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17 Popular & Secured Digital Wallets, Mobile Payment Apps

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There was a time long ago when currency was introduced which was considered as most convenient method to make payments at that point of time. With the passing time every aspect of life has changed drastically. We started paying up from our Debit credit cards and the concept of plastic money came into the picture and now plastic money is also replaced by mobile wallets.


We all carry our mobiles everywhere with us and thus it is very convenient to make payments with our mobiles. Mobile payments are much secure because they are locked with passcodes figure prints etc. So let us check 17 most popular and secured digital wallets, mobile payment apps for your smartphone.

1. Google Wallet

Every smartphone user is somehow associated with google so if google itself has a secure wallet then nothing like it. With google wallet you can send money even as email attachments. You can link your accounts and the money you will send or receive will directly go or come from your account.


If you share your expenses with your spouse or your roommates, you can also share your google wallet with them. When it comes to security, google has recently announced that google wallets will be insured by FDIC(Federal DepositInsurance Corporation).

2. Apple Pay


Apple pay is also very popular mobile payment app. At an event Apple CEO announced that apple pay will now support 2500 banks and 700,000 merchant locations. You can use apple pay even on apple watch. The application is good enough to make payment for your online purchase and payment to the merchant at point of sale. If we talk about security apple devices are already considered as most secure devices and you can also set touch id to authorize payments.

3. Square Wallet

Square wallet is available for android and iOS. Square works only with the list of its merchants. This is why you can save your cards but at the time of payment it uses merchant card to transfer payments. Application also has a feature of hands free checkout for the merchants you have already added as favorite. All you need to do it is to say your name at the time of checkout.

4. Tilt


This wallet works on entirely different concept. If you are planning a birthday bash for one of your friends or if you are planning to go for an outing this weekend, then this app will help you a lot in managing expenses. First of all, you have to set minimum amount required to make something happen and then you can add people. You can see who has paid who has not paid and then after reaching to the minimum amount you can withdraw the money and execute the plan.

5. Venmo

The venmo app is for Android, Blackberry and iPhone. It works similar as Pay-pal you can link your credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts to the app. Sending money is as simple as writing an email or a message to a friend however both parties require to have venmo accounts.

6. Loop pay

Loop pay requires you to purchase a physical device on which you can store all the cards you have. Once you have purchase the loop pay case for your phone and you have your card store in it you can pay by selecting from your different cards. You just need to place your device near the swiping machine instead of swiping the card.

7. PayPal


We mostly depend on PayPal when it comes to international transactions. Application works for both Android and iOS and it quickly transfers money as you do on the PayPal website.

8. Zipmark

The app is currently available only on invitation basis. It works like check book of your account. Payments made by the app cleared by next business day and app charges 1% or $5 maximum transaction fees.

9. Dwolla

Dwolla is another payment app available for android and iOS. It is having comparatively high number of merchants. With Dwolla you can send money through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Application is best to settle rent and for pay back your friends.

10. Groupon


On groupon you can purchase deals and can go cashless when you go to the outlet. If you will be lucky you will get some special offer at the first installation. While purchasing any deal you can make an online payment and show the text when asked. App is compaitable with Android, iOS and with apple watch.

11. Wallet One

With wallet one you can check your balance as multi-currency balance that means you can check how much will be the converted amount if you convert a certain amount into another currency. Same as other online wallets you can send receive money and can add your cards.

12. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is the app which you can find almost in every smartphone it not only the app which allows you to keep in touch with your friends you can also send and receive money from them recently Facebook has introduced money transfer through the app. You can simply tap dollar sign and enter the amount you want to send.

13. Paytoo


Paytoo is not only a mobile wallet. It is a one stop solution to manage your money you can receive your payments directly to Paytoo and can manage your EMIs in a better way.

14. Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet claims to function in 32 countries you can easily buy and sell online currency through the app wallet is accepted over 38,000 businesses. Wallet is compatible to web and app both to make it more manageable.

15. Gyft – Mobile Gift Card Wallet


As clear by name the application is for sending gift you can send gift cards to your dear ones with personalized messages. The gift cards are redeemable right from the phone.

16. Droid Wallet – Money Manager


It is a combination of wallet and money manager. At the same time when you pay using the application you can also manage your expenses from the same app. Best part about the app is that it allows you to keep backup of your budget spreadsheets on SD card. So even in case of device break down your income expense data will be safe.

17. Wallet – Budget Tracker

The wallet which helps you to reduce your expenses by showing your graphical representations on your expenses. You can use the app as wallet and at the same time you can plan payments important to you. You can also add a widget of app on your smartphone which will notify you regarding income and expenditure.

So from above 20 mobile wallets you can choose one or more than one as per your usage and convenience. Some of them makes it easier for you to manage expenses on some you can get attractive cashbacks and discounts and some you can use to easily transfer money.

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Ankush Ameria is software analyst who loves to write for on latest software and apps to boost system performance.

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