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Top 15 Best Health & Fitness Gadgets to Keep You Healthy

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Everyone aspires to stay fit in order to lead a healthy life. Over the past few years, advancements in healthcare technology have emerged as a boon for enhancing the quality of life of people around the world. Many new healthcare gadgets have been created to help people meet their fitness goals with ease. It’s a well-known fact that these innovative fitness gadgets are incredibly useful.


2018 has witnessed various technological advancements in the healthcare sector. There are sensors embedded on wearable gadgets such as smartwatches and mobile phones. Specific fitness trackers have been designed to keep a track of the physical activity and give accurate results. All these innovations come in handy and push people to reach their desired fitness goals.

Along with keeping a track of physical activity your phone can also help to keep a track of calories you have taken throughout the day. The Internet has made it possible for people to easily communicate with the doctors and dieticians to help them stay fit. Online platforms like docprime provide a fast and free consultation to the patients looking for medical assistance. If you are also a fitness freak, here are some health and fitness gadgets that may help:

1. Omron Evolv


It is a clinically-validated wireless device that monitors the blood pressure. It is very light and can be easily carried anywhere. The gadget is super easy to operate and can be used by any age group. The device measures, records, and shares the blood pressure data with the doctor or family through an app, named the Omron Connect App. The gadget is well designed and functions well. The app works on an advanced algorithm specifically designed to provide accuracy. The app considers several different data points to give a precise clinical reading. The gadget is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

2. Fitbit Aria 2


Fitbit Aria 2 is a next level innovation of weighing scales. The gadget helps in monitoring the heart rate, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. The gadget helps to keeps a record of all the data so that a person can compare his/her vitals easily. Fitbit Aria2 accurately measures weight, body composition (including body fat share, muscle, water, and bone mass) and body mass index (BMI). Operating with Samsung S Health, Google Fit, and Apple Health, the smart wi-fi weighing scale connects with the free Fitbit app for humanoid, iOS, and Kindle. It allows users to share data simply and reminders and set goals to attain desired goals.

3. Ava


Founded in Switzerland by data scientists, women’s healthcare researchers and experts in wearable technology. Ava is a device/bracelet to monitor fertility. The aim of this innovation is to detect a woman’s entire fertile window in real time. It helps them to keep a track of their menstrual cycle.

4. AliveCor Kardia Band


Kardia Band is a good choice if you want to monitor your heart-rate level precisely. The thing that makes this watch uniqueis the embeddedelectrocardiogram (EKG). It helps to pick up shortness of breath, trembles, and other conditions which could increase the prone of heart ailments and stroke. It is a clinically approved gadget that everyone must buy.

5. PIP Stress Management Device


It is a small device that can be connected easily to an application in the smartphone. It assesses the stress level in a person. The device is able to detect the stress level. This stress management is easily accessible with any smartphone. It works on the mechanism of the sensitivity of the skin pores on the fingertips of an individual. It has been established fact that the skin pores are very sensitive to the changes in the levels of stress.

6. Glucose Meter


A blood glucose meter helps to measure theamount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. There are various determinants that such as food, medications, stress, and exercise that affects the blood sugar level in the body. This device helps in managing your diabetes by tracking fluctuations in the glucose level. There are many types of glucose meters available in the market, from basic to more advanced with various options and features. The cost of a glucose meter varies accordingly there features.

7. ZIKTO Walk


It is a wearable device that tracks postures and activities. ZIKTO Walk analyses the walking pattern through a series of motion sensors. It reminds you of the correct posture through its sleek wristband. It comes in various colors to fit with your style.

8. Skulpt


It is a wireless device to measure the body fat percentage and muscle quality. This gadget is perfect for a health freak who is serious about losing weight and building muscle. Skulpt gives you a clear indication of your fitness progress.

9. Kinsa


It is the worlds first “smartest thermometer”. It operates as same as a normal thermometer. It makes easier to take the temperature of your child through an app. The related app makes easy to keep the track of changes to the health condition.

10. Wello iPhone Case


It’s not just an ordinary case. Wello iPhone case is a medical monitoring device. All you need to do is put your fingers on the case and leave it for a few seconds. It will monitor respiration, blood pressure, oxygen level, respiration, heart rate,and stress level, temperature and more. You can easily connect this gadget with your iPhone.

11. Beddit Sleep Monitor


This sensor tracks your sleep quality. It easily slips underneath your bedsheet and gives you a nighttime insight. This device tracks your sleep patterns, snoring, breathing, heart rate, movements, and environment.

12. Alima


This gadget is a smart indoor air quality monitoring device. It helps in changing the behaviors of the determinants that contribute to air pollution and ensure a good air quality at your home.

13. CubeSensors

It is a smart device that monitors glow, light, air quality, temperature, noise, shake, pressure and humidity. It gives you alerts accordingly these factors to make you aware.

14. TellSpec


It is a biotech product that helps you to analyze the ingredients of the meal and send information directly to the associated app. It is very useful the people who are looking for a better diet or have various food allergies.

15. TAO


It is an isometric exercise gadget that tracks your fitness record efficiently. It can help you to find time for the workout, even if you are far from home or a gym. It also keeps a record of your activities including all the meals you’ve eaten.

These are various healthcare and fitness gadgets that improve your everyday life.These gadgets help you to live a healthier life.

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