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Download – A Free, Open Source Alternative Office Software Suite to Microsoft Office

Updated on by in Software (also known as OOo or OpenOffice) is a free, open source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It supports over 110 languages and works with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other computer operating systems. Its default file is in OpenDocument format (ODF) for data interchange. However it is also compatible with other major office software packages, so you can open, edit and save documents in formats as diverse as Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Lotus, PDF, HTML, XML, etc. Best of all, can be downloaded for free and you can use it for any purpose. It is definitely a compelling alternative office suite to Microsoft Office.


Download it now from and get the component programs as follows:-


Writer – a word processor for you to write a quick memo or create complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes, etc. (Similar to Microsoft Word)

Calc – a spreadsheet program with all the tools you need to calculate, analyze, and present your data in numerical reports or sizzling graphics. (Similar to Microsoft Excel)

Impress – a powerful program equipped with 2D and 3D clip art, special effects, animation, and drawing tools for creating effective multimedia presentations. (Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint)

Draw – a graphics package for you to produce everything from simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations.

Base – a fully featured desktop database management system for you to create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports. (Similar to Microsoft Access)

Math – lets you create mathematical equations with a graphic user interface or by directly typing your formulas into the equation editor.


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