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14 Dummy Text Generators to Create Filler Text for Your Web Design Prototype

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When presenting a prototype of a new website to customers, you, as a serious web designer should make sure the prototype looks finished. With all the necessary text, photos and other design elements put in place, the viewers would have a chance to better understand the idea behind the website you’ve created. Instead of using rectangle and square boxes to show what should be in a specific location, you can actually put some text where text goes and some images where images go for better visualization.


Below we’ve rounded up some of the best dummy text generators that can create filler text in seconds. The generated filler text can help you get an accurate feel of the balance between design elements and white space, allowing you to see the relative weight of the text compared to other design elements on the page.

We hope these dummy text generators can help you to increase the effectiveness of your vision and to present the prototype of your website in a more professional manner.

This text generator based only on Lorem Ipsum. It allows you to adjust the amount of words and paragraphs. You can also create text based on how many bytes it should be.

Blind Text Generator
This is a handy Lorem Ipsum generator that helps to create dummy text for all layout needs. You can add sample text in your designs or websites.

Lorem Ipsum Generator
With this text generator, you can generate Lorem Ipsum copy in various charsets and languages including Morse code for layouts.

HTML-Ipsum gives you number of tags to choose from, such as forms, menus, etc.
It’s particularly useful if you want to show off some of the CSS styling you may use.

Random Text Generator
Another web application that generates random text that you can use in sample web pages or typography samples.

This text generator lets web developer to use passages from various famous stories to create randomly generated text.

MaleVole Text Generator
Another text generator that claims to improve even the most lacklustre of designs.

Dummy Text Generator
Another free online Lorem Ipsum dummy text generator with many great features. The text tool lets users to insert HTML tags, random headings and sub-headings as well as random bold and italic words.
With this “Lorem Ipsum” text generator, you can add different kinds of tags as well as your unordered lists and even placeholder code.

Cameron Creative Filler Text
This website provides you a few selections of filler text samples which can be used to fill up a page, giving you the feel of a finished page.

More Dummy Text Generators for Fun

Bacon Ipsum
This dummy text generator is suitable for restaurant websites as it throws in some names of the best cuts of meat around.

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum
This text generator takes normal “Lorem Ipsum” talk and converts it into the eloquent ‘Izzle’ language.

TV Ipsum
A unique Ipsum text generator using TV theme lyrics.

Twipsum is an experimental website that generates filler text based on tweets.


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