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15 Habits to Develop an Innovative Mind

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Have you ever dreamt of becoming as famous and innovative as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs? Of course, you did. I mean who doesn’t want tobring a drastic change to his life through innovation and positive approach. But in reality, it is not as easier as it looks like. To be a real champ, you should stop living an ordinary life. People who are innovative don’t care about others because all they want is a free space to produce something new and unique.


Being a graphic designer, it is the nature of my job to think outside the box. I follow a strict schedule and always look for ways to improve my skills. However, it is simply not possible for a human mind to bring innovation to every single thing. But, after following some remarkable habits, transforming a mind to an innovative think tank would be an easy thing to do.

Therefore, I am extremely delighted to share some absolutely proven and incredible habits that will surely help you enhance your thinking capability.

So, let’s get started…

1. Start Your Day with Morning Walk
Yes, you heard me right. Instead of kick-starting your work early morning, spend some ME TIME in the park. Going for an early morning walk will open all the blocked circuits of your brain. This way, you will feel more energized and positive to spend the entire day with great enthusiasm.

2. Create a To-Do-List
Once you are done with morning exercises, sit back on the couch and prepare a to-do-list. On a serious note, it is a phenomenal habit that allows a person to prioritize his tasks quite effectively. In this hi-tech world where we have tremendous smartphones, creating a daily planner doesn’t take too much time, right?

3. Keep Hunting for Inspiration
Bringing innovation to every step of work is not a piece of cake. You surely need some inspiration that can motivate you to perform even better. To make it happen, quench your thirst through non-stop research. Whether you are a writer, a designer or even a teacher, keep looking for significant channels as a source of inspiration. With this approach, your mind will be filled with hundreds of creative ideas.

4. Stick Around with Like-Minded People
It is hundred percent true. Spending majority of time with like-minded people will keep your mind focused towards accomplishing the goals. If you are working for an organization, then keep yourself surrounded with people who are passionate and truly mad about their work. I believe that you will always find yourself active and highly strengthened.

5. Keep Improving Your Existing Ideas


Coming up with a great idea is one thing, but improving that idea to make it a big reality is another. If you are curious about utilizing your mind in the best way possible, keep working hard to improve your existing ideas. Believe me or not, but it is truly a commendable way to make all your dreams come true.

6. Don’t Push Yourself Too Much
Remember, if you want to stand out of the competition because of your innovative mind, stop pushing yourself too hard. For instance, you have been performing a specific task for quite some time, but it is not getting done on a given timeline. Instead of executing the same methodology over and over again, take a little break from work. This way, your entire brain will get rejuvenated and you will perform a lot better and smarter.

7. Open the Doors of Criticism
You might come across harsh criticism quite several times in your life. But, trust me if the criticism is valid, you should never hesitate to accept it. Instead of looking for rebuttals,find ways to overcome all denigrations. By following this strategy, your weaknesses will get converted to strengths in no time.

8. Never Hesitate to Take Risks
Oh yes, without thinking about the consequences never hesitate to take risks. One thing is for sure, if you are scared of taking steps, you won’t reach to the outcome. This way, differentiating between right and wrong would definitely be a complicated task. So, be brave and don’t even think more than twice when making any decision. With this practice, you will be a better person than many others.

9. Think Outside the Box


Do what others can’t even think of. It is true because following a conventional approach can’t help you accomplish your goals. I have been serving the field of designing since five years and I know how important it is for me and for all designers to think creatively. Similarly, whatever the field you are associated with, always think outside the box to make your presence felt.

10. Appreciate Yourself
It is extremely important for a person to appreciate his passion, work and achievements. If I talk about myself, then I never skip a single chance of appreciation. And, it is just because of this little practice I always stay motivated and refreshed.

11. Share Your Happiness
We all usually share our problems with loved ones for astonishing solutions. Same way, we should not avoid to share our happiness for making it memorable. Being an introvert can make you dull. And, once you start getting bore from your life your mind will ultimately stop working with the same zeal and strength.

12. Play Games Quite Often
Games like Play Station and XBOX can turn out to be vital sources of regaining the momentum. After spending a hectic day at work, we often get too much tired. To overcome such a situation, the best way is to play games. I am a big fan of Dota 2 and I use to play it with my son quite often. Likewise, you should also become habitual of some problem solving and strategy making games to unlock the blocked channels of your brain.

13. Don’t be Scared of Sharing Your Ideas
When working in office, it is crucial to share ideas with each other. When people with similar thoughts gather, they always produce something extraordinary. Therefore, speak up and share your ideas with colleagues to get responses from the eye of critics.

14. Stay Organized
If you want to avoid miscellaneous activities to just concentrate on work, then you need to stay organized. For this, follow a pre-planned schedule. Apart from creating a to-do-list, maintain a dairy on regular basis. Right before going to sleep, grab pen and start writing everything you have done throughout a day for self-assessment.

15. Above All, Be Passionate About What You Do
If you are truly passionate about something, you will work hard to get it. So, above everything, it is important to be crazy about work. Only this way, you will be able to transform your mind to ideas generating machine.

Author: Anna Marsh

Anna Marsh is working as a Senior Designer at a digital agency EssayAce – Essay Writing Service in Melbourne. Apart from professional life, she also conducts seminars to motivate people and students.

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