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15 Ways to Control Your Facebook News Feed

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media site of all. It not only seeks the attention of the business owners and the big brands but also the people who wish to communicate, get in touch with old friends or even make new ones. It is a platform which connects millions of people and this is what makes Facebook so interesting.


The craze of Facebook is still on with the people using it to share their memories, know one another and lots more. But earlier Facebook was quite simple. Today a number of updates have been done to make it more secure especially with the customization feature that has definitely made a difference to the experience of the people. Now you have full control over your account and you can easily change your settings as per the requirements. This is how you can make Facebook interesting as you do not want to get disturbed with a few people or do not want useless posts to show.

There are lots of things that you can to personalize your Facebook news feed, so here are the 15 ways that you can depend on.

1. Get rid of annoying friends

There might be a few people in your friend list that you don’t want to talk or wish to see their post. So rather than removing them from your list a better way is out is to unfollow them. Once you do this, you will not be able to view any of their posts and they will not come to know about it. Just go into your Settings and locate the option Unfollow. When you do this you can’t see their posts but stay friends.

2. Switch to MOST RECENT


After the latest updates on Facebook you now have the option to change your News feed and make it more interesting. This is through the new MOST RECENT feature which you will get at the top left corner of your profile.

3. Set the preferences


Facebook now gives you the option to set as well as edit the preferences as per your need. Enter into the News Feed section and find Edit Preferences. Here you will see options like prioritize who to see first, reconnect with people you unfollowed, discover pages that match your interest and lots more. So you can choose whichever is suitable to you.

4. Block useless Facebook ads

Nowadays you see a lot of ads on Facebook which are really irritating. Though some are useful but still most of them are just time wasting. So why not take the control of the same and hide them. All you do is click on the ribbon that points down and hide the ads. Now you won’t be able to see any ads on your Facebook page.

5. Customize the notifications

Now you can set the notifications according to the stuff you want to view. Under the Notifications Tab, you need to choose from what you want to view like all posts, events near you, live videos, suggested or any other stuff. Accordingly you will get notified about it.

6. Notification for posts


Sometimes you do not want to miss the important updates from some of your friends. So you can get the notification of the same by making a little adjustment. All you need to do is visit their profile and scroll down in the Friends option. Here you will find Get Notification, click on it and you are done. Now you won’t miss anything.

7. Keep away from never ending conversations

There are certain threads which are of no use. These are not only disturbing but quite irritating as nothing sensible takes place. So rather than walking out, it is better to Turn Off, the notifications and just relax. Now you enjoy stress free life as you can turn it on whenever needed. This is pretty useful when you are busy or out on a holiday and want no disturbance.

8. Organize your friends

You can now stay connected with your favorite people by adding them to a customized group. You can modify the friend list and connect with the people whenever you want. Go into the Explore section and locate Friend Lists and choose from three options, close friends, acquaintances and restricted. Smart list option is currently been added for better customization.

9. Review liked pages


One of the reason people get so annoyed with Facebook is that their feeds get so cluttered with junk. You should be guilty of that clutter because it is usually the result of excessive “liking”. Fortunately, Facebook came out with “Review the Pages You Like” feature which enable you to unlike junk pages quickly.

10. Report offensive posts

There are many posts which will annoy you and need to be removed as soon as possible. This can be done by reporting about the post. For this click on Report Post and then state the reason for the same. It will reach Facebook and action will be taken against it.

11. Customize your shortcuts

In order to move from one thing to the other you make use of the shortcuts so why not customize them as per your preferences. Just click on the shortcuts tab and you will get a link to edit the same. You can pin whatever you want and view it first.

12. Video settings


Videos are more viewed on Facebook and that is why you can personalize the settings. You can change the video quality, switch to auto play video option, caption display etc.

13. Pin your posts, friends or companies

Now it is your choice as which news you wish to view first. This can be done by pinning your friends or the brands that you want to view first and the same will appear on your news feed. Just go into the page and scroll the liked button and you will find the option See First. Click it and you will see the related news first on the page.

14. More feeds

Though most of the news feeds appear on your page but there is much more to it. You have two other options in your news feed which allow you to view the following stuff.

  • View the feeds of the liked pages through your account
  • View the feeds of the pages liked via your Facebook page

To execute the same, find a small icon on the right hand side of every post. This comes under your See Pages Feed option.

15. Get marketing information

If you are into Facebook marketing then you can grab information about the pages which have been liked, the ads which gained popularity, the number of users viewing it and lots more. The information really proves helpful in understanding what the target audience is looking for and accordingly make the desired changes.

These are some of the effective ways to customise your Facebook news feed. It is up to you as what content appeals you the most and what you want to see. The recent updates in Facebook has really introduced some exceptional features which making it more secure and worth using. So why not make these changes and use Facebook to the fullest.

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