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12 Awesome Facebook Ad Features Your Business Needs

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Do you really need to incorporate Facebook ad features in your digital marketing strategy? If you look at these statistics, you’ll see that by not using Facebook ads, your business will miss out on a valuable channel for reaching out to your customers. Facebook has 2.01 billion active users each month and 1.32 billion active users each day. Given that there are 65 million businesses running campaigns on Facebook, your competitors may actually have an edge over you.


Take a look at these Facebook ad campaign tools that your SEO company Irvine will use to give your sales that all-important boost. And, set you apart from the competition.

1. Video Ads


Mid-roll video ads are a valuable advertising campaign that can send your message across in a riveting video that captures the viewer’s interest. Video ads can be short or long and induce the viewer to place an order instantly. The cost is as low as a penny for every video view and all you need to do is upload the clip to your Facebook page. Set up details such as the thumbnail, target audience, and description and you’re good to go.

2. Remarketing


Given the barrage of products and services available on the internet, it is easy for a customer to forget a particular brand. Remarketing refreshes the memory of a potential customer and provides you a two or three times better chance of making a sale. This Facebook ad feature works by tagging visitors with a cookie. They may check out your website or a specific page. Or, they may click on your phone app. And, if they add their email address on a lead generating page, reminding them of your brand becomes easier.

3. Lead Ads


The Lead ads advertising feature helps you generate leads even if potential customers haven’t even visited your website. People surfing Facebook can view your ads and sign up for more information or even book appointments. You can insert a “Contact Us” page to prompt them to add their email addresses or provide them with information about any discounts and deals you have going on.

4. The Facebook Pixel


Digital marketing experts in today’s times swear by the effectiveness of this Facebook ad feature. The FB tracking pixel makes it possible for you to assess conversions, understand the thought processes of the users visiting your website via Facebook and change settings for maximum impact. By adding some code to specific pages, you can track the movements of users as they check products, add an item to the cart, complete the registration process, and finalize the purchase.

5. Demographic Targeting Ads


Facebook ad features like the demographic targeting ads allow you to direct your campaigns at the people who are most likely to respond to them. Accordingly, you can target users according to their age, gender, location, profession, specific events that matter like birthdays and anniversaries, and even income levels.

6. Behavior Targeting Ads


Similar to the demographic ads, the behavior targeting tools give you an insight into the purchasing habits of customers and connect you with the segment that is most likely to opt for your products. This data, recovered from third-party partners helps you target a specific audience according to their purchasing history whether online or offline, and the kind of apps they use. Like, for instance, for traveling or buying cosmetics, gadgets, clothing, or home improvement products.

7. Interest Targeting Ads


Should you opt for this Facebook ad feature, you can target clientele according to their preferences, likes, and dislikes. The Interest Targeting feature collects data based on user activities like the pages they’ve liked, their search history, and keywords they use. This data provides an understanding of the user’s interests like in fashion, technology, health and wellness, entertainment, celebrity news, or any other.

8. Carousel Ads


The Carousel ads could be one of the most popular of Facebook ad features. This tool displays a series of images or short video clips in sequence with one ad seamlessly integrating with the next. Users are typically entranced with the display of products and their features leading to high click-through rates and conversions.

9. Messenger Bots

Facebook now has automated bots to act as invisible sales agents for your products. These highly effective tools can do everything a live customer service professional can do. The bots can interact with your customers at any time round the clock, offer detailed information, provide assistance in selecting products and services, and even take orders. Once the purchase is finalized, the bot will issue the necessary shipping notifications.

10. Engagement Ads on Wall Posts

Any kind of advertising campaign is most effective when it targets the right audience. This Facebook ad feature does precisely that by displaying your ad to users who are most active on FB and regularly perform actions like liking, commenting, sharing, and posting on their own pages. The more reactions you get on your page, the better will be the conversion rate since customers like to be a part of the trending crowd.

11. Website Conversion Campaigns

The objective of website conversion campaigns is to encourage visitors to perform some action once they land on your page. These actions can include clicking through to other pages, checking out the entire range of products available, adding an item to the cart, or making the final purchase. However, experts explain that you may want to aim for a minimum number of conversions within a specific window. If you don’t see your targeted numbers, optimize the settings accordingly.

12. Monitoring Ad Delivery

Here’s one of the handiest Facebook ad feature that provides you with insights on how successful your ad campaign is. Once a particular ad has been running for 5 consecutive days, you’ll receive data about the success or failure and number of visitors checking out the ad. The tool also gives you the number of people seeing your ad for the first time, their reactions, and the extent of the success of your outreach. As the ad starts to become stale, you can always upgrade or change it to recapture interest and gain conversions.

Given the impressive scope of Facebook, you absolutely cannot ignore this very potent marketing tool. Make use of the many Facebook ad features and you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your advertising. Customize the tools to match the kind of products and services you’re selling and you’re soon to see a giant leap forward in your sales and the ultimate success of your business.

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