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14 Health, Fitness and Beauty On-Demand Digital Platforms

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For the past couple of years the on demand service and the instant delivery service have grown to a greater extent. Initially the on demand services were available for food and other things, but now there are many new startups formed that are keen on providing health and beauty service at the door step.


Need not worry about stepping out of their house or office to go for a health check up or go out for a beauty treatment because there are many apps now available that allows you to work-out, de-stress and get beautified. Just by downloading the apps on their mobile phone, one can get their required service without moving out of the house.

Are you a fitness freak?

We are aware the proverb ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ and for that one has to do regular workouts, but with the busy life and stressful jobs people have no time to work out or hit a gym to stay healthy.


Find your trainer

This is a fitness app that is useful for both the clients and trainers. With the help of this app, the clients can easily find a better trainer and book a training session where the trainer visits the clients place. The payment mode is very convenient for the clients to make payment and it helps the trainers to earn an extra bug from their daily routine. As of now, they have six hundred trainers who are benefited of this service in twenty five states. Since the app matches the trainers with the exercisers, the cost and time spent in the gym are reduced. With the help of this app, clients can book a bodywork practitioner, Pilates, trainer, yoga instructor or others.

Stress Away

This app connects the therapists to connect with the clients to de-stress their body and mind. The therapists working under Stress Away are experienced and professional people who are trained in reiki, which is a stress therapy based on the touch and feel method. The therapists are skilled even in yoga. A personal wellness coach program is conducted by the Stress Away app which costs seventy nine dollars. The clients can book a therapist any day any time because they are available 24×7. Once when the appointment is scheduled by the client, the therapist reaches the client’s place within one hour.

Doctors on wheel

Like scheduling an appointment with the fitness trainer and therapist, the customers can now use healthcare apps to get the necessary care.



This is an app that is used to analyze the health of the skin, so if the patients find a suspicious mole on their skin they can use this app to track the mole. The algorithm of the app is used to determine changes that happen to the skin depending on the photo of the mole. This app will inform the dermatologists and the patients about the mole so that they can take the necessary treatment.


This app helps the people who have mental illness to meet a psychologist and relieve themselves from the stress. Like texting or chatting with a friend, the patient can talk with the therapist from anywhere. The clients have to pay only twenty five dollars for the unlimited service, while the sessions are private and anonymous.


Around fifty thousand licensed doctors are signed with this app, so those people who wish to ask any questions or medical opinions of the doctors can make use of this app to clear their doubts. The patients can ask their doubts about the symptoms, medications and health concerns. Even though the service is for free, the physicians can show their expertise in the app.


With the help of this digital platform, the clients can have a one on one session and a personal therapist to get rid of the bad habit. The coaching includes interactive exercises, reading and behavior and mood tracking and feedback session and the cost of the session is only sixty dollars each month.

Doctor on Demand

Within 15 minutes, the patients can be treated for their migraine, mild illness or infection. With the help of this app, the physicians can prescribe medicines and treat the patients in the initial phase. This first aid treatment costs only forty dollars.

Studio Dental

While there are many healthcare apps available in the market, the Studio Dentist a mobile dental service provides any kind of dental service right to the patients place. The only thing that the patient has to do is to book an appointment online and they will receive the notification message and the payments are made online using the credit card. The time duration is not more than one hour and the doctor treats one hundred patients in a week. The mobile dental studio consists of an X-ray machine and 2 patient chairs; the cost of the dental service is similar to the regular doctor visit.


Many people who consume health supplements and vitamin pills forget to take the tablets on a regular basis, thus Zenamins delivers vitamin supplements in a nice pack for 4 weeks depending on the supplements consumed by the patient. The consumers can receive three deliveries by paying only thirty dollars.


They provide service by delivering physicians for treating minor injuries, blood pressure and doctors for schools. The doctors are available from eight in the morning to ten in the night. The cost of the doctor visit is fifty dollars for the first visit, while the regular checkup costs two hundred dollars. The treatment of the physical injuries are charged one hundred dollar. With 2 hours of booking, the doctor will reach the patient’s premises.

Blink – Eyenetra

While eye checkup can take more time, basic diagnosis can be done with the help of the Blink service. The tests and measurements of the standard check up are determined with the help of the current script.

Beauty service

There are many digital apps available for the people to get pampered just by sitting at home. The clients have to schedule an appointment for the particular treatment and the therapist or the beautician directly visits the client’s place.



The on-demand massaging service is provided to the clients within one hour of booking. The service is provided at the client’s place, it can either be their home, hotel or office. The client has to only choose the type of massage they require and the location, the masseuse will be at the location in one hour with the required things in the massaging process.


When you want to attend a party, but have no time to walk into a beauty salon, the Glamsquad is a godsend app that provides makeover service with an affordable price. Within one hour, the stylist walks into the client’s place and provides the service. The service includes beauty, nail and hair service.


This app is available for the Apple users, where they have masseuses, nail tech, makeup artists, personal trainers and stylist. The clients have to fill the details along with the service they require and make payment for the service. The professional from Priv visits the client’s location with all the required tools and things required for the service.

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