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How to Add or Integrate Google+ Plus into Your WordPress Site

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Do you think that Google+ will be Facebook or Twitter “killer”? Well we will know the answer when the time comes. But what we can tell you now is that Google+ is definitely a social media that you can’t afford to ignore especially if you are blogger, web developer or content producer. Today’s article is exclusively written for WordPress users as we would like to introduce 2 methods of adding Google+ to WordPress blog or website. So don’t miss it!


How to Display Your Google+ Plus Profile Information on WordPress Blog or Site

googleCards is a WordPress plugin that can be used to display your Google+ profile on your blog. What you have to do is install the plugin and drag the widget in your sidebar. Just fill out the form, the plugin should be able to run.

If you don’t have a widgetized sidebar or you would just like to display the widget somewhere in your template, you can do so by adding a few lines of PHP code to your template where you want the googleCards to appear.

To give googleCards a try, you can either download the plugin here or jump straight to the code on GitHub.

How to Promote Your Google+ Account on Your Blog or Site with Google+ Statistics Widget
how_to_promote_google_plus_account_on_your_wordpress_blog_with_google_plus_statistics_widget is an unofficial Google+ user tracking site that also offers an embeddable Google+ widget. Simply add your profile (You can either sign in with your Google+ account or add your Google + profile ID eg. to their database, then grab the widget code and paste it on your WordPress sidebar.

How to Add or Integrate Google +1 Plus One Button into WordPress Site

When we talk about Google’s social media services, Google +1 button is something you should consider to add it to your site. While Facebook and Twitter button let people share content to their friends and followers, Google +1 button lets people recommend content to both Google search and their friends and contacts in Google account. It means that if your friends are signed in to Google account and they search for something, what you recommended can be seen in their search results. Learn more about Google +1 button


To add Google +1 button to your WordPress site, you can either use the official +1 button code generator from Google or take a look at the myriad +1 button WordPress plug-ins available.


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