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18 Ad Blockers & Pop-up Blockers for Chrome

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Majority of the world works on advertising and making money out of it. Whether it is TV shows, newspapers or online media. Whenever you access something for free, it is because of the advertising. Even if we take the example of Google, they have one of the biggest network of advertising.


But nobody likes these ads as they are directed towards a user depending upon your browsing habits making the web a place which is no more equal. They steal information from you without your knowledge and then use it to show targeted advertisements.

In this article we elucidate you about 18 ad blockers and pop-up blockers for Google Chrome. They will stop the irritating ads from popping so you have a hassle free web browsing experience. Not just that, If you are a regular YouTube user, then you will be surprised to know the amount of time you will be saving with the ad blockers as they stop all those ads which appear in the beginning of any video.

1. Adblock


One of the most popular ad blockers on the Chrome web store is the Adblock for Chrome extension. Known by its symbol as a STOP symbol represented by a Palm. it is quite popular and has a rating of 4.5 stars. This ad-blocker will stop all the irritating pop-up ads and the adverts which are shown before any video begins on YouTube. It indeed saves a lot of time.

2. Adblock Plus


Used in over 100 million devices, Adblock Plus is often considered as the best and has also been rated as the number one adblocker by CNET and Mashable. It was Adblock Plus which started the trend of acceptable ad whitelist. It can be used on a variety of platform like opera, FireFox and even android. Your browsing experience will be considerably enhanced by using this extension.

3. Adguard AdBlocker


This ad blocker guards your web browser from all types of ads especially those that keep popping from nowhere. It will block ads such as banners and text ads. Because it blocks ads, the page loads faster saving time and data. The blocker also blocks all the 3rd party pages which track details about you. It is a complete package which blocks all the useless ads.

4. μBlock Origin


This adblocker will show you in depth insights about all the ads it has blocked on that webpage along with the type of ads that a web page shows. It is very efficient and has a great rating of 4.7 on the Chrome web store. Many adblocker choke when there are many ads all of a sudden, while μBlock Origin handles all of it very comfortably without pressurizing the CPU.

5. Pop up Blocker for Chrome

Pop up Blocker for Chrome is another great extension to block any annoying popups, popunders and overlays in an effective way. It lets you browse without interference on all sites.

6. Popup Blocker Pro


The Pop-up blocker extension able to blocks unwanted popups and popunders on sites you visit. You will see a notification when any popup is blocked. It also allows you to add sites to whitelist to ignore. White list is synchronized to all Chrome browsers that you are signed in.

7. Adblock Pro

The Adblock Pro is a very efficient ad blocker that comes with its own superfast blocking engine. It will block all the ads on social sites and other website such as Facebook, video streaming sites and other websites. It also blocks the pre-roll ads on YouTube which you can’t skip. To top it all, the adblock also has malware tracking that adds to the tag of a pro ad blocker.

8. Adblock Fast

Adblock Fast is a faster, open-source ad blocker. The Chrome extension runs a mere 7 optimized filtering rules to accelerate pages 8x more but consume 6x less system resources than other ad blockers do.

9. AdRemover

As the name suggests, AdRemover for Chrome is an adblocker that blocks ads on websites like Facebook, YouTube and Hulu. When you add this extension to your Chrome, you will see how many of the ads are not even downloaded leaving you with laser focus attention on the actual content. You don’t have to worry as the AdRemover will not monitor your browsing. Get it and start an ad-free browsing.

10. Ghostry

It is one of those extension that gives you full control of whatever you are doing on your internet browser. You can control what kind of ads you would like to see. It lets you block analytical scripts, widgets, web beacons, advertisements and privacy scripts. After you install this extension, you will realize the difference in the speed of how pages load so quickly.

11. Simply block Ads

Their idea is clear from the title itself, they just want you to have a clutter free browsing experience. After you install the extension, you will get rid of YouTube pre-videos, in site ads, pop up ads, text ads, background ads and whole site ads. You do get the power to control the permission of ads because few websites detect the site and refuse to show any content.

12. SuperBlock Adblocker

Probably one of the very few adblockers that have a 5 star rating on the google chrome web store. What sets this ad blocker apart is the speed with which it loads webpages. They have made this adblocker on the base of the original ad blocker which has given strength to the adblocker as a whole. It protects your privacy and lets you save tons of time.

13. Fair AdBlocker App

Considered to be one of the best popup ad blockers, Fair AdBlocker App for chrome is well known for blocking stupid ads and giving you a clutter free experience of browsing the web. You are in full control of the webpage you visit once you add this extension. It will protect your system by not allowing any automatic download which most of the times are malwares and viruses.

14. Genesis Plus Adblocker

There are multiple adblockers available on the web store. Genesis Plus Adblocker stands out by the fact, that it is very lightweight and has its own proprietary engine which works in terms of improving the speed of loading of a particular web page.

15. Trustnav Adblock & Security Suite

Trustnav Adblock is another great adblock for Chrome that does much more than just blocking useless adverts. On the blocking front, it removes annoying banners, Facebook stories and sponsored ads and most importantly the annoying popups. Every time you download a website, it is checked by the adblocker. You will be notified if the website is not safe to browse.

16. AdBlocker Ultimate

Adblocker Ultimate is a very lightweight adblocker that does what it says. It is very fast and quite effective. It blocks adverts of all kinds from the web pages you visit. It gives you privacy protection, malware protection and blocks pop-up ads. It goes easy on your CPU and won’t cause any trouble. It is very light and will also protect your privacy.

17. Adblock World

Adblock World is a new kid in the block that also aims to do the same thing. It blocks ads and at the same time protects your privacy. Whenever you will open a webpage, you will immediately see that the web page is super clean and without any type of junk. When adverts are blocked from the site, it becomes easier for the webpage to download.

18. Adaware Ad Block

By blocking annoying ads, Adaware Ad Block nearly doubles your browsing speed. And with the most robust antivirus-level cloud-scanning technology of any ad blocker on the market, you’ll be safe from the latest cyber-threats.


Now that you have seen the different ad blockers for chrome, go ahead and install one. They are very efficient and protect your privacy too. Their main job is to keep the web equal for all and letting you have a laser focus over whatever you are browsing over the internet. The above list has 15 ad blockers and pop-up blockers that work great for google chrome.

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