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How to Change the Background of Facebook Login Page

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Bored of seeing the same blue and white Facebook homepage every time you login? Well, it’s time to change the Facebook login page with your own custom design! Yes, you heard it right! You are allowed to change and customize the background of your Facebook login page. Does it sound unbelievable? Today we would like to introduce you a cool Google Chrome extension that allows you to set a custom image URL as your Facebook login page’s wallpaper. Be it a picture of your loved one or beautiful landscape photography, you can have any background customization you want.


Without further ado, let’s follow the simple tutorial below to set your favorite image or photo as your Facebook login page’s background!

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1. Download a Google Chrome extension called FB Refresh and install it.

2. After the extension is installed, restart your Google Chrome.

3. Go to extension page or open this link: chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome.

4. Click on “Option” which is listed under FB Refresh.

5. Enter the URL of any image you love. (Make sure your URL begins with “http://”.)

6. Save it.

7. Now go to Facebook homepage (while you are not logged in) and enjoy!

Note: This trick is available for Google Chrome browser only.


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