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10 Ways to Remove Facebook from Your Life

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with 1.94 billion monthly users. That’s 18% more than the previous year. Furthermore, this application has been proven to take an average of 50 minutes out of a typical user’s day. This means that almost one hour of valuable time is being used on Facebook.


Unfortunately, many people find the user experience of Facebook to be quite addictive. Even those who are adamant about quitting find themselves using it again. Fortunately, there are strategies that can be used to successfully rid yourself of this social media platform for good.

1. Wean Yourself Off


Despite lacking truly addictive qualities, many people still find Facebook very hard to quit. For the sake of argument, it can be helpful to draw light parallels between substance and social media withdrawal. Many people make the mistake of attempting to quit Facebook cold turkey. For this reason, many experience withdrawals and are more likely to relapse. Just like when attempting to quit cigarettes, it is more effective to progressively wean yourself off Facebook usage. This would mean taking an accurate look at your daily Facebook usage and incrementally lessening that daily usage amount until it reaches zero. This will train your brain to cope with the loss of Facebook time overall.

2. Seek Alternative News Sources

Many people will respond to the attempt to quit Facebook with the copout of news. Some people will try to justify lengthy hours of Facebook usage as valuable for the news they receive. In fact, 44% of adults get at least some news from Facebook’s News Feed. However, this claim is still no excuse for continuing to waste valuable time endlessly scrolling and watching other people’s lives. Furthermore, Facebook has been repeatedly accused of not restricting or monitoring news as several fake stories have been published on the site. Obviously, Facebook is not the most reliable source of news. Those attempting to remove Facebook from their life would do well to consider seeking alternative news sources. After all, this would give you one less reason to be addicted to Facebook.

3. Play Alternative Games

The sheer activity of scrolling through a Facebook feed can be quite addictive. While it is not feasible for individuals to stop using their cellphones, those looking to remove Facebook can take a different approach. You can replace scrolling with playing games. There are countless games so just take your pick. You might have played games before when you were younger, so why not go for something like Super Mario or Need for Speed? Sometimes, the easiest way to beat an addiction is by replacing it with another.

4. Delete your Account

Perhaps the most straight forward method of removing Facebook from your life is to delete your account. Many people cringe when they hear these words uttered. However, there is no more definitive way to remove Facebook than to permanently delete your account. While Facebook has purposefully made this process more complicated than necessary, it is fairly straightforward. After logging into the account, a user must click on the ‘Settings’ option and then ‘Delete My Account’. Users will be required to wait 14 days before their account can be permanently deleted.

5. Block Facebook

Do you want to remove Facebook from your life without completely deleting the account? Some users will find it more practical to use site-blocking software to add an extra layer of protection between themselves and Facebook. Actually, a majority of internet applications will provide built in site blocking options. Furthermore, you have the possibility to use both free and paid softwarefor extra protection. In short, users will be unable to even access the Facebook website when these options are in use. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t end up using Facebook again when you get a random urge.

6. Imagine Life Before Facebook


One of the hardest things about quitting Facebook is replacing the spare time. A helpful method can be to imagine life before having this social media platform. Of course, this will be easier and possibly more effective for those who started using Facebook when they were older. Furthermore, you could reassess your life goals and realize that Facebook is merely an instrument for procrastination.

7. Deactivate Your Account

Another option for those wishing to remove Facebook from their life without having to completely delete their account is deactivation. Aside from deletion, Facebook offers users the option to temporarily deactivate or disable their account. This can also be used for those individuals who only wish to remove Facebook for a limited amount of time. The advantage of this option is that all of your material and information will stay saved and intact, all the while disabling your account and making engaging with others impossible. Basically, this option gives users the perks of deletion while still having the option to return at any given time.

8. Disconnect Connected Apps

One of the many ways that Facebook ensures users keep visiting is by connecting accounts to several other apps. If you’ve ever signed up for popular apps such as Spotify, you’ll notice there is an option to sign in via Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg and company understand that the more applications that Facebook infiltrates, the greater engagement rate the social media platform will have. Instead of having to cease using all of these associated applications, those wishing to remove Facebook should disconnect all of these apps. This can be accomplished by visiting each connected site and signing in via another option such as by email.

9. Quit with Friends

There is safety in numbers. In this scenario, there is also support. Those looking to remove Facebook form their lives may find it difficult as long as all of their friends continue to use this platform. Instead of attempting this feat alone, many users will find it more helpful to quit together with friends. Not only will this knowledge make quitting easier, you will also not feel as sorry for yourself as others are suffering as well. Also, there will be an overall higher level of motivation in the group. Accountability is also higher, greatly increasing the chances of success.

10. Get Outside

At the end of the day, staying inside will always tempt you to check your Facebook. After all, people often search for some form of entertainment inside because of pure boredom. However, being outside is more exciting and stimulating than remaining cooped up inside. For this reason, those attempting to remove Facebook from their lives should spend more time outside.

Social media applications can be very addicting to use. Unfortunately, man people spend hours of the day engaging on these platforms. Facebook has been shown to be especially disruptive to the life of the average individual. However, these 10 tips will help you to effectively remove Facebook from your life. The key to remember is that no matter how many times you use Facebook again, you must resolve to quit.

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