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Top 15 Offline GPS Map Apps for Android and iPhone

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Are you planning to move out to a new country? Worried about being lost at the new place? Fret not! With wide innovations in technology, there has been the development of many navigation apps which are available for both your Android and iPhone. These myriad of options or navigation apps will help you find your way to your destination.


Moreover, GPS Maps and navigation apps have totally changed the way people travel these days. Therefore, with these technologically-advanced apps, you can easily have access to turn-by-turn navigation, the best route to a destination, hotels nearby, complete traffic update, and many other types of handy road information, all in the palm of your hand.

Internet is connectivity is often not available everywhere, therefore, there has also been the introduction of many offline GPS apps both for Android and iPhone. Certainly, these apps are of a great help when the internet quits on you.

In particular, if you are searching for GPS Map or navigation apps on the Android or iPhone app store, you will come across several options, but all of them may not be a good option or reliable. Here, are the top 15 best GPS Map Apps for Android and iPhone bundled with offline map support and voice-guided functionality. This will make your direction-finding task much easier than ever.

Offline GPS Map Apps for Android:

1. MapFactor
It is a free GSP navigation maps app that gives you access to offline maps from OpenStreetMaps along with frequent updates and turn-by-turn navigation. Therefore, this will make sure they you can easily reach your destination without any sort of internet connectivity. Generally, this app is simple and easy to configure for most of the users and provides voice guidance in various languages too.

It has become the top travel and navigation app in more than hundred countries and it gives an instant access to detailed maps of every country across the world. Most importantly, it gives detailed information about billions of points-of-interest for several people, which includes shops, various tourist attractions, super markets, and gas stations, banks, ATMs and many more places.

3. Navmii


This app provides people with an accurate direction without an internet connection. This app features a voice navigational system that gives you a voice guided turn-by-turn navigation along with constant verbal updates about the name of the street you are crossing. Moreover, you can perform a search for local places that is powered by Foursquare, What3Words, and TripAdvisor.

4. GPS Navigation
It is a free navigation app that gives you free updates for maps, ability to plan trips and searches for POI around your area. In addition to this, this app is free to download as well as use, but you will require paying for voice-guided navigation, available for a seven-day trial. You will be able to enjoy offline maps and trip planning service for free.

5. HERE WeGo

For being one of the most useful offline transit apps, it is highly-compatible with both smartphones and tablets, while making your navigation uncomplicated and less time-consuming. You can also plan your route and prepare yourself for traffic delays, signals and the overall time it would take to reach your destination.

6. BackCountry Navigator
Especially geared for hikers and backpackers, it features offline map support, topographical maps and map marking for seeing tracks and planning hikes. This amazing app comes bundled with a bunch of maps that helps you from using the data while travelling. This is highly-reliable and effective where it is really very difficult to use data connection, making it easier for hikers.

7. CoPilot GPS

This is among the traditional GPS navigation apps featuring voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation and it’s also available in many countries across the world. It is a premium app that comes with a free trial of 7 days and with an offline map support as well as 3D guidance display.

8. OsmAnd

This app has access to OpenStreetMap data which can be downloaded to your phone for offline usage. Moreover, if you don’t want to store the maps, you can also use mobile data to access them. Particularly, the most vital feature of this app is the cycling and walking routes. This included navigation features such as voice guidance and re-routing, while you can also search for addresses and find GPS coordinates.

Offline GPS Map Apps for iPhone:

9. CityMaps2Go


This iPhone app features detailed maps for saving offline by the users and can be easily accessed even when there is no data connectivity. In particular, the maps for cities, states or even countries in on go can be saved. Not only this, the users can save places and add them to lists for an easy organisation of the saved places into further categories that want to. Basically, it aims to make it easier for users to plan their visits to other cities.

10. Scout GPS

This reliable app features real time traffic and speed updates, in order to ensure that the users always know when they’ll reach their destination. Users can click on all the available routes to get turn-by-turn directions for the selected route, before starting navigation. In addition to this, this app allows users to share their ETA with more than one contact and feature a list of frequently contacted people. It allows users to download the maps for offline use and even get directions when they are offline.

11. Google Maps

By far, it is most widely used as well as trusted app in the world. It is developed by Google and features accurate traffic data, multiple modes of transport for navigation and directions along with automatic re-routing in navigation due to traffic conditions or missed turns and even exits. Featuring street view and indoor imagery, it allows users to virtually visit a place. Most importantly, you can save maps for offline use and evens search maps offline. Therefore, this app proves to be exceedingly handy while your visit to new cities or aboard as well.

12. TrialLink


This app is described as the ultimate trail-finder app for all outdoor enthusiasts and over 30,000 miles of multi-use trials are available. This is the only app for biking and hiking that you need to keep installed on your iPhone and even if you’re an avid hiker or biker, you can purchase 12 months of unlimited offline mp downloads.

13. TomTom GO Mobile

This app is a sleek combination of the latest TomTom car navigation technology and the world-class traffic information. It is ebst if you want to get real-time traffic information in order to reach your destination faster. This app also includes world maps, speed cameras, offline maps that can be stored on your device so you don’t need internet access or data roaming to plan a route. Moreover, you can you can get advanced lane guidance and also navigate to the copied addresses. Its Quick Search option finds destinations faster as soon as you start typing.

14. Garmin USA

This is Garmin’s first iPhone app including offline maps, turn by turn directions with voice promoted, 3D landmarks, lane assist feature, and speed limits alerts. You can even create routes with multiple shops and use Garmin Speak with Alexa to ask for turn-by-turn direction via voice.

15. Pocket Earth

Certainly, this app makes your travel stress free and up to some extent the word seems to be true with the kind of excellent features offered and possessed by this app. It works on GPS system in order to provide offline maps and directions right at your fingertips. It also supports various file types and even allows you to share it with your friends and relatives, so that they never get lost. Moreover, Pocket Earth also has some special maps as well as directions for adventurers, principally for hiking and cycling.

It is apparent that many features of these GPS apps are trending in 2017, which include routing, tracking, elevation profiles, map layering, turn-by-turn voice prompting, GPX importing, route drawing, live tracking, the ability to select different types of maps depending on where you’re riding, Wikipedia entries, and even for hotel booking. With functionality like that, it’s evident that smart phones can really make powerful GPS systems!

That’s absolutely right; you won’t need Wi-Fi or a Sim card. Just ride, map and navigate.

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