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3 Powerful Psychological Tips for Being a Pro Blogger

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could make money just writing about stuff you like online? Welcome to the world of pro blogging. While being a pro blogger is pretty simple for the most part, there can be some tough psychological hurdles to overcome on your path to earning a full-time income blogging. These hurdles include things like your own internal insecurities, and of course outside pressures. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to overcome these issues so let’s take a look at three psychological tips for being a pro blogger.


1. Overcoming Procrastination and Laziness

Even if you’re passionate about what you’re writing about, it can still become a grind. This can lead to you putting off writing new posts, and even lead to periods of pure laziness. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this, and make things easier on you mentally if blogging is starting to feel like too much of a “real job.”

First thing’s first, you need to develop an actual schedule for your posts. Readers tend to prefer content that is released on a well defined schedule, even if that content isn’t being released every day. Quality over quantity after all.

Secondly, make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to breath. In other words, configure your schedule to have enough time between posts and working on the blog to allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This can really go a long way in helping you to avoid burnout.

2. Dealing with Haters

If you allow comments on your blog you will attract haters, that is, if you’re popular enough. When it comes to blogging, haters tend to flock to those who are doing something right, and making a name for themselves. The more haters you have, the better you’re doing. And of course, the more attention you get the better because even the haters may click your ads or engage in your other monetization methods.

There are two main way to deal with haters: either ignore them, or engage with them. Ignoring them is the best strategy in most cases, what they have to say doesn’t really matter after all. However, if you can set aside your personal feelings, and realize the situation for what it is, you can engage with your haters to provoke them, and stir up more controversy. This can ultimately lead to more exposure for your blog, and work to attract new readers. Just don’t let your emotions get in the way, and always remain in control of the situation.

3. Don’t Lose Your Passion

One of the biggest psychological hurdles that a pro blogger can face is losing their passion. This usually happens when they experience some amount of success, but then find themselves in a position in which their blogging begins to feel like a “real job.” If you’ve gone full-time and rely on your blogging income to get by, this is a very likely outcome.

The key here is to avoid letting your blogging income rule your life. Try having other sources of income, like maybe opening a Shopify store. There are many resources for this such as the Shopify about us page template to make things easy on you. Having other sources of income will give you an excuse to work on other things that bring in money, and help keep your blog from feeling like actual work.


Being Mentally Prepared

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t self-motivating because we weren’t taught to be, and being a pro blogger requires a high amount of self-motivation. If you’re going to be a pro blogger, do it because you enjoy it, and let the money be secondary. Don’t fall into the trap of having to blog more than you want just to pay the bills. Being a full-time blogger is great, but if it becomes a chore, then what’s the point?

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