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Top 20 Free Email Marketing Tools and Resources

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All organizations make use of various email marketing tools as well as resources. These tools and resources make the functioning of sales, marketing as well as promotional activities way easier and more professional. However, so many of such tools are available in the market these days that one is confused as to which one to opt for!


Well, to make it a little easier, here’s a list of the top 20 picks for free email marketing tools and resources:

1. ReachMail


ReachMail understands the way your business needs to reach more and more people via email. It is free of cost and the free version also provides a multitude of features like email marketing, social media sharing, detailed reporting, great deliverability, autoresponders, unlimited support and various other services. It is undoubtedly a marketer’s go-to tool and resource if he/she wishes to do the best marketing through emails.

2. MailChimp


The main focus of this platform is email automation. It provides us with one of the best marketing tools that are highly appreciated and widely used by various companies. The idea of email marketing through MailChimp is to find the target audience, engage the customers, and help the firm build their brand. All these are the key aspects to do any kind of marketing.

3. SendInBlue


SendInBlue is a one-stop solution that works on complete email marketing campaign. It can be used to conduct various marketing campaigns which can be continued by email as well as SMS marketing. SendInBlue is also a very good platform that is used for marketing automation and transactional messaging these days.

4. MailJet


MailJet is one of the popular platforms available for providing services related to SMTP servers as well as REST API. It is used when marketing is supposed to be done using more servers in order to attain better audience retention. It is usually employed for strategies involving self-service plans. Their experts help businesses a lot in growing via email marketing.

5. Hemingway App


There are so many times when we wish to express something but aren’t getting the correct language usage or way to do so! Hemmingway App comes as a solution to that issue! It not only corrects but also modifies your written in a manner that reaches out to the audience effectively when concerned about email marketing. The app even highlights the length as well as complex sentences and converts them into simpler ones so that the majority of the audience receiving your email has no problem in understanding what is it that you are trying to convey to them.

6. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is one of the finest tools available for email marketing. It provides various features and resources that work to make your business reach newer heights by providing the best marketing. It provides services like sending automated emails that look personalized and hence, help the firms maintain a good relationship with its customers or audience. It also helps one in better organization and categorization of the audience which in turn helps in better marketing.

7. Mad Mimi


The simplest way to go about email marketing is via Mad Mimi! It grants you access to create, send, share and track the emails and newsletters online. It is a very beneficial tool for smaller businesses to do email marketing to achieve better results as a firm.

8. Constant Contact


Constant Contact is a simple and easy-to-use email marketing platform that provides you with various tools and allows you to send emails that are more appealing to the eye, thus creating a better connect with the customers. It generates professional emails within no time, ensuring effective results.

9. MyEmma


The strategy of My Emma is a bit different than the other email marketing platforms available.It works excellently to provides the clients with best services from Day 1 itself! It helps the businesses associated with it to grow to the best of capabilities when it comes to email marketing.

10. AWeber


AWeber’s main motive is to find the best audience for your email marketing front. It offers various tools and resources that help in achieving good marketing results by reaching the apt target audience and providing them with the best- looking mails that create an impact on the audience, thus ensuring that the major business goals are accomplished.

11. CakeMail


CakeMail is a platform that targets a majority of small businesses and works best for them. It will help you in every step of the way when it comes to email marketing because they understand the need for marketing. They enhance the message which you wish to convey to the audience, reaching their minds in a better way.

12. iContact


iContact is another competitor in the leading email marketing platforms available in the market today at no cost. They work on providing the best of personalized emails to your customers which will be loved by them and are sure to build a connection with them. The setup of this platform is very easy, takes just a few minutes and you have the best tools laid out for you!

13. Zoho


Zoho works on creating an effective email marketing campaign for you. The platform is best known for creating, sending and tracking effective campaigns that make sure to build the best of customer relationships along with the business. They have a host of services at no cost at all that have helped so many businesses reach their audience effectively, taking their businesses ahead.

14. Vertical Response


Vertical Response is one step ahead, it provides its users with both, social media as well as email marketing services. The tools it provides are so easy to use and understand. It is very easy to do editing on this platform and also have a system for automated follow-up emails. The landing page creator is one of the best features in this email marketing platform.

15. Drip


Drip provides personalized email drives for the first time and returns buyers. They follow the intuitive workflow to create delightful customer experiences. Its main focus is on the bigger picture and helps the email marketing of many businesses accordingly and effectively.

16. Benchmark


Benchmark is another powerful model that focuses on the simplicity of the emails and other marketing tools. It is so simple to use that they market it as a simple platform for even an intern to use!It has many responsive emailing features and focuses a lot on live editing as well.

17. GetResponse


It uses all the information provided by the client to promote an all-in-one marketing platform for your business. It is involved in various services like email marketing, webinars, landing pages as well as marketing automation.

18. Dialect Premailer


Dialect Premailer has been involved in creating extensive templates of emails from over a year now. It makes use of HTML for creating the best of personalized and automated emails for the growth of marketing of your business via networking.

19. Brand My Email


Brand My Email majorly works on creating a unique signature for every email that you send. Through this, they are able to increase Conversions, Traffic, ROI as well as Productivity.

20. Campaigner


For the best of results like increased engagement, optimization for mobile and great deliverables, Contactology is the best email marketing tool for the same.

These were the best picks for email marketing tools and resources. One can pick any of the above-mentioned tools as per his/ her needs and won’t be disappointed!

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