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20 Most Effective Gadgets to Release Your Stress

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Stress and tension have become a common part of the modern life. Whether someone is in the college, office, on the way to work or is at his home, he is facing the problem of stress. Actually, it is the monotonous daily schedules that make everyone remain under depression. While talking about the factors that lead to this stress, you will find many but it is difficult to have control of these factors. The only way by which you can cope this problem is by changing the way you react to these factors.


There is a lot that you can do to get rid of stress; sometimes it is just clearing your head of all the thoughts and collecting yourself by taking slow breaths and the other times, you need to do something to detach yourself from the stress causing issue. Above all, the today’s technology has provided you with many such gadgets that will help you to get rid of the daily life stress and thus, secure a bright future for you. Here we are going to tell you about the top 20 gadgets that you can rely on for relieving your stress.

1. Mind Spa


The gadget is highly effective in giving a soothing effect to the mind. It uses a blend of sound and light frequencies to provide relaxation to your mind. The comforting sounds that this app produces are beneficial to all the stressed people, regardless the level of stress they are having.

2. Motorized Head Wizard

This gadget is just great for the people who face a high level of stress and headaches. It has 14 acupressure points which let you get relief of the stress when used for massaging your head. When the copper legs of this device rotate on your head (during massage), then its gentle stimulation entertains you.

3. Giant Stress Ball

When you are in the stress then you want to punch the person who is responsible for that. It can be your sibling, friend or your boss. A giant stress ball will work great to get that stress out. You can punch it again and again until you have a sigh of relief. The small gel balls in this giant ball squish and dart when squeezed.

4. Eye Massager


Most of the people get stressed because of their eyes as they need to work on the PCs for over 8 hours continuously. Such a stress also leads to a headache. This eye massager is the perfect gadget that will let such people get rid of their stress. The built-in music player and the three massaging modes of this gadget get rid of the migraines.

5. Desktop Rugby

This gadget is best for the rugby fans. It comes in a set of a rugby ball, the poles and a kicking tee. You can play the rugby when you are stressed and are not in the mood of working. As your concentration will be on the game, you will forget about the thing that causes stress in your mind.

6. USB Punch Head


If you are having a sworn enemy, then this gadget is perfectly designed for you. All you need to do is uploading the photo of that person on the gadget and it will become a punching head. You can experience a stress-free state of mind by giving as many solid punches you want to give. The disfigured face and the sounds of “aaahh”, “oooow”, etc. will let you get instant relief from stress.

7. The Pip


Worried about your stress levels? If yes, then pip is the gadget that you need. It will help you to see your stress levels and realize that it has reached the critical level. It tells you when there is the extreme need of taking a break. It works in synchronization with an app and is portable. You can take it anywhere with you.

8. Stress Relieving Wristband

This wristband releases your stress by massaging your wrist. It targets the specific pressure points on your inner wrist and calms you immediately. It’s almost similar to acupuncture but instead of using needles, it applies electrical signals on the wrist. Its band is water resistant and you can keep it wearing without any issue.

9. Husband Choker
The name of the gadget depicts that it has been designed for the ladies who remain stressed because of their husbands but others can also use it. You just need to press the button and the device will state annoying husband comment. As most of the ladies want to press the throat of their husband at such a time, you can do the same with this toy. The rolled out eyes of the doll gadget will make you laugh and get relief.

10. The EmWave
This gadget monitors your body and tells you that what you need to do for getting back to the normal condition. It has been developed after doing a careful study which was conducted by a doctor and a scientist. The advanced stress reliever is a must-get for all those who want to monitor their stress and have a better control over it.

11. Buckycubes


Buckycubes are formed of the small cubes and are the perfect building blocks. You can arrange them differently to create amazing patterns. This will not only keep you busy but will also let you get relief of the stress as you would be distracted from the matter that is causing stress in your mind.

12. Chalkboard Organizer

This gadget is for those who get stressed due to the lot of tasks they have to do. It helps them to organize their work in a better way and have a sigh of relief. This magnetic planner can be mounted to a wall and used for organizing the work of the whole week. You can write on it with chalk or can use it to stick important notes.

13. Balloon Stress Balls


These are the small sized balls that you can hold in hands and punch them out. You can label these balloon balls with different wordings, like “I hate you”, “Shut up”, “Go to hell” and more that you would say to a person you are angry on. These colorful balls with help you take all your anger out.

14. Svet Light Bulb

If artificial lighting is the cause behind your stress then you must get Svet light bulb. As high exposure to the artificial lighting can lead to many problems including stress, you must try to reduce your exposure to it. The latest technology offers you a Svet light bulb that mimics the natural light. It lets you feel relaxed and energized.

15. Noise Canceling Earplugs

The noisy or unfamiliar surroundings can also be the reason behind stress, especially in the case when you don’t get enough sleep. The noise canceling earplugs are just best to let you get sound sleep and relief from such a stress. They are effective to block even the highly disruptive noise.

16. Desktop Punching Ball

It happens in the office that you feel being a punching bag. If it happens with you then you can transfer your frustration to a real punching ball. You can fix it on your desk and give a punch every time you are in the mood to do so.

17. Foot Massager

It gives an excellent massage to the soles of your feet and makes them relaxed. It is ideal for those who need to stand for hours or experience pain on their feet.

18. Body Massage Mat


It is one of the best gadgets for relieving the physical stress. As long hours of working make the person feel physically stressed and lead to pain in the body parts, this massage mat will let you get rid of that pain and stress.

19. Erogonomic Office Chair

This chair lets you prevent and relieve the back pain as it helps the sitter to sit in a balanced and stable position. It makes sitting for hours just comfortable as the height can be adjusted by deflating or inflating the ball. It can be used in the office as well as at home.

20. Stressberry

If you are among those people who tempt to fling their phone while they are in anger or are stressed then Stressberry would be the right gadget for you. It will save your phone from getting ruined as all your anger will get burst out at it. You can jump on it, squeeze it or can do whatever you want.

Stress, itself, is not much serious but if not managed on time then it can lead to serious diseases. As the best way to deal with stress is avoiding it, you can use the above-given gadgets to handle it in a better way.

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