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Google Classroom: 20 Awesome Things You Can Do with It

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Digital Learning has transformed a lot. Students can get research paper help online and teachers have an easier task doing their work in schools. They can now plan, communicate, and teach more efficiently without wasting a lot of time. One such advancement that has allowed for this great change is Google Classroom.


If you’re an active user of the internet or if you have been searching the best paper writing service, you may have stumbled upon Google classroom. If not, Google classroom is as common as a chalkboard or a smart board in today’s classroom. It helps you create a blended classroom fast and easy. This tool integrates with Google Drive to make it easy for students to create assignments and collect their work.


If you’re not a Google Classroom user, here are the top 20 awesome things you need to know about this tool.

1. Sharing Resources
With Google Classroom, you can upload a video, document, or link and forward it to your students. This makes it easy to distribute information quickly.

2. No need to use paper
Google Classroom uses Google Docs which means you no longer need to use paper. A teacher can send a blank Google Doc or a template to students to fill out. Then, Google Classroom creates a copy for every student and makes it possible for the student to turn in the work once they’re done.

3. Create a lesson
Instead of assigning random work to students, Google Classroom goes a notch higher to allow you create an assignment. With this tool, you can write a description and attach several documents, videos, and links. This allows the teacher to create a lesson for a whole class.

4. Simplifies the submission process
Most students complete their assignment while others buy research papers online but some forget to turn in their work once they finish with Google docs. Google Classroom helps to solve the situation by placing any document in the teacher’s and student’s Google Drive right away. All the student need to do is to “turn in” in Google Classroom to alert the teacher that they have submitted their work.

5. Enables teamwork in the classroom
Instead of buying a research paper, the student can turn to using Google Classroom where the teacher can share a document and also choose if he/she wants the student to view or edit it. By creating a document and allowing the student the students to edit the same document allows them to contribute their research papers online.

6. Post class announcements
Another unique feature in Google Classroom is that it allows the user to post class announcements. We are used to the common research paper writing service websites with only one way communication, but here, students can post and comment back on the announcement.

7. Teachers can offer guidance through the process
Paper writers offer guidance through the writing process. Similarly, Google Classroom helps to build a teacher-student relationship. It allows you to create a folder and allocate tasks that can be accessed from your Google Drive. When students are in the process of doing the assignment, you can log in and leave a comment or guide them through the assignment.

8. Start a discussion
A spreadsheet helps students to collect different opinion from students on a certain topic and create a discussion. You can open multiple tabs to discuss several questions. Once you’re through with the discussion you can share the information with other students and they can even edit whatever they want.

9. Assignment Q&A
Teachers can post assignments on Google Classroom and students have the ability to leave a comment about it. Unlike before when students had to wait to be called upon to ask or answer a question, Google Classroom makes it easy for them to ask questions whenever they feel like and answer at their will.

10. Direct link to tasks
Google Classroom places the student’s work into a folder and alerts the teacher for assessment. Similarly, the teacher can also access a student list that contains a direct link to the student’s work. This way, the teacher doesn’t need to waste a lot of time to look through their Google Drive to look for the submitted work.

11. Privacy and protection
In class, it is important to restrict access to the documents meant for the teacher and those of students. Google Classroom allows you to restrict access to such documents to maintain privacy.

12. Email the teacher
Google Classroom provides an icon where students can email the teacher their questions or ask for guidance when stuck. The message comes directly from the students GAfE account, so the teacher will be sure that it’s from one of the students.

13. Feedback via email
Once the teacher is through with assessing the student’s work, they can provide an overall feedback to individuals or all students via email. Google Classroom allows the instructor to post a note accompanying the assignment, and the student can give back a comment providing a more dynamic experience.

14. Alert students who many need assistance
The uniqueness of Google Classroom allows the instructor to know who hasn’t completed an assignment. It sends an email notification and the instructor can provide helpful tips to encourage the student to keep working on the assignment.

15. Create folders
With this tool, it is easier for the teacher to create a folder for each assignment through Google Drive. This makes the allocation of tasks to students easier.

16. Sharing helpful information for learning
Students are quick to seek and discover new things and they can connect what they learn in and out of the classroom and share it on Google Classroom. Students can share Google Docs, links, pictures, or videos with others.

17. Distribute notes
Instead of spending much time note-taking, students can focus on discussion. They can post the notes on Google Classroom so that others can access them easily.

18. Plan tasks with due dates
It is easy to create an assignment on Google Classroom and assign a due date for you and the students. This allows them to plan beforehand and deliver the assignment on time.

19. Create Google Docs
On Google Classroom page, students can click create and a new Google document pops up. The document contains the student’s name, the task and saved in the assignment folder in the Google Drive.

20. Create multiple files in one assignment
Google Classroom allows the instructor to assign students more than one document in an assignment. This way, students can create multiple files and submit all of the pieces in one place.

So, Google Classroom seems to be another essential tool that proves to be very helpful in the classroom. These awesome features show that it’s worth being part of the education system. If you haven’t signed up, you can check it out here.

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Samantha Anderson is a college student with a passion in educational writing. She spends her free time tutoring and writing research papers for writing service WriteMyPaper.Today.

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