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Top 13 Conversion Tools for Your Coding Needs

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Most of the web designers (if not all) usually leave the coding part to programmers or developers, as they either don’t have much time or lack the necessary coding skills to get the job done. In fact, at times even web designers with programming language favor recruiting developers to meet their coding need in a quick and accurate manner. After all, as designers, you will need to take care of several things like promoting and selling your designs.


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Though there’s no dearth of qualified service providers over the web claiming to have experience and expertise in writing codes, but finding the right talent can be challenging. Especially, when you’re new to the field of selecting a coder, you’ll have difficulty in finding one that can provide affordable services without compromising on the quality.

Thankfully, a lot of code converter tools can be found online – that can save you from the trouble of writing code yourself or by hiring services of a developer. Let’s have a brief overview of some of the best tools that can meet your coding needs:

1. Export Kit


PSD to HTML to CMS conversion has become a common and standard practice among the majority of users seeking to opt for theme customization and development services. However, turning a PSD into an HTML5, WordPress, Android theme by hand-coding can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. In fact, a complex markup conversion can even take several months to complete. However, you can save your considerable time and efforts in coding your design files to a platform of your choice by using the Export Kit tool.

The tool helps in converting a Photoshop PSD directly to HTML5, CSS3, WP, jQuery, XML and other formats in a matter of few minutes.



If you’ve been looking for a tool that could assist you in migrating your CMS website content to any other CMS platform, then CMS2CMS is exactly what you need. CMS2CMS offer a simple and hassle-free way to migrate an old CMS site, a small size website or a large forum in a WordPress or any other CMS. In case, you any doubts concerning the migration, you can opt for the demo migration before paying for the services offered by the CMS2CMS tool to ensure everything works accurately.

Right from migrating Joomla site to WordPress, or PicoCMS to Drupal Medium to phpBB and so on, CMS2CMS tool helps perform the migration in just 15 minutes.

3. Code Converter by Telerik
This fantastic tool is aimed at converting code written in VB to C# or C# to VB. Of course, not all of the users can be well versed in all the programming languages. While a few may have capability and knowledge of writing code in Visual Basic language, many others might possess C# coding skills. No matter whether you want to migrate VB to C# or vice-versa, Code Converter by Telerik can help perform the required conversion in just a single click.
All you need to do is to paste the code you want to convert to the tool’s left side and then click on “Convert Code” button to finish the task.

4. HTML to Text Email Converter


At times, browsers and mobile devices fail to display HTML formatting in an accurate manner. This may result in a defective and ineffective email design. Moreover, some people prefer simple plain text over a heavily designed email. And they may avoid all the bells and whistles and just wish to read the message. This is where the Mailchimp’s HTML to Text Email Converter comes in handy. It helps convert HTML email into a plain-text version to be sent to clients.

Remember, if you just want to send simple email alerts on a day-to-day basis containing news feeds and other content, then plain text will prove a more productive for you. So, next time when you’re thinking of turning your HTML email into plain text doesn’t forget to give HTML to Text Email Converter a try.

Manually adding each of the image elements from a PSD file in an HTML site isn’t an easy task. However, you can make this task a lot easier by using PSDTOWEB service – that automatically generate code for converting (simple to larger) PSD files into an HTML theme. It assists in converting standard .psd file into an HTML file with div layers in just three simple steps.

6. Cart2Cart
Do you wish to migrate your Magento e-commerce site data automatically to WooCommerce? Then, you should consider using the Cart2Cart tool. It is basically a plugin that allows migrating all of your Magento website data to WooCommerce without the need to learn programming skills. Rather, you just need to follow step-by-step instructions for the migration process.

With this tool, you can transfer data like products, categories, product images, category images, order statuses, etc. to your WooCommerce powered site.

7. Word to HTML Converter
This tool converts Word document into an HTML code. The benefit of TEXT FIXER – Word to HTML Converter tool is that it remove unwanted styles and markup that makes the code uncluttered and difficult to understand. So, as a result, the tool provides clean and easy to comprehend the code.

Above you can see the screenshot of the Word to HTML Converter. You just need to enter your doc contents within the blank white screen and click on “Convert Word to HTML” to perform the conversion.

8. C# to Java Converter
Now you can cut down the painstaking work associated with converting C# code to Java, by making use of the C# to Java Converter. The tool will help you save significant hours by producing superior Java code from C# automatically. It is a blazing fast tool that is capable of converting thousands of lines of codes from C# to Java in every minute. And thus, it proves a worthy tool for beginners trying to learn to code in the Java language.

C# to Java Converter also helps produce useful notes, warning, and ‘to-do’ comments to guide you to ensure that the C# code is converted into Java in a flawless manner.

9. Varycode


It’s an online code converter that helps carry out coding conversions in-between several programming languages. Converting any programming language into another one can be a complicated process. It helps in producing cross-platform web application.

10. XMLSpy
Last on our list is XMLSpy helps in generating C++, C# or Java class files based on data elements available within the XML Schema. It comes with a built-in code generation that saves software developers from having to perform the monotonous and tedious task of writing low-level infrastructure code. This eventually lets users pay more attention to implementing logic to run a business.

11. Jadii
As the technology evolves there are times we need to adopt new conversion services and this is the reason we now have automated PSD to HTML/CSS conversion tools.

Due to this everything will be done as per service software which is done in quite an automatic way. Jadii is another incredible online tool that offers multiple options of files to convert them into HTML/CSS. These files format comprises of PSD, camera photos, ms Office files, and several other tools and on the top of it this tool is completely free.

Talking about the services of Jadii, is a great tool that converts all the layers of your PSD layers straight to your HTML layers, and the Text layers are get converted to web-safe fonts, as well as images that are optimized as well as placed at the correct place. Apart from this you need to upload the website design which is which the designs create Adobe Photoshop or Gimp as a PSD file which is on the main page and within a matter of few minutes you will get your XHTML/CSS.

12. PSD to HTML/CSS converter


One of the most important benefit of adopting automated PSD to HTML/CSS conversion services is that it required very less efforts of the programmer. Mostly everything will be done by service software in completely automatic way. These tools fully automate the PSD to CSS conversion process and makes otherwise a difficult process quite easy.

13. CSS3
Last but not the least CSS3 is another quite an incredible plugin which is based on cloud that converts you free cloud based photoshop plugin that easily converts the layers.


Hope that going through the above list of code conversion tools will save you from the trouble of finding ways to turning your design or some programming language to a CMS or other programming language.

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