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11 Private Search Engines to Make Your Searches Secure

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Nowadays the most discouraging fact in using the Internet is low privacy concern of the people due to which Internet surfers don’t feel safe while using the Internet. Due to which other users turn out to misuse the information for immoral purposes or it might harm the users by stealing information. But there is always a solution for every problem.


Technology is playing a vital role in providing every sort of ease and comfort to the people. On the same hand, it is also providing security for using the technology. Now many private search engines are introduced which do not track user’s information and provide complete safety for using the Internet.

Currently, almost every search engine has launched a private search engine to make the searches secure. Google has launched incognito due to which a browsing history and another sort of private data remains covert. Although, it is not as safer as it assumed to be because; some of the information turns up on different social sites, like Facebook and Gmail which might leak the user’s information to other users. Although, some other private searching tools are there that do not let your footprint tracked in browsing history to get totally secured web browsing. Here represent some private search engines which are provided with the different mechanisms and ways of usage to make the searches clean.

1. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo is the most secure search engine that never let your information save on browser as well as it offers an efficient searching experience. It is mainly concerned for the users who don’t want to expose their privacy. Another significance of this search engine is that it does not show tailored ads on the websites. Moreover, it offers 10M+ searches in an entire day.

2. WolframAlpha

It is one of the private search engines which allow users to compute accurate answers and provide unique knowledge. Furthermore, it provides a complete package of knowledge related to different courses which include health and science, money and banking, music and movies and other different subjects. It is a quite secure search engine which assures 100 percent security.

3. Startpage


Startpage is another private search engine which works impressively in providing safe searches and never saves the browsing data in a browsing history. It uses a proxy server to make the searches safe in this way; browser fails to keep your IP address. Likewise, it can also be added to the currently using browser like Chrome or Firefox.

4. Privatelee

Privatelee itself is an explanatory search engine. Its searches are totally secure. Additionally, it provides strict filters if someone wants to get more in-depth protection. Even it never uses searching keywords for the ads and observations. It is also known by

5. Yippy

Yippy allows holding relevant results to the searches that have made by the user and remove all the inappropriate results from the browsing page. It has an ability to explore diverse types of searches like images, web contents, blogs, economic data, and every other sort of required information. It also creates a cached memory to make the searches easier. Despite this, it never keeps your searches saved in a browsing history.

6. Hulbee


Hulbee is another private search engine that provides instant answers to your searches but never leaks the user’s information to public for other’s use. It always provides intellectual information but never keeps any proof regarding the searched data. Because it grants encrypted searching results to prevent personal data from the exploitation of a third party that might misuse that information. After doing searches, it permits the user to remove all the searches that you have made to avoid any predicted mishap with the private information.

7. Disconnect Search

This search engine uses content search assistance from greater search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on although; it never allow to save any footprint in a search history. Its interesting searching tool is that it also allows searching by location to provide more accurate results according to the preferred location. It also makes users aware from inappropriate searches to keep the system safe from harmful viruses.

8. Lukol

Lukol is another search engine which works from the proxy server to provide customized searches from Google. It is one of the best private search engines that keep its users safe from fraud by safeguarding them from surfing on inappropriate websites.

9. MetaGer


MetaGer is another search engine which offers 100 percent secure searches that never let your browsing data used by a middle party in order to make a wrong use of your information. It also incorporates the proxy server that keeps your IP address hidden from other surfers. Furthermore, it never allows even the keywords to save as cached memory in order to use it again.

10. Gigablast

Gigblast guides billions of websites and provides accurate information without even saving your searching data on a web browser. It also considered being the best search engine that solely keeps you away from the spammers. Its most attention-grabbing feature is that it allows searching content by typing an exact phrase, language or other required information.

11. Oscobo

Oscobo is an unidentified search engine that does not track any information regarding user’s searches. Moreover; it does not allow any other person to misuse user’s information. Other than that it provides every sort of desire information.

Now there is no need to get afraid of using the internet on public computers because private search engines have made web surfing much safer for all of its users from the third party which might misuse the information for hostile purposes.

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