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How to Create a Wikipedia Page – Complete Guide

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Do you want to create a Wikipedia page? Do you want to create an online presence of your services or products? Are you a celebrity or an influencer figure, willing to make the world know more about you? If an answer to these questions is a big yes, then in this guide, we will show you how to create a Wikipedia page that does not go rejected.


Without any further ado, we will be taking you straight to the steps for creating a Wikipedia page.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia pages are built through accessing a page title that actually does not exists, clicking on the red link that highlights non-existence. On another hand, there is blue colored link that has some exceptions, linking to existing pages.

The page creation follows a simple approach: when clicked on red link, you will reach a blank page. Once reached, you can enter a text, and click on button denoting Publish Change. If followed properly, a page will be created.

Various pages are built when a user is able to see an existing red link, following the below mentioned methods. The methods mentioned below will show you how to access a page that is non-existent with no red link being shown. In addition, if you want to get your page built by experts, then a reliable Wikipedia writing service can get the job done for you faster.

Follow the below mentioned methods to create a Wikipedia Page:

The Searching Method


Start by entering text in the search field that you can seek to build a page title. In case, you find that your title doesn’t exists, is not restricted technically, or not protected against creation, then you will be presented with following options:

  • You will be notified that a page doesn’t exists
  • You will be advised to create a page
  • You will be provided with a red link to the specific page title
  • You will see a message that “There were no results matching the query”

Preview a Red Link Method

Follow these steps to preview a red link:

  • Click on one of the accessible pages
  • Place double brackets around the page title that you want to create such as [[Suggested Title]];
  • You will see a button labelled with “Show Preview”. Click on it
  • Finally, click on the visible red link

Save a Red Link Method

If you wish to have an easy and regular access to your page, you can do so by saving a link at a user page, or user talk page. After saving a red link, and creating a page, that link will turn into a blue link, allowing you to access through clicking it. Below are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Go to the user or user talk page that are permanently linked at the top of a Wikipedia page
  • Place the double brackets around the page title for example [[Proposed Title]]
  • Click on the button labelled with “Publish Changes”
  • Click on the visible red link

Changing a URL Method

When you click on the existing page or section, then you need to change the page title visible in the URL of the browser’s address bar. Afterwards, you can hit enter, and see a page similar as if you had clicked on the red link. It will allow you to create a page with the entered title. For instance, if you click in the edit at the top of page, you will see a URL in the address bar of the browser.

Top Tips for Building a Wikipedia Page Successfully

To build a Wikipedia page successfully, you need to follow some crucial tips. In case, you reach to a Wikipedia writing service, then you do not need to worry about anything. Otherwise, you will have to follow the tips mentioned below to create a Wikipedia page without facing any hurdles:

Considerations for Namespace

Exception for Category Namespace

The links to pages in the Category namespace will not work unless you place a colon before the namespace prefix. For instance, if you want to build a category for “American Players”, the red link will be invoked by saving or previewing the code: [[: Category: American Players]]

Exception for File Namespace

The file namespace is an exception where media files are not built directly through following any of the above-mentioned methods. Instead, media files are uploaded through a different and dedicated interface that can be accessed through clicking on the “Upload File” option from the tool menu located at the left side of the page.

Make sure that files that lie in the public domain or hold a free copyrights’ license should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons instead of the Wikipedia. In this way, all the Wikipedia projects will have access to those media files.

Articles vs. Random Namespaces

In fact, encyclopedia articles are the only ones that can be created through without a namespace prefix. All the pages that are outside of the article mainspace can be prefixed with a namespace following a colon prior to the title. For instance, the user page’s title will start with a prefix “User”. The red link that you will create for a page that is not an encyclopedia article should start with the prefix of a namespace.

For instance, if you want to build a proposed article in the namespace of Draft, you will have to create a red link to [[Draft: Proposed Title]].

Namespaces that are Restricted

Some namespaces are restricted for creation except by the Wikipedia’s administrators and some more users with superior levels of accessibility including the MediaWiki pages, Module Pages, Special Pages, and pages belonging to Education Programs. Interestingly, a user can build talk pages using specified namespaces, apart from those mentioned in the Special namespace that don’t include direct talk pages.


So far, we have revealed the methods for creating a Wikipedia page. Though, Wikipedia has strict guidelines for page creation, the steps and tips mentioned in this guide will help you create a page on Wikipedia hassle-freely.

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