing new and innovative ideas. It utilizes experts in the field and crowdsourcing to take ideas you have for your company and expand upon them in a quick and efficient manner. The mission of Ideascale is not only to provide companies with successful ideas but to find projects that would not have been thought of otherwise.


Once a project has been identified, their communities of experts work to expand and develop the project into something truly unique. For any company looking to innovate, Ideascale is a fantastic resource.

Ideascale can be a graet tool for mobile app development companies as they brainstorm new and innovative mobile app services.

3. Kampyle

Improving upon the analysis process of obtained feedback, Kampyle works in your favor to make sense of information that can often be overwhelming. Demographic information is provided within Kampyle in order to give the company the best picture possible of who their customers are and how their product is being received.


This feedback information then can be sent automatically to the respective departments under critique who can then respond accordingly. An additional benefit to this feature is increasing the company awareness where feedback response backlogs occur. This can help to know where additional staff is required, such as hiring iPhone app developers to improve iPhone app service updates.

An often touted additional feature is the ability for companies to connect with their customers for one-on-one connect and more sales opportunities. This is done by providing an avenue of direct communication with the customers who left feedback.

4. UserEcho

UserEcho gives companies the ability to provide their customers with a fully functional consumer-support & feedback website. On the site customers can review through self-help articles, a discussion forum, and even live chat features to problem solve any problem with their service.


Altogether, the UserEcho tool provides a great service that every company needs to maintain a quality connection with their customer base.

5. UserVoice

Through customer data analysis, UserVoice provides companies with current and projected analytics regarding what customers are wanting in their products. Feedback obtained by UserVoice can be created into specific tasks for teams within the company, erasing steps between customer issue and resolution.


UserVoice also provides a built-in chat feature for teams to communicate about tasks and projects, thus keeping task management in one tool.

A forum for customer feedback is also included so that customers are given a platform to discuss product issues and desired features at length. Companies wanting to continually improve their product will not be disappointed by the benefits of UserVoice.

6. OpinionLab

OpinionLab is a survey tool that utilizes open-ended and multiple-choice questions to gain feedback on a variety of services. Included in the surveys is demographic information to give companies a better picture of their customers and determine any variables regarding customer demographics.


From websites, to mobile apps, to marketing campaigns, OpinionLab equips companies with the ability to ask the questions they want at near real-time speeds.

7. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is an online meeting and webinar program which companies can use to conduct focus groups for real-time feedback. Live video or phone conferencing can provide companies with a new perspective of their customer’s experience.


Much of the conversation occurring within focus groups can be lost in survey data collection. AnyMeeting provides an alternative method for obtaining candid information from your customers

8. Grab Feedback

Grab Feedback is an easy way to survey customers as needed. Given a link to follow, customers then answer a list of quests and rate their service. It also helps track which customers have not given feedback and provides prompts to those customers in order to improve feedback numbers.


Grab Feedback’s service also allows companies an opportunity to quickly respond to any negative comments prior to those customers giving bad reviews on any review sites. If your company has survey-like questions to ask and could use help getting customers to follow through with, then Grab Feedback is your tool.

9. Client Savvy

Previously known as Client Feedback Tool, Client Savvy is a service that provides companies with survey templates, feedback analytics, and customer follow-up in order to best understand the customer experience.


Client Savvy’s team works directly with companies to help them customize surveys and better understand the feedback data in order to improve their customer relations.

On top of the tools Client Savvy provides, they also hold routine webinars in order to better educate companies on a client-focused outlook. These services can be great additions to a company’s team development. It can help give a consistent perspective as companies grow and hire additional mobile app developers to meet their increasing demands.

10. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a widget used for surveys and obtaining feedback from customers while they use the company website. As a floating pop-up, the widget prompts the user to respond to the questions provided. All the company has to do is input the desired questions and wait for customers to respond.


Once the questions are given to Qualaroo, the pop-up can be customized to which page should have the survey, where on that page it will appear, and how long the customer will need to stay on that page for the survey to appear. Simple to set up, Qualaroo is a nice feature to install onto your company’s website for that added interactive feedback feature.

11. SurveyMonkey

A popular product, SurveyMonkey is a leading survey tool that touts its customizability. This can be a pro and con, as the wide variety of surveys SurveyMonkey can create expand beyond customer feedback but is not equipped to give deep data on that feedback.

If your feedback needs are often extensive in a variety of topics, then SurveyMonkey will be able to provide a great product quickly.

12. Zendesk

Zendesk is a helpdesk program that excels at managing customer support tickets and connecting companies with their customers. Providing customers with the ability to contact the company through social media improves customer relations immensely in an increasingly social media-heavy world.

Zendesk keeps track of customer support ticket completion rates, average response time, and customer feedback on their experiences to that the data can be viewed at any point. Zendesk also includes features such as live chat, in order to maintain direct contact with customers.

13. Crazyegg

Crazyegg is a website feedback tool that uses heat maps to identify where traffic focuses while on a company website. This includes how much they scroll, what buttons they push, and what links they follow to arrive at the website.

With the data from Crazyegg, companies can optimize their websites to gain the most traffic and provide the best customer experience. This, in turn, will increase potential customer’s interest in purchasing from the company.

14. Equiniti Charter

Equiniti Charter is a service that focuses on managing customer complaints to discover root causes to repetitive issues. Equinity Charter helps companies understand how to improve company behavior to improve reputation and customer relationships.

If your company is struggling with negative feedback, Equinity Charter will be able to help turn the issues around and improve your company’s positive presence.

15. Olark

Olark is a customer support tool that provides in-browser live chat services with the opportunity to gain vital feedback from customers. Olark provides reports listing customer feedback and data in an easily analyzable format so that companies can take the information and easily respond to it.


Olark is easy to set up and use to gain the vital information businesses need to keep relevant.

16. Moz

For improving company website traffic and interaction, Moz is one of the best tools available. The team at SEOmoz will consult with companies, using their wide range of tools to review competitor’s websites, a company’s use of keywords, and monitor a company’s social media presence.

This service can be a great benefit in some instances. For example, if you run an iOS app development company, but you have not effectively advertised what operating system is covered, then that can easily impact traffic.

In order to improve customer sales and feedback, a vital step in improving the user experience of your website. Utilize customer feedback and the tools of Moz to drastically improve sales output through your company website.

17. Gripeo

Gripe is a complaint website where customers can bring their “gripes,” submit it, and have the company respond directly to the customer’s complaint. The website provides a way for customers to express their grievances while providing the company an opportunity to improve their customer relations practices.

Gripe has a mobile app available as an Android app service and iOS app service, which allows for additional ease for the customer to communicate any issues. Mobile app development companies will not need to choose between iPhone app services or Android app services. For custom mobile app development companies, providing a feedback service available on the same medium as their product can be a big plus.

While the feedback from Gripe will most assuredly always be negative, the feedback will be essential for improving upon problem areas in your company.

18. Feedbackify

Feedbackify is a widget that gives customer feedback on the use of a company’s website. Highly customizable, Feedbackify provides each company the power to give their users a unique experience as they give feedback. Once the data is received, a company can categorize the feedback to respond to accordingly.

19. All Our Ideas

All Our Ideas is a survey agency which prides itself in easy to use survey development. Their concept for their surveys is to utilize a company’s customer base for innovating ideas and future projects.

All Our Ideas data collection is fully integratable with Google Analytics and their source code is open to the public. If your company has a robust IT department and customization is needed, All our Ideas encourages such improvement to be done.

20. is a live chat support tool that provides a direct-communication feature for a company’s website that is easy to install and maintain. The program keeps track of all conversations had with each customer in order to help provide a consistency of care.

While other tools may provide additional features for data analytics, if a company is looking to simply improve their communication with their customer base, will get the job done.

Utilizing customer feedback to improve business operations and increase sales is an essential part of a successful company. Take advantage of each tool as needed in order to improve your company’s ability to close on every sale.

What tools have you used and how have they benefitted your business? Please feel free to leave your suggestions below.

Author: Shishir Dubey

Shishir is the founder of ChromeInfotech Ltd., a well-known name in the Indian mobile app development and designing industry. With years of experience in the domain, he has now acquainted himself with all the nitty-gritties of what goes into making an awesome app in the least possible time.

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