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How to Solve the WordPress Problem of not receiving Email Notification of New Comments

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Comment notification via email is one of the great features in the WordPress. However many users found that they are not able to receive any comment notification emails after the WordPress is being upgraded to the latest version. If you are having the same problem, the WordPress plugin below which is compatible with Google Gmail will help you to solve it out.


1. Go to download and install Cimy Swift SMTP plugin and activate it. (Find out more information from plugin site.)

2. Configure the Cimy Swift SMTP under WordPress Setting

– Sender e-mail: “”
– SMTP server address: “”
– Port: 465 (Use for SSL/TLS/GMAIL)
– Username: “”
– Password: “your Gmail password”
– Use SSL or TLS?: TLS (Use for Gmail)

3. Click Save Changes

4. Under Test Connection, enter your Gmail address and click Send Test to test connection

5. Login to your Gmail to check if you receive this test email. If yes, it means that the comment notification via email is now working.

6. Under WordPress Settings, go to Discussion and check the box next to E-mail me whenever option


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