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15 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Post’s Click Through Rate

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If you have a business and you want to promote it with help of a Facebook page, it is time you get serious and take some measures to make sure that you are going in the right direction and that you get your share of visitors and customers too.


Using Facebook is all about getting more traffic to your page and in order to do that you will have to focus on getting more shares and like so that you can promote your business and enjoy better results. You also need to remember that only shares and likes are not the way to succeed and you can get more people to click on your Facebook page if you are smart and use the right tips to boost your Facebook posts click through rate.

Research shows that on average, out of 100, 6.5 people click on your Facebook posts but if you do things the right way and plan them according, you can get more people to click on your posts and also make it to your website for better business.

Ever since it was first launched years ago, now Facebook has become one of the biggest online advertising mediums in the world. People living in all parts of the world and running any type of business turn to Facebook to promote their services and products. It is becoming and expensive every year as more people are coming to it to generate leads and make their brands more well-known and popular among users. As Facebook ads have become more expensive, it has become important for people to make sure that they optimize their ads for higher click through and increase their conversion rates.


When you are marketing your brand and want to succeed, you would want to keep the rising ad costs within your budget and make sure you come up with alternative means that boost your Facebook post click through rate. you just need to understand what you want to do with your Facebook page and you will be able to come up with better ideas and tips on how to boost your social media posts with help of more clicks.

This article is a guide for all those business and website owners who want to promote their businesses and websites on Facebook and need some top tips to boost their Facebook post clicks through rate.

Tip #1: Tell People Want You Want Them to Do


This is one of the most important and the most key task that many Facebook page owners fail to do. So many businesses make this mistake as they do not have the call to action route that takes people to their websites. It is necessary that they need to understand what they are asking the people to do and how they can be tempted to do what they are being asked to. You must be able to encourage people to interact both on website and your Facebook page and help them understand what they must do. This will not only increase your Facebook visibility but also help you boost traffic to your website. You need to understand that when you are asking people to click through your post, you must be offering something that catches their fancy and they want to do what you are asking them to.

Tip #2: Give People a Reason to Click Through

Every piece of content that you are sharing with your fans or visitors should help to establish the connect and make it worthy for them to spend time on your website and page. You need to know that people have very short attention span on social media and in most of the cases they will forget what they were doing unless the post was really engaging and held their attention. It is only when they like what you are offering that they will sign up for the email list or even consider buying something from you. It is necessary that you pay attention to what you are selling and if you are actually selling it the right way in order to attract people to your page and website. People also take notice of what you are doing when someone else diverts their attention to you as they are likely to trust what the other person is saying.

Tip #3: Come up with a Cohesive and Complete Message

You need to make sure that the message you are putting across to your fans or visitors is a meaningful one. You must ensure that it is a cohesive and complete message that helps the people understand what you are trying to say, what it is all about and do they even need to pay attention to it. Incomplete, meaningless and confusing messages are the worst things that will never boost your Facebook post click through rate because they will not be able to hold the attention of people coming to your page.

You need to see if the headline fits the image or the image fits the content and if your class to action matches what you are trying to say. Check out your competitors and see what they are offering and how they are conducting their business as this will give you a fair idea how to move forward and get better leads.

Tip #4: Use a Call to Action Image


Using a call to action image really makes worth of your post. For example if you are adding a post about some offer from your business or a deal at your website, then your image must have text like “Click here to learn more..” or “Click here to get more details about deal” or even like this one “Click here to grab this deal now”. When you will have call to action images inside your Facebook post, you will be able to see increase of click through rate on your post.

Tip #5: Adding Your Thoughts in Post

When you are going to share a post on Facebook, you must add a personalize thought that may attract your followers to click on the post. For example if you are posting about a deal and your title is “Top 10 Mobile Deals – Up to 50% Discounts Available”, if you add a personalize message with this post, it can become worth of. For example if you add (Deal #2 is best as it have 50% discount and best selling mobile with best user reviews) then it will attract viewers to click on your post and must check what is deal#2. There can be more better thoughts that you can express in your post like offering them something free, offering them discounts or free vouchers for something.

Tip #6: Using Open Graph


Whenever you post a link on your Facebook feed, an image and meta description appear automatically that makes your post more attractive for viewers. Studies show that posts without image and meta description, get low click rates. Sometime when you post a link, its correct meta tags does not appear there. So you must look into to add correct meta tags into your post.

Often it happens that when you post a link to your Facebook feed, it does not show meta tags with proper image. Trying to post 2 to 3 times again, you will be able to see correct meta tags along with image of your post. Often slow internet connections cause this problem.

Tip #7: Make Headline Short

We have seen lot of posts that are based on long title or headline that does not attract viewers in fact. We have conducted some surveys and researches that showed posts up to 80 characters attract more viewers and result in increasing engagement by 66%. However posts with more than 80 characters, cause of decreasing user engagement. So always try to keep your headline short. Here you should also remember to make your headlines attractive enough to catch sight of Facebook users. For example if you are posting about Top 10 Historical Places, then your headline could be like this one “Top 10 Best Historical Places of World That You Never Knew About”.

Tip #8: Always Add Hashtags


History of Hashtags is interesting. It is always considered that Hashtags are used by Twitter first however with passage of time, other social media websites including Facebook added this feature into its platform. Now Hashtags are become most important and key role to increase click through rate of your Facebook posts. It is necessary for you to always use those Hashtags that are according to your post and according to latest trends in search results. For example if your post is like “Top 10 Best Historical Places of World That You Never Knew About”, then you can use these keywords #History, #Historical_Places, #Historical, #Places_to_Visit, #Best_Places_to_Visit and even name of places that your article is focusing about. Hashtags like these will not only make your post to more reachable to viewers but also provide viewers clear idea about topic of your post.

Tip #9: Add a Conclusion in Post

Adding a conclusion in post adds more value for your post. Let’s take example of post that is discussed above. You have a post “Top 10 Best Historical Places of World That You Never Knew About” and you need to add conclusion so what it should be? Not easy but not confusing or impossible. You can add your conclusion like “Information about all these places have been collected upon user reviews” or even “You can visit Place#1, 2 or 3 in most affordable fare than other places” or something like this “The most interesting place is Place#1 that has lot of things to make your visit most remembered.”

Tip #10: Make Your Landing Page More Exciting

You need to make sure that your landing page is a very exciting and interesting because this is what will draw people to your page. If you do not bring in something new and different from what others are doing, it will not make a difference and you will be losing potential customers. If you are trying to come up with something new and better than what others are doing, you need to make sure that you come up with a great headline, strong class to action and link to your website so that you are boosting traffic both ways. The readers must get excited about what they are seeing and what will come next. Check out that your landing page provides more information and strong call to action and you have the right means to impress people as this is the only thing that will boost your Facebook post click through rate.

Tip #11: Keep an Eye on Post Timing and Frequency

When you are trying to boost the your website through your Facebook page, make sure that the post timings and frequency are monitored because you do not want the fans to get a message that either you are too desperate or too laidback to seek their admission. Research has shown that posts that go viral on Thursday and Friday tend to get the most engagement while posts that are shared on Monday through Wednesday get less engagement by 3.5% so keep in mind when looking forward to posting stuff on your Facebook page for better exposure.


Not only this, but timing also has a big impact and posting around 1 pm tends to get highest number of shares while posting around 3 pm gets highest number of click. Along with this, post frequency also has the effect on the number of clicks you get and you should check out your routine to make sure which one works best for you. When you post too much, people tend to ignore what you are sharing because it too much for them to keep up with.

Tip #12: Post Engagement and Arrangement

It is also necessary to see that your posts are most engaging and they provide something positive and meaning to people coming to your page. It means that if someone is liking your post, then you can like it, delete it or respond to you but you need to see that sometimes only liking it is not enough, deleting it is rude and responding to it is necessary because it might get you more clicks or shares.

Post arrangement also matters a lot and you need to make sure that your posts are not haphazard and a confusing jumble but they have something good to contribute and the readers actually enjoy going through them as this is the only way you will be able to boost your Facebook post click through rate.

Tip #13: Stick to the Newsfeed on Desktop

Facebook offers a variety of options for businesses who want to place their ads. from large news feed ads to small ads that are displayed in the right side bar, you have the option to choose where you want to place an ad where you can create most impact and engage highest number of views. If you want to go for highest click through rate and increase engagement, you will have to stick with news feed ads on the desktop that gives you large image and long description that gets more views and provides maximum exposure.

Tip #14: Endorse Your Products and Services the Best Way

You don’t need to be shy when it comes to promoting and endorsing your products and services the best way because this is your chance to speak directly with the audience and customers and tell them about what you can do for them. Do not take a high handed approach because it will not work well. Make sure you get down to their level and explain what you are offering and how it will work for them and you will be able to boost your Facebook post click through rate without any problem.

Brands and businesses that do not take this aspect into consideration suffer as they do are unable to convince the consumers of what they can do for them and fail to attach people to what they are selling. There is a difference between being direct and telling about your product in a manner that most of the consumers fail to understand. Get down to the basic level and it will get you the best results in the long run.

Tip #15: Make Sure Your Post Stands out from the Rest

This might not be as easy do so but you will have to work hard and make sure your posts stands out from the rest and it really gives people something to talk about. Whether it is with the right image or the headline or anything else, make sure you give people something that impresses them and encourages them to check out what you are talking about. The beauty of your post must not be lost as you will only be able to impress people when they like something that attracts them and it has the power to pull them.


Facebook has become a very popular and easy to use medium that has managed to catch the attention of people from all over the world. whether they want to buy or sell, people come to Facebook and if you want your business to do well on this social networking platform and get the right people to do business with, it is time that you learn to boost your Facebook post click through rate as this is the key to success. Understand what it is all about and you will be able to enjoy much better returns on your investment as it will get you the exposure and the limelight you need to move forward.

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