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10 Mobile Games and Apps to Meet Your Virtual Lover

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These days finding virtual love online is more and more accepted. As sometimes, for some people, real-world communication may be a bit stressful and demanding. While virtual communication is more relaxed and somewhat wild. Yes, nowadays regular dating app development tends to be more gamified, to drive more people through achievements, challenges, etc.. But those are still no match to the classical virtual love games.


We spend more and more time online behind our avatars. Mainly, because it is easier for us to reveal our true feelings through virtual world. For some it is just a way to overcome their shyness, cover big distances or reluctance to meet people in real world. But for the people with various disabilities, it is a great leverage to overcome obstacles which may be present in their daily life.

Here, we would like to present you our top 10 games. It includes romance, dating simulation and adult games. They are gathered from every imaginable platform. Also, we tried to cover the games which could entertain people of every age and any views. So, we hope that you’ll find the one to your taste and play it as you like.

1. Second Life
Category: real life 3D simulator
Audience: teenagers
Features: 3D graphics, open world, live interaction with other people
Scores: N/A
Price: free to play, in game purchases


A complete real life simulator with a decent 3D-modeled graphics, comprehensive economy and interactivity. It is just like a real life, but your identity is hidden behind your avatar. You can chat with millions of people from the whole world using voice and text messages. It is just like your favorite messenger, but with a cool surrounding. And, the best part is, that you can see the avatars of the others and show yourself, as well.

To show yourself, you have to create your avatar first, and that’s where you can release your fantasy. Choose from various avatars at the beginning (there is a great variety of fantasy avatars). Don’t worry if the number of those might seem a bit limited, because as you progress through the game – you may customize it more and more. But what else to do, except chatting and making avatars? Nearly anything! Earn money on the different in-game jobs, buy the house, go to parties, make friends, fall in love. It is all up to you what to do in this game. Your only real goal here is to have fun.

Category: real life 3D simulator
Audience: teenagers
Features: 3D graphics, live interaction, in-game social networks
Scores: N/A
Price: free to play, in game purchases, ads and surveys


IMVU, despite being a veteran of virtual love industry (it was released in 2004), is still, and probably will be, a great game to play. Since then it has grown and matured enough to bring you the best experience possible.

As usually, in such 3D-chatting games, everything goes around you and your avatar. And your main goal is to make friends, or even find your love. On your way to that goal, you can chat with millions of other players, attend parties, complete challenges, decorate your own or shared room.

But the most outstanding feature of this game is the social network inside the game. In it, you can check out the feed from the avatars of other players, their photos and news. That brings the term real life simulator even one step higher. But to do all that stuff you have to earn in game currency – credits. The easiest way is to purchase those for the real money. However, there are other ways to earns those. You can go to work, complete various challenges, watch ads or go through surveys.

3. High School Crush
Category: beauty salon and dialog game
Audience: teenagers
Features: flirt, dress up, make-up and dance mini-games
Scores: 4.0 Play Store and 4.5 App Store
Price: free to play with ads and in-app purchases


Great, yet simple to play with, game for teenagers. Your goal is to make out with a cool new guy in the school. And be the queen of the ball.

Dress as a real beauty queen and put on the greatest makeup to challenge the other girls for the love of your life. Go with him to the ball, impress him with your beauty and conquer his heart.

Gameplay is easy understandable and fun to play. Just like with the other similar games, customize your character to your own will, complete challenges and go through dialogs and decisions. The game is available on iOS and Android. Free to play, but contains ads and in-app purchases.

4. Choices
Category: dialog-based
Audience: teenagers, adults
Features: extent dialog system, huge variety of stories and scenarios with the constant addition of the new ones.
Scores: 4.6 Play Store and 4.6 App Store
Price: free to play with ads and in-app purchases

Choose the story you’d like to play. Choose the character you’d like to be. Choose the way how your story will evolve. Everything depends on your choices.

Despite it’s a dialog-based game, it doesn’t feel boring or dialog oversaturated at all. That’s because of masterfully written scenarios with constantly evolving characters. It definitely isn’t that type of a game where you are stuck with a couple of scripted characters which constantly change each other. And you have to click your way through those boring dialogs.

The focus is set on the choices you do in those dialogs. No matter which scenario will you choose in the beginning. Thanks to the great dialog system it can always turn out different. Even if you play the same scenario for the tenth time.

5. Choice of Robots
Category: indie, dialog-based
Audience: teenagers, adults, aged
Features: completely text-based, no graphics, no music
Scores: 4.8 Play Store, N/A App Store, very positive Steam
Price: $5.99 for Play Store and App Store, $4.99 for Steam

An outstanding game in our list. Pretty much, because of its distinctive gameplay. The point is – there is no graphics or sounds in the game at all. The only way, the game interacts with you is text. You, from your side, interact with it through dialog options. And that’s it!

You might think that it is tremendously boring to read through text and press option boxes. But, it definitely isn’t. It is like writing your own book with your own character and your own story through making decisions. And it is always intriguing how the things will turn out next. That’s how this game catches you.

However, the key feature of this game is the magnificent novel written by Kevin Gold. It is a backbone of your completely unique story, which you create by yourself. The main character is the robot, which you customize completely to your own will. And what happens next – it is completely up to you. Conquer Alaska or the heart of a beautiful woman. Build an army of robots or a family. It is all up to you. The game is available on iOS, Android and PC.

6. Tom Loves Angela


Category: interactive flirt game
Audience: kids, teenagers, adults
Features: famous My Talking Tom spin-off game, great animations and sound
Scores: 4.1 Play Store, 4 App Store
Price: free to play on Play Store with ads and in-app purchases, $0.99 on App Store

Simple yet funny mobile game starring gorgeous Tom and his friend Angela. Great combination of two characters from Outfit7 studio.

The gameplay is pretty familiar. Just like we used to play with Tom in My Talking Tom, we now play with him in this game. But, with a bit of flirting included. The romantic stage of a roof and Angela’ balcony mixed with beloved jokes and funny animations from Tom.

Here you have to interact with Angela through dialog options and different actions performed by Tom. By the way, the game is completely safe for kids. Where kids will see funny jokes, adults will find pure, yet childishly romantic love.

7. Secret High School Love Story
Category: beauty salon and dialog game
Audience: kids, teenagers
Features: dress up your character, nice graphics, funny storyline
Scores: 4.4 Play Store, 4.5 App Store
Price: free to play with ads and in-app purchases


Great storyline game based on dialogs and customization of your character. You play as a pretty high-school girl who became a vampire after a car accident. After you decide to get back to school, there is a new charming guy in the class. You fall in love with him and try to make things to work out, but will you manage to keep your secret?

The game features a neat story line with various great interactivities. Dress up your character and put on the makeup. Go to the dates and through thought-out dialogs. Reveal secrets and steal hearts. Decide what your story will be and how will it end.

8. Analogue: A Hate Story
Category: text-based, indie, anime, mystery
Audience: teenagers, adults
Features: 50.000 words of content, future setup, distinctive characters
Scores: very positive Steam
Price: $6.99 Steam


A completely text based game with somewhat animated characters. Main actions are conducted through dialog system. But, aside from dialogs, you are able to perform other actions like accessing logs and files of the computer.

The plot tells us the story about a mysterious ship which was launched from Earth in 25 century, but has turned from its course. And after thousands of years spent in the deep space it has been found. You’ll have to deal with various riddles, on the path to solving the main mystery of this ship. Experience the love tension between characters with transhumanism involved.

One of the best parts of this game is its style. The story takes place in the cyber future. And everything goes on with that really great background. The game is available for PC, Linux and MacOS.

9. Pirates In Love
Category: Otome, storyline novel
Audience: teenagers
Features: nice graphics, neat story, pirates setup
Scores: 4.0 Play Store, N/A App Store
Price: free to play with ads and in-app purchases

If you ever felt like you are into pirates, voyages and adventurous sailing stories – this game is right for you. Capturing and very romantic story from the masters of storytelling Voltage inc.. Go through a romantic story by accomplishing dialogs and building relations with one of the pirates. Nice graphics are a great addition to this masterfully written story.

The story goes around a pirate ship, where a female character is the only member of a crew. By going through dialogs you have to chose one of six pirates, which are the rest of the crew. Each pirate has his own distinctive identity and story. So every time you start your journey it can be quite different.

10. Cinders
Category: visual novel
Audience: teenagers, adults, aged
Features: marvelous graphics, reinvented Cinderella story
Scores: very positive Steam
Price: $12.59 Steam

A mature variation of a well-known Cinderella story. Dialogs oriented, decision making gameplay is coated in insanely beautiful graphics. Great animations are also a brilliant addition to the astonishingly-looking game. And, of course, don’t forget about the music. And all that combined creates that special and a bit grim atmosphere in the game.

The plot is distinctive from the original tale, but you will surely recognize all of the characters. Despite, they look very different from how we could imagine them in the original. The story itself is more focused on a woman, her feelings, experience and desires. But it is not only about Cinderella alone. The story is also about the other female characters in this great story. So, you will be able to see the story from the completely another perspective.

11. In Your Arms Tonight
Category: Otome, storyline novel
Audience: teenagers
Features: nice graphics, neat story, pirates setup
Scores: 4.0 Play Store, N/A App Store
Price: free to play with ads and in-app purchases

One more great otome game from the masters of this genre – Voltage inc.. Build your own love story step by step. Go through hundreds of passionate dialogs, and make tough decisions. What will be waiting for you in the end – completely depends on you. Find your happiness aside from your crushing marriage, when you discover that yourself in the hands of the one, who really loves you.

As usually with Voltage inc., the game is supported by great graphics and decent sound effects. And, of course, don’t forget about addictive story, full of true passion and love.

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