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15 WordPress Facebook Plugins to Increase Your Website Engagement

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Facebook have more than 1 billion active users and it is one of the most important social sites to build your online presence. How can you take advantage of this to increase your website traffic and have more engagement with your readership?


Some of these plug-in allow you to display text, images, videos, events and more from your Facebook in your WordPress website! Impressive isn’t it? And another one will auto publish your posts on Facebook as soon as they are published on your website.

These are some of the best WordPress plugins that will help you to:

  • Adds HTML tags such as (Open Graph, Rich Pins, Twitter Cards) to the head section of web pages.
  • Add facebook send button on WordPress to make your article go viral on Facebook.
  • Add facebook subscribe buttom in your WordPress posts or page etc…

1. Aspexi Facebook Like Box Sidebox


The Aspexi Facebook Like Box Sidebox plugin displays a tab image on the side of your website which, when hovered over, shows a Facebook fanbox. The plugin is free and the developers offer also a premium version of the plugin which includes different tab styles from which to choose, tab placement options, the ability to turn off or on the tab for mobile users and more.

2. NextGEN Facebook
This plugin adds HTML tags such as Facebook Open Graph, to the head section of web pages. Despite the name, NextGen Facebook doesn’t just support the one social media platform. That said, it does take a more detailed look at how you can improve your WordPress site’s visibility with Facebook. It helps you improve your Facebook page’s appearance, ranking and engagement but also adds (open graph, Rich Pins, Twitter Cards) and validates image dimensions to provide accurate media.

3. Facebook Like Button
Add Facebook Like and Follow buttons to your WordPress blog in the easiest possible way. You can choose where to position this button either after or before the content. Or you could place it anywhere with a short code. The plugin also helps you change from the standard image to a custom image.

4. WP Facebook Like Send & Open Graph Meta
Add Facebook Like and Send buttons in your WordPress posts or pages. If the user is already logged into Facebook, the plugin display profile photos below the button of a user’s friends who have liked the URL specified.

5. JanRain RPX
JanRain RPX WordPress Facebook plugin allows your site to accept logins via various methods, including Facebook Connect, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpaceID, AOL, Windows Live ID and OpenID. After installing this plugin, your users can sign-in and commenting to your blog through these providers and have the providers icons beside the commenters.

6. Feed Them Social
The free version of the Feed Them Social plugin is bursting with great features and functionality. Fully responsive, this plugin can display text, images, videos, events and more from Facebook as a box or even as an entire website page.

7. Image Sharer: Free Facebook Plugin that Encourage Image Shares


This plugin does one thing and it does it really, really well. When website visitors hover over any image on your site, they are shown social sharing buttons that encourage them to share your images (see the image below for an example).

8. Facebook Subscribe for WordPress
Facebook subscribe for WordPress brings you full control and support of Facebook’s new subscribe button social plugin. FB Sub for WordPress is the only plugin offering full shortcode + template tag support for WordPress.

9. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox


The Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is a lightbox that shades out your website while highlighting your Like Box. If you have a WordPress website with good traffic implement this plugin if you want to run up your fan count fast with new Facebook fans. The settings for this plugin that can be adjusted are: the Like Box size, delay of the light box, and color of the back shade.

10. SEO Facebook Comment
This plugin will insert a facebook comment form, open graph tags and also insert all facebook comments into your WordPress database for better SEO.

11. wpLike2Get
Improve your social media spreading by letting your users pay with a like, a tweet or +1. wpLike2Get allows you to do this easily.

12. Facebook Share Statistics
Shows informations about your posts shared on Facebook, with statistics and charts about the number of “like”, comments and clicks received.

13. SharePress
Sharepress shares your content to Facebook and Twitter accounts. Integrate your Facebook application to start linking your posts to Facebook immediately.

14. Facebook Auto Publish
As with the previous plugin, Facebook Auto Publish enables you to share your posts on Facebook as soon as they are published. Though it does not include a scheduling function, it does offer a way for you to pre-format your Facebook updates, a nice time-saving feature.

15. JQuery Facebook Wall WordPress
Another Facebook plugin that will publish your Facebook feed, photos, albums and events on your WordPress website. The plugin can display the galleries in a light box. An awesome feature of this plugin enables all Facebook interaction with photos and posts such as commenting and liking.

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