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15 Mini Health and Fitness Gadgets to Use on the Go

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Lately, everyone wants to stay in shape due to the health benefits of exercising and eating healthy. Luckily, there are some gadgets that are small and therefore easy to carry around for easy access. Some check-ups done at the hospital can now be done at home due to user-friendly models on the market. Examples of these gadgets are GPS tracker, blood glucose meter etc.


1. Push Fitness Tracker

Decades of research have found proof that force, power and velocity are the three metrics that lay at the core of strength training. PUSH tracks how your body responds to various weights and provides insights to help you optimize the load. PUSH detects reps, sets and extract, from each rep, scientifically-validated metrics that will show if you’re lifting too much or too little. It allows you to force your body to its true potential, using meaningful metrics.

2. Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale


This new gadget can be used to measure your body fat, weight and mass. You can view all your measurements on your iPhone, Android, or the internet and instruct it to always tweet your outcome to your Twitter profile. It’s easy to set up to a Wi-Fi connection on this gadget.

3. Fitbit Tracker


In order to live a healthy lifestyle. Many health professionals suggest walking 10,000 steps or more per day. You can find out how close you are to achieving this benchmark with this device. The device is neatly packed in a small space which you hook to your belt tracks every step you take.

4. Bluetooth Headphones

The use of cordless prevents cords bouncing around or getting in the way of your workout. Cords can get tangled or when pulled, they can force the earphones out of your ear. As you can see, you get mobility and a better range of movement. Most of these headphones were made to be used while working out, which gives them an ultra-sleek modern appearance in terms of design.

5. Skulpt Aim Device


On the back of the tracker are 12 sensors; once you have chosen which muscle to weigh at a point in time, just sprinkle the sensors with water and place the Aim on your muscle. Alternatively, it can be used in the shower since it is water-resistant. This makes it even easier to use because the sensor needs to be kept wet with the spray bottle. Once placed on your muscle, the sensors will painlessly send a little current past the fat and through your muscle. The ring around the bezel turns red when complete.

6. GPS Running Watch

These watches track distance, pace and time. The latest watches will feed back everything from heart rate information to thorough study of your running style. Backcountry skiing, mountaineering, and other sorts of wilderness travel on rough grounds can gain from wrist-mounted, GPS endowed instrumentation. Wilderness enthusiasts will benefit from guidance features by tapping into the GPS technology.

7. Tinke


Your heart rates, respiratory rates, blood oxygen levels and heart rate variability is made accessible with this device. These allow you to monitor your fitness level and also teach you how to relax and manage stress situations. It is built for iOS devices and comes with 30-pin and lightning connector versions.

8. Dario


This is a portable glucose monitoring device. To use this gadget, just take one of the 25 blood testes strips and slide it into the meter. Dario also has a lancing device to draw blood for the glucose test process. The blood sugar level appears on the app which will then tell you how much insulin is required based on the food data that you fed into the app.

9. Withings Aura


This puts that annoying smartphone alarm to shame. It monitors you while sleeping with the movement sensor which is placed under your blanket and another device by the bed. The device uses soft, soothing music and radiant hue to help you fall asleep on time and wake you up at the right point in your sleep cycle (so you feel refreshed, not foggy, when you roll out of bed).

10. Fitbit Flex

With a rubberized bracelet that is high on comfort along with a fluid design (LED Lights), it also doubles up as a wireless tracker that sync’s with an app to track sleep changes, weight loss and to calculate daily walking distance. Not only does it work towards monitoring but also reminds users of their resolve to stay healthy. Smart methods to motivate couch potatoes to get up and exercise.

11. Blood Glucose Meters


Blood glucose meters are smaller, faster, and come with more features than ever before. They’re also more accurate than the old version of the blood glucose device. Before picking the right blood glucose meters, check for quality, reasonable price and special details that matter to you. Consumer Reports is your best resource to find information. Consumer Reports’ objective blood glucose meter surveys will give you honest buying advice that you can trust.

12. Mini Gamma Ray Camera

This is a portable camera used to diagnose tumors and cancer-causing lymph nodes. Unlike old-fashioned gamma cameras, which are big and heavy instruments housed in specialized nuclear-medicine departments, this portable dual purpose device is precise and easy to carry around to provide diagnoses from patients’ wherever they are.

13. Single Handed Barber

With this gadget, there is no need to go to your barber anymore. You can raise or lower the length of the trimmer; it has a simple ergonomic design which ensures that the tool feels comfortable in your hands. The device has a rechargeable battery which provides 5 minutes’ haircuts.

14. Hand Reflexology Massager

This device which applies gentle smoothing massage to your hands. It’s easy to use, all you have to do is to place your hand in the machine and turn it on. It uses a mechanical air pressure system to squeeze and rub both the top and underside of your hand. Business men and women who have a lot of stress at work will find this technology very useful and relaxing.

15. Lumoback

If you sit almost all day, then good posture is important. This gadget gauges your posture, how long you’ve been sitting, the number of steps you take, and if you had a good night sleep.

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