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17 Tips to Improve Your Smartphone Photography

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Majority of people prefer smartphones rather than having DSLR in their journey because of its light weight and its easy manageable device while they are traveling. In this post, we will look into 17 helpful tips that help improve your smartphone photography. You can also add your valuable tips through the below comment session.


Here are 17 Tips are mentioned to improve your smartphone photography:

1. Understand Your Device Functions Completely
You can handle your device that’s good but you must need to have complete knowledge about your smartphone camera that how it perform in sunny or moon lights. You must know all its functions and features before having this in your long journey.

Some people can handle their smartphone camera but they can’t change its setting as per their requirements. In result they lose a good moment and opportunity to catch it in photos.

2. Keep Your Smartphone Camera Lens Clean


When you are using your smartphone to capture pictures and to catch beautiful moments of your life then you must keep its lens clean and clear because it really affects in quality of your pictures.

You can purchase your smartphone camera lens cap to keep it safe from dust and scratches. It would not be so expensive compare to cost of your smartphone camera lens.

3. Third-Party Camera Apps
You can install and try third party camera apps because it can produce good quality compare to simple camera result. Editing is need in everywhere doesn’t matter that you capturing video or just a simple photo from your smartphone and there are many android and apple smartphone apps that can help you in editing your captured images.

4. Be Ready – Do not Miss Moments
You must be ready when you are up to taking pictures around you. You can keep your cell-phone on your hand that you will be able take pictures instantly instead of saying hey, where is my cell-phone. Ah, it’s in my bag then let it be.

5. Always Keep Your Device Charged


This can be most important tip for you if you are little careless with your stuff then you must keep that task as your regular habits that always check your cell-phone earlier going to your journey that is it completely charged or not. Mostly people have done this mistake and they annoyed themselves in their journey.

6. Always Take Two or More Shots of Every Moment
Sometimes our second click were better than first one so always take two or more clicks from your smartphone because it can help you to have a good stock of quality pictures. You can choose best one while you doing editing and can delete others when you are up to deleting your spare stuff from your smartphone and it’s obviously free.

7. Don’t Use Zoom
This is most important tip for you guys that if you taking pictures from your smartphones then you don’t use zoom option because of maintaining quality of image. Your DSLR can work better than your smartphone cameras and zoom option is great for the device but it’s not for your smartphone camera.

8. Choose Best Angle
How many times you flipped your smartphone to take wide pictures? Yes, always try different angles to take best and better result. Sometimes we should try some unique angles that we can make our clicks more impressive and amazing.

9. Make Your Pictures Live
If you taking pictures and you not making it live then that’s your biggest mistake which you are doing in improving your photography. Print your photos and send them as post cards to your friends and family members. Printing can also teach your best lessons about pictures quality and about photography angles.

10. Don’t Try to Stuck with One Style
You must try your selfie pictures with different styles or if you are taking pictures to other people or for some stuff than you must try different styles according to locations. Different angles can make your albums more beautiful and admirable.

11. Include Stuffs in your Clicks
Let’s say you taking yourself in your clicks then you must try to include your stuffs which you have around you for example. Holding basketball or football in your hand, have your pet in your lap and etc.

12. Try Dark & Light Combinations


If you are in dark room and you can capturing a place where sunlight is coming from outside then you can have a good click. Yes, it’s just another example to give you an idea that how you can improve your smartphone photography with dark and light combination because it always makes your photo more unique and impressive.

13. Focus
Photographer and camera focus both are important because sometimes people don’t wait for their smartphone focus mark and they just press their click which is a mistake in real. When you are up to taking best shots then you must prepare your camera focus and then you should take your picture for better result.

14. Perspective
Get down on your own knees, lie down on the floor, climb a ladder, climb a tree: there happen to be hundreds of choices for capturing another perspective of the same subject matter… try as much of these as possible.

15. Reflections
Mirror are everywhere like in your home, office, hotel or any other place where you taking pictures. Always try some new and use mirror reflection which around you. Mirror reflection can make your click more beautiful in some occasions.

16. Black and White


If you are not satisfied with your click then you can have a look at that in black and white combination which is applicable through different smartphone apps and desktop editors. Black and White combination of colors can give you an amazing look in your photo which is not possible through colors sometimes.

17. Story Telling Album
You will personally enjoy when you will watch your own story telling album in your spare time. Think, how it will affect on others mind when you will describe them those moments which you spend in your journey or when they will understand your photos story by themselves.

Hope you enjoy reading this whole content and tips to improve your smartphone photography. If you can have any other tip in your mind to share with our readers then you can simply type it in our below comment session and we would love to discuss our experiences with it.

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