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Using OCR Software to Convert JPEG File to MS Word Document Format

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It’s true that OCR technology is not a brand new technology. Many businesses as well as enterprises have been using this technology for years. But we are being known about this software just because of some useful and important accomplishments of the OCR technology.


Not many years ago, in order to use this technology to do conversions, a user had to manually write the text. And to complete this process, the user had to spend a lot of time. But the new OCR software represents some great features enabling users to do conversions within a minute. And the new software is far more accurate than the old ones.

What is OCR?

The full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition. It is a computer software that can digitize various file formats including JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, GIF, and PDF and convert them into editable document formats such as Microsoft Word and HTML. Due to some important reasons the customers and users of this software is growing rapidly. Mainly this software is recognized by JPEG to word conversion. You will find various OCR software online, but you should pick that one which does the most accurate conversion. It’s not an easy task to convert an image file into an editable document. It’s some very latest technologies which makes the OCR software doing its job.


Computers don’t come up with ease. So if you want to insert a picture of some texts into a computer, you will have to do it by using devices like digital camera or scanner. And the image you take this way is usually a graphic file. That’s why you are not capable of changing any text of that file. And to a computer, there is no difference between that image file and the picture of a model or a car. An image file is a collection of some meaningless pixels. OCR is mainly the process of transforming this kind of graphic files into editable document formats. When the transformation is complete, then you are able to change any text of the converted file.

Advantages of OCR

Once the OCR software is finished doing its job, then you will get the converted file in machine readable form. With that file, you are capable of doing such kind of things that you might not have done before. For example, you can find any specific keyword from that machine readable text file, edit any text as the way you require using almost all kinds of word processor such as Microsoft Word, integrate it with any webpage, use compression tool to store the file in less space, email the file, and more. Hence the file is in machine readable form, you can use screen readers or speech synthesizers (these are kind of computerized voices) to decode the file and read the text in it so that even a blind or visually disable person can grasp them.

What OCR Software to Use?

In order to choose the right OCR software for you, you should be a picky one. Though almost all OCR software works in the same way, but differences exist in the quality of them. The accuracy of them is not the same. With some low quality OCR software, you may have a disastrous experience as they output the converted file with some characters you may have never seen before. This happens because of the bugs of that particular software. Also, those software might not convert the file thoroughly. Sometimes you may see that the file has been converted partially. However, don’t be despair if you experience such facts, because those software doesn’t represent the whole picture.

Comparing various OCR software available online, we suggest that you can try JPEG to Word Converter manufactured by Soft Solutions. It has the highest accuracy rate in performing JPEG to MS word document conversion. It supports almost all image formats. So, no matter in which format your image file is, you will face no problem to convert that in editable formats. The software also supports more than 40 different languages.

Moreover, it provides you the maximum security by offering password protection and watermark. Because of password protection, no other people will be able to copy or view your document. And watermark will prevent illegal distribution. Even you can directly scan your files using this software. The software preserves tables, graphics, texts and layouts of the file to be converted accurately. It automatically detects and corrects rotation and orientation in the input images. So, no harm will be done to the input images during conversion. You can try this software for a trial period for free. After that trial period, you will have to purchase this software for further use. It will cost you only 39.99 US dollars, which is very low compared to other OCR software.

Where to Download the Software?

You can have your copy of the JPEG to Word Converter by following the link given below.
JPEG to Word Converter

You will find a download button on the given web page. Your download will start as soon as you click on that link.

You can download directly from at

Video tutorial of the software is available at YouTube.

How to use the software?

Using this software, you can convert JPEG images to MS Word documents. The software is very easy to use. An image of the software is given below.


To use this software, open the software. Then click on the open file tab. It will open a mini browser on your PC. Browse and select the file to be converted. Click on Open. After that you will see a preview of the image file. Click on Save File. You are done with the conversion. Then you can make any change in the converted file. You don’t need to be a professional computer literate to use this software.

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