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How Can You Battle Back Against Cell Phone Spy Software

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Smartphones have lately become the crucial part of one’s life. From adolescents to the older people everybody is accessing their smartphones as a source of entertainment as you can play the list of songs, download and watch various files and videos, play games either online or offline and also it’s majorly used to carry out the substantial bank transactions, paying various bills, doing booking for movies, Air/Rail tickets and much more through this wondrous cell phone.


Apart from texting and calling details the smartphone generally hold all the bank details, personal photographs, important emails etc. in it. The login details like online passwords are saved in the phone for easy accessibility while proceeding online. Although a cell phone gives you the entire benefits but these stored information can be received by someone else too without you knowing about it.

Yes, the recent upsurge of the competent and user-friendly cell phone spy software have the ability to track all the data of your smartphones. Along with the use of smartphone, it’s imperative that you perceive how proficiently a monitoring software works in grabbing all the required information through your cell phone.

Research First!

Discovering a bit about these spy software, you will come to know the multiple features for tracking the cell phone actions. Let me brief all the functions of this app to you. It allows you to –

  • Snoop the phone call details.
  • Read/view the text messages and emails whether read/unread or deleted ones.
  • Look through their instant messenger chat threads which are on the WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, BBM, iMessages, Skype, Google hangouts etc.
  • Flip through their multimedia gallery to view their clicked selfies, shared images and videos amongst their friends.

All these information can be traced by you too along with the date and time stamp. Now, lets learn more about How does this software works?


This software needs to be installed on the target user’s smartphone. Once installed thereafter it can fetch you all the required phone actions of the marked person. The real time locations can be discovered with the help of the GPS tracker. Hence, one can know the target person’s whereabouts at any time. It also proves to be an important aspect for all the employers whose employees are in the field job. Also the browsed websites can be visited by the person who is spying on you. And with the password cracker applications the password of the smartphones can be known to them.

The accumulated spy logs can be monitored in the control panel of the website. By Login to the password protected website account with the username and password provided in the registration email at the time of subscribing to the application. All the details are recorded with the detailed specifications of time and date.

One can view these information from anywhere and at any time with the aid of good internet connectivity. Yes, whether being at workplace or at home one can keep an eye on their target user in an incognito mode. These apps very smartly hide themselves in the smartphone thereby not giving any clue to the target user that s/he is being monitored by someone.

So, now you know how capable and powerful are these spy software with the cost effective prices. Are you feeling anxious already? Well, it’s advisable that you analyze about these software and find the countermeasures to stay protected from them.

Just keep scrolling to aid yourself with the best tips to stay protected from such programs.

How Can You Protect Your Phone from Spy Software?

As we say that every problem comes with a solution similarly these worrisome of yours can be battle back with the help of the following below given steps.

Do Not Let Anyone Randomly Touch Your Phone

These spy software require a physical access just for couple of minutes to directly download and then install the program onto the target user’s cell phone. Hence, you should be cautious about your smartphone lest it goes onto the wrong hands.


  • It cannot be remotely installed in the smartphones.
  • If you’re an Android possessor then the phone perhaps undergo the rooting process to get the accessibility for the advanced features where the basic features can be tracked without rooting the Android device. Else for iPhone users it’s mandatory to jailbreak an iPhone to install any third party application like these spywares.

Get It Password Protected

Either install the pattern password lock apps or use the internal password protector to secure your mobile from the intruders. Try and keep the password which isn’t easily detectable by anyone. Avoid using birthdates, house address, lucky numbers or similar digit numbers like 2222. Ensure the pattern locks are also tricky to get detected. Do keep changing the password of your mobile phone over a period of time. This is one of the simplest way to stay safe.

Become Tech Savvy

Alike anti-virus, the anti-spyware are also easily available for the smartphones. You can purchase it online as prevention is better than cure. Know before anyone touches your cell phone without your concern with the abetment of an anti-spy software.

Move a Step Ahead

The spy software can even be installed in your own phone and can be taken as a pre-lost phone practice. The purpose of installing the spy app in your own phone shows you the way to protect your mobile phone by implementing the security aspects of locking your phone with the pin and pattern passwords and also from getting lost. If by chance you lose your smartphone then with the aid of this spyware it can be easily tracked.


Lastly, I would say that keep your mobile phones protected with the simple practice of making the phone password secured and be careful while handing over it to somebody else. It’s suggestable that take the needful actions before it slips to the harmful hands. Indeed, security of your mobile phone rest on your hands!

Author: Kerrie Mccune

Kerrie Mccune is a professional writer for SpyEngage, the spy software guide.

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