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14 Email Templates to Kick Start Your Business Promotions

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Emails have often been quite undermined when it comes to marketing when compared with other tactics such as social media marketing on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or strategies such as Google Adwords. However, as per a latest study emails are now considered 40 times better marketing strategy than the others.


Now to overrule all the myths you need to know the fact that three time more users use emails than leading social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and they are around 2.17 billion.


Now that the myth has been cleared, so we must now focus on designing email templates. The modern day templates require you to have templates that support the modern needs such as being responsive as users now mostly use handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Thus, in this blog we have curated a list of 14 best email templates that will help you to boost your business promotions.

1. 2W – Responsive Email Template with Editor


Responsive Email Template with Editor is an online tool for editing email templates using which one can easily create email templates. To use this template you also do not need to have knowledge of HTML as all you need is to click and then you can create your templates easily.

2. Send With Us
Send with Us is responsive email template and the best part about them is that they are open-source and driven by a community. It is a collection of 10 templates that also comprises of sub-templates that are designed particularly for functions such as confirmation, upselling, survey and other.

3. Free Responsive Email Template
As we know that mobile has become an apple of everyone’s eye, and this is the reason business owner is now coming forth to look into how to deliver email templates. This has given rise to a lot for free email templates in the market as they trigger easy marketing strategy.

4. Cerberus
Cerberus is a responsive email template that allows its users not just to make use of a normal email template but one that is responsive and easy. In the modern age, we have two types of templates one that have media queries and other that don’t have them, and this is for giving the templates fluid layouts for size irrespective of any support by media queries.

5. Antwort Responsive Layouts
Now in the wake of rendering good mobile experience we tend to mar user experience for desktop users. One such example is of one column layout that is good for mobile devices but is not for desktop users. In this freaky gadget world, you cannot afford to avoid any device, and this is the reason you need an email template that provides comprehensive features of serving on all kind of devices. Antwort is an incredibly worthy email template that offers email that helps you serve your users on all the device platforms. This template offers columns on a desktop, and these columns have the capability to become rows itself on mobile devices.

6. MyCampaign – Multipurpose Business & E-commerce
18 Modern Multipurpose email template is made for Business and eCommerce, and the best thing about this template is that it offers 13 colors schemes that include vibrant colors like orange, blue, red, green and subtle colors like purple, blue and gray. This comprises of inline CSS file and for quick layout change for the fluid structure, it offers a flexible structure of tables.

7. Respmail
Respmail is a highly flexible email template that is specifically designed to work on all the most widely used email platforms. This template makes use of blueprints of MailChimp as a base and is thoroughly tested to check the compatibility and so as to be compatible with platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and other email services it is also restructured. You can easily download its source from Github.

8. Charismatic Emailer Email Newsletter Template


Charismatic is quite an incredible email template and can add charm to your marketing campaign with its clean and minimalistic design. It easily fits on mobile devices, browsers as well as email clients for desktop users.

9. Antwort
Antwort is a responsive template for emails that allows its users to make use of columns for non-portable devices, wherein when it comes to mobile devices, it automatically adapts to rows. Apart from this, they offer single, double or three-column along with open-source email templates for use.

10. Metric – Responsive E-mail Template
Metric is a minimalistic and responsive template for emails. It is compatible with all the kinds of email service provider such as Benchmark Email, Campaign Monitor, iContact, Constant Contact and others. It also allows you to be innovative with the color and design of the email. This is a good thing for your marketing strategy and helps you to promote you business online to any demographic region across the globe.

11. Responsive Email Patterns


Responsive Email Pattern comprises of modules and patterns that deliver responsive emails. This helps you to deliver a variety of styles such as navigation, layout, grid blocks, grids, accordions, and media.

12. Saturday – E-Commerce Responsive Email Template
Saturday Email Template is Modern and Clean email template and also delivers fashionable eCommerce Style. The design is made to smooth design for all kinds of eCommerce shops. It offers a responsive layout that works efficiently on all the devices be it a tablet, desktop, smartphones or any other modern device.

13. Zenith
Zenith is a beautiful email template that is made using a SASS. It offers an easy to control layout, responsive grid, good typography, a variety of color schemes and several feature that make use of SASS variables.

14. Primor – Responsive Email Template
‘Primor’ renders a latest and innovative flat design user interface. It has also been tested to deliver smooth performance on all the major email client along with this it uses Inline CSS to offer a comprehensive compatibility to run on all the major browsers used nowadays.

All in all!

To kick-start your marketing tactic you need simple yet attractive email templates. This is the reason you need to pay heed to Email templates. As we know that the competition is quite stiff thus one needs to be extremely peculiar about even the slightest things related to your business.

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Samuel Dawson is a working professional with Designs2html Ltd, where he has been a reputed developer, designer and promoter in CMS and web applications. Samuel has been a marvelous expert in the area of front end development technologies.

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