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7 Best Ways to Effectively Find People on Facebook

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Facebook is the most popular social utility to re-connect with your relatives, friends, classmates and co-workers. The largest social networking site also provides users a great platform to make new friends. However with more than 845 million active users (As of February 2012) on Facebook, it’s no easy task to find people you want especially if you have no idea what are their names and email addresses.


Fortunately Facebook has many built-in search functions and features you can use to dig out any people you want. And here are 7 most commonly used methods to effectively find people on Facebook!
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Search People by Name and Email Address
You should be very familiar with this method. Yes, just search people by their name or email address at the top of Facebook page.

Find People from Your Gmail and Other Email Address Book
This is one of the most common ways to search people on Facebook. All you have to do is enter your email address and find out if any of your contacts are Facebook users. Currently this Facebook built-in search feature supports Gmail, Yahoo!, Windows Live Hotmail, Skype, Windows Live Messenger,,, and other email services.

Find People from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Contacts
Facebook allows you to invite contacts from your Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Contacts. Following’s simple step-by-step guide:-

1. Click “Find my Windows Contacts” to begin.
2. If a security prompt appears, click “Run” (or “Allow”).
3. Wait a few moments; locating your friends may take a little time.

Search People by Uploading Contact Files
Facebook has another convenient way for you to find people. It lets you upload a contact file (Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail and others), and you’ll be able to know which of your contacts are on Facebook.

Find Friends, Classmates and Coworkers
You can also use the checkboxes below to discover people you know from your hometown, school, company and more.

Find People through Your Facebook Friend’s List
Another great resource to find people you know is your Facebook friend’s list.
Just click on their “Friends” and then choose the “See All” option to scroll through their list of friends.

Find People though “People You May Know”
Facebook automatically suggests people you may know in the right sidebar of your Facebook page. You’ll not only find potential friends, but also classmates and colleagues.


Search People using Online People App
With Online People, you can search online users by gender, age and country.


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