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40 Best Social Media Search Engines to Find People & Profiles

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In the interconnected world of social media, the abundance of information can often feel overwhelming. Whether you’re reconnecting with an old friend, researching for professional purposes, or tracking online presence, the right social media search engine can make a world of difference. These tools are instrumental in discovering individuals, their profiles, and their mentions across the expansive landscape of social platforms.


Let’s delve into some of the best social search engines that facilitate discovering people, social profiles, and mentions across various platforms. Read more…

20 Google Hangouts Animated Emojis to Impress Your Friends

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Google Hangouts offers you an excellent platform to communicate, keeping you connected on computer or smartphone, via video calls and texts. Businesses have also adopted this platform for business communication.


To give it a competitive edge over other similar platforms, Google has advanced Google Hangouts bringing on board, additional features, which are aimed at facilitating communication. One of these features is the use of Emoji. Read more…

15 Types of Social Media Fans and Followers

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What is the one thing all your social media followers and fans have in common? Quite simply, they follow you across your different social media accounts. In many instances, this is where the similarity ends. Your social media fans can range greatly – from fans who re-pin, Like and retweet your posts at every opportunity, to the furious ‘fans’ who follow you across various platforms to share their negative customer experience.


By gaining a greater understanding of the different types of consumers of your social media posts, you can form a solid strategy to generate engaging content. Hitting the right note with your posts is crucial to get your followers to take action and share, like, comment and repost your content. Read more…

3 Latest & Effective SEO Tips You Must Know

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In the past few years, Google has made a number of meaningful changes to its search algorithms in order to supply people with better content. Though older search engines focused on keyword optimization and the volume of content a site was producing, Google’s new algorithms prioritize user-friendly websites that create their own original content and publish lengthy, well-researched articles.


Google’s changes to its search algorithms have inspired a new wave of search engine optimization strategies. In addition to being concerned with quality more than quantity, modern search algorithms also take social media presence into account as well as the overall design and usability of a site. As a result, content marketing, web design, and social media marketing have become crucial components of current SEO practices. Read more…

Best Times to Get Most Likes, Shares & Tweets on Social Networks

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No matter you are a blogger, content distributors or brand marketers, social media is the must-have platform to engage with your online audience. We all know that content is king thus posting breaking news, impressive images, or interesting videos on social networking sites will surely catch people’s attention making them share with other people.


However if you post a great content at the optimal time where most of the social users are right in front of their computers or smartphones and primed to share the content, chances are your post will receive tremendously high click rates and shares. Who knows your post may go viral within hours? Read more…

9 Ways to Utilize Google+ Communities for Branding and Marketing

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Search engine and social media marketing have become essential components of any business plan in the 21st century and chances are you are already utilizing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to market your company or your blog.


With everyone and their nephew diving headfirst into the social media marketing pool, it can seem daunting to rise above the deluge and effectively increase brand awareness, generate a following and build brand authority and trust.

Thus it has become vital that you get on the cutting-edge of the social media landscape, and take advantage of the latest developments before your competition and every other marketing imitator gets their foot in the door. Read more…

How to Display Author Information in Google Search Results

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Wondering how to show your name and photo under the title of your blog post in Google search results? Look no further, this is the right post where we provide a quick tutorial guiding you to link your online content to your Google+ Profile.


Once you’ve gone through the tutorial, your authorship information will be displayed in Google search results as shown in the image below. Read more…

How to Get More Google+ Plus Page Followers (10 Tips)

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Looking for some effective tips to get more followers on your Google+ Plus page? Having Facebook and Twitter to promote your business is not enough, Google Plus is another social network you must have and make use of. The Google social networking site is equipped with a set of capabilities, providing you completely different kind of interest sharing and social engagement.


As of June 2012, Google+ has 150 million active users while Facebook and Twitter’s active users already exceeded 955 million and 500 million respectively. However, in the world of Internet and technology, everything can change at the snap of a finger. Who knows that Google+ may replace Facebook becoming the largest social network in the near future? Read more…

20 Really Useful Google+ Plus Tips and Tricks You Must Know

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Google’s social network – Google Plus is considered the biggest rival to Facebook, attempting to redefine how you share content and interact with online friends. Most of the Internet users are agreed that Google+ is well integrated with other Google products and more importantly it provides better user privacy than Facebook does. For those who are not familiar with Google Plus’s Circles, Hangouts, Games and Search, below we’ve gathered 20 very useful tips and tricks to help you get started.


Read more…

How to Update Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus at the Same Time

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Undoubtedly, social media is one of the hottest trends in the Internet and marketing industries. Many people are using both Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with their friends, family, colleagues and followers. With the rise of Google+, some Internet users like bloggers and webmasters may even be involved in three social networks everyday. Well, if you are one of them, your life must be very busy and tedious as you have to share or update the same things on these social networks separately. Wouldn’t it be good if there is a web service enables us to update Facebook, Twitter and Google+ simultaneously?


Read more…

How to Add Google +1 Plus One Share Button to Your WordPress Website or Blog

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Google +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” It is something similar to Facebook Like button. By adding the +1 button to your site or blog, it lets people who love your content recommend it on Google Search. Before your visitors can use the button, they’ll need to have a public Google profile and make sure they’re signed in to their Google Account. However, to put the +1 button on your own site, you don’t need those accounts. Google has provided a +1 button page where you can get the code and paste it on your site. It’s very easy and the basic +1 configuration options are self-explanatory.


Read more…

How to Add or Integrate Google+ Plus into Your WordPress Site

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Do you think that Google+ will be Facebook or Twitter “killer”? Well we will know the answer when the time comes. But what we can tell you now is that Google+ is definitely a social media that you can’t afford to ignore especially if you are blogger, web developer or content producer. Today’s article is exclusively written for WordPress users as we would like to introduce 2 methods of adding Google+ to WordPress blog or website. So don’t miss it!


Read more…

Does Anyone Want a Google+ Plus Invite – Get Google+ Plus Invitation Here

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Are you waiting for Google Plus invite? Google is rolling out its latest social networking service called Google+. Sources such as The New York Times have declared it Google’s biggest attempt to rival the social network Facebook, which had over 750 million users in 2011. The service launched on June 28, 2011, in an invite-only testing phase.


So if you want to join Google+, just drop us your Gmail in the comment box below and we will send you an invitation as soon as we can. Or you can click this link to sign up with Google+. Read more…