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Top 20 WordPress Post Management Plugins

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When you start a website, blog, or any web-based business, a clear organization of work is required for its smooth operation. If you don’t have a definite plan of action, you will not be able to achieve the ambitious goals of your business. To handle your web-projects WordPress offers numerous plugins. By using them, you can easily co-operate with your team members and organize your work properly.


So, looking for some WordPress Post Management Plugins? If yes, then check out the following list comprising the top 20 WordPress Post Management plugins:

1. Project Panorama


Project Panorama has lots of project optimization and management features. You can use this plugin to simplify your projects and complete them in a timely fashion. Using its additional functions, you can easily create new projects and make their clones for review and analysis work.

The automatic calculation tool of this plugin allows you to look at the progress of your plugin in an easy way and know its exact status. The visual communication is the best feature of this plugin which simplifies the project management in an easy way. Using this plugin, you can easily manage the details of your project, freely communicate with your team and create an unlimited number of tasks

2. Task Manager


With the WordPress plugin, you can easily open new projects, add people to your organization, add pages related to content and new entries for your team and for external communities because it has all the necessary functions and settings for the management of projects. The plugin comes with a comment system that facilitates communication between all companies, people, records and pages and help in feedback collection.

3. SP Project and Document Manager


This plugin allows entrepreneurs to organize the interaction of various elements in a correct way, simplify the functions of customer accounts and individual elements. You can easily use for several websites and has a premium version also. The premium version comes with several features, such as email notification system for users, thumbnails for projects and related files, settings fields, responsive layout, etc. It easily gets integerated with Dropbox and works very well with zip archives, subfolders, etc.

4. Advanced Post Manager


This is a nice plugin for WordPress developers. With its help, they can change turbo in their custom post type listings with taxonomies, metadata, etc. The plugin has an exquisite interface for adding and saving complex filtersets. It also has a drag-and-drop interface to choose columns that are displayed on websites. This plugin automatically creates Metaboxes for all your metadata-entry needs.

5. Capability Manager Enhanced


This plugin is ideal for all those professional WordPress bloggers who run WordPress blogs that are managed by numerous contributors. With this plugin, they can easily manage user roles. It allows them to view the performance of contributors, assign roles to new users, limit the roles of existing users, add new users to the admin panel, etc. It also supports role networking and capability navigation.

6. User Access Manager


Are you looking for a perfect tool to manage the access to your content? If yes, then try this useful plugin. With this plugin, you get a private section or member area on your WordPress blog. You can allow contributors to write content on your blog, not elsewhere. You can also use this plugin to control user roles, streamline their workflow and keep a close eye on their performance.

7. Frontier Post


This WordPress plugin facilitates the full-featured management of standard posts for almost all user roles. It enables front-end posting and editing on your blog and help bloggers to write content easily and quickly. Website admins and owners can use this feature-rich WordPress plugin to write and edit posts in the frontend and move to the backend for the advanced actions.

8. Blog2Social


The outcomes of your blogging efforts are increased up to a great extent if you incorporate social media optimization with blogging activities. For this, you need to share your blog posts to social media channels to fetch more clicks back to your website and make more leads. With this plugin, you can automate your social media activities and increase the outcomes of SMO tremendously. You can also schedule social media posts based on your specific needs and get speedy reactions from customers.

9. Posts To-Do List


The successful management of a multi-author WordPress blog demands active supervision of the author’s work. Generally, blog admins send the content topics to content writers through Emails and get the text file as per their demand. When visitor’s demand grows, sending Emails to each writer individual seem to be a time-consuming and monotonous job. With the help of this plugin, you can assign to-do-list to all contributors to your blog and get the work done easily in a professional manner.

10. Auto Post Scheduler


When you launch WordPress blogging with a business point of view, your responsibilities towards the targeted audience grows with each passing day. It increases pressure on you, making it necessary to update your website with a fresh content. In today’s busy life, you can’t stick to your website 24*7/365 days. So, what’s the solution? Just install the Auto Post Scheduler Plugin. Scheduled your posts for automated postings. The scheduled posts will be posted automatically. It lets you have some free time in your WordPress blogging career.

11. Revive Old Post


When you publish posts on your website on a regular basis some of them perform very well and attract lots of traffic to your website. If you revive such posts, there are chances that you can get more traffic to your website and lead generation opportunities as well. Using this plugin, you can easily republish your popular posts on different social media channels and enjoy their benefits.

12. Automatic YouTube Video Posts Plugin


One must always keep in mind that video content is more appealing than the text content. So, these days, a good number of SEO professionals are performing YouTube Video Marketing to help people understand their products/services easily and quickly and sell their products in bulk. The manual process to add YouTube videos can be a boring task if you launch YouTube marketing for numerous websites. This plugin facilitates the automatic posting of videos to the YouTube Platform. It saves time and energy and scripts your success in YouTube marketing.

13. Auto Tweet for WordPress


After Face, Twitter is the second most popular social networking website. A large number of individuals, companies, business firms, and organizations use it to communicate with the targeted audience and market their brands. This plugin allows you to automate the process of twit postings. It increases the communication level between business organizations and customers and benefits them mutually.

14. RSS Post Importer


Almost all SEO professionals give a huge importance to RSS posts. They let users know about the latest posts published on websites and increase the chances of content consumption. With this plugin, you can easily manage all activities related to RSS posts (such as Syndicating, Importing, Curating, Merging and Displaying RSS posts) on your WordPress website and get the attention of the targeted audience.

15. Auto Prune Posts


While updating websites with a fresh content, sometimes, you publish wrong materials which are irrelevant for users. Such posts, if seen by website visitors, trigger backlash from them and your credibility (as a website owner) goes down. To stop the repetition of such mistakes and avoid such unpleasant embarrassments, try this plugin. It automatically deletes wrong posts from your WordPress website.

16. WordPress Popular Posts


Some posts on your website go viral soon after publication. Visitors like to read such posts time and again & share them with their near and dear ones. By using this plugin, you can easily display the popular posts of your website to visitors and boost the rate of content consumption up to a great extent.

17. Content Writer


The shortage of quality content is a big headache for website owners. Often, the demand for high-quality content is higher than the actual production. The lack of quality-content means your entire SEO activities are put on hold. This can derail the progress of your web-based business. With the help of this plugin, you can order for content and get that instantly. It allows you to access 6,000+ professional content writers. You can post contents automatically to your WordPress website using this plugin.

18. Atomic AI


There are many website owners who are troubled by the dismal performance of their content. They want to improve its performance by leaps and bounds. For such website owners, this plugin is a real comrade. It lets you know what makes your content perform and how it can be done. It establishes a relationship between the WordPress and AI and analyzes the data. So, create high-quality content and use the Atomic AI plugin to improve its performance.

19. Good Writer Checkify


Content evaluation and proofreading consume a lot of time. Most SEO professionals don’t want to do it when they reel under the huge work pressure and have to improve the outcome of their SEO efforts. The lack of content review leads to fatal mistakes in SEO activities, which undermine the overall productivity. With this plugin, you can easily check the content quality and ensure that only quality content is being used in the website optimization activities.

20. Google Plus Activity


Google+ is an important social networking website offered by Google. Business organizations, E-commerce companies, and entrepreneurs use this social media platform to market their brand and fetch the possible business opportunities. They can use this plugin to post automatically on Google+ and boost the outcome of their SEO efforts.

Final Words

When you run a high-performing WordPress website, managing different posts seem to be a challenging task. With the help of the top 20 WordPress Post Management plugins, you can easily automate different activities of the WordPress websites/blogs and boost the final outcome tremendously.

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