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20 Proven Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

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Looking for the best ways to get more “Likes” on your Facebook page? Look no further, here’s the right place! Due to the popularity of Facebook, many blog posts can be found on the web providing myriad of tips and tricks to promote FB page, increase fan base as well as receive more “Likes”. To help our readers identify the most effective ways for driving “Likes”, we’ve gone through tons of Facebook resources and carefully selected 20 proven tips and techniques which can significantly increase the number of “Likes” on your Facebook page! We hope you’ll find this post useful for your Facebook marketing campaigns.


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Post a Status Update and Ask for Likes
Post a status update mentioning your Facebook page and asking people to “Like” it. When people make comments on your fan page, interact with them closely and ask them to “like” your page. Some of you might feel uncomfortable doing but it does work.

Add a Like Button and Like Box to Your Website
If you are a blogger / website owner, make sure you’ve added Facebook Like button or Like box to your site. It is a very effective way to get “Like”, and the best part of it is that your visitors don’t need to leave your website in order to “like” your page.

Add a Facebook Badge to Your Website
With Facebook Badges, you can share your status updates, photos and more on any website or blog.

Create a Custom Landing Page
By creating a cool and interesting landing tab for your Facebook page, you can increase the conversion of visitors to fans.

Offer Fan-Only Freebies
One of the most common ways to get more “Like” is to offer something free and valuable in return for a person’s like. All you have to do is create a Facebook landing page with a “reveal tab” that contains freebies and it’s only visible to fans of your page.

Link Your Facebook Profile to Twitter
With Facebook to Twitter app, you can update your friends, subscribers and followers at the same time.

Get More Facebook Friends from Your Email Contacts
Use Facebook’s Find Friends Tool to import your personal contacts from a variety of email clients including Yahoo!, Windows Live Hotmail, Skype and other email services. This increases the chances of having more friends to like and join your fan page.

Run a Contest or Sweepstakes
Running a contest, sweepstakes or promotion on Facebook page can help you attract new “Likes” and fans. However you must abide by the Facebook page guidelines.

Tag Your Page in a Status Update
To tag a page in your status update, type @ symbol followed by the name. e.g. @quertime, then select your page from the drop down list. Now when people hover over the tagged name, a box will pop up asking them to “Like” your page right from the update.

Blog about Your Facebook Page
If you are running a blog, write a post to introduce your Facebook page. Giving your readers some good reasons why they should “like” your page and explaining the benefits of being your fan.

Make a Cool Sign for Your Facebook Like
By creating an eye-catching Facebook Like sign, you can increase the chances of having more “Likes” from your visitors. You may try this Facebook sign generator.

Use “Click like if…” Formula for Posts
This is an easy method to get more “Likes”. All you have to do is say “Click like if…” and keep the second part interesting, hilarious or awesome.

Choose something that you are very sure most of the people (70% and above) like or agree with you, then ask them to click “Like” if they like that thing. Following are some variations of the formula:-

“Click like if you’d love (to grab this freebie or to have this benefit)”
“Click like if you want….”
“Click like if you think….”
“Click like if you believe that….”

Join Relevant Groups
You can join some groups with interests that are similar to your Facebook page, and then promote your page to the groups. You’ll likely to see significant increase in the number of new people liking your page.

Get People Like or Join Your Page through SMS
Your fans can join your fan page via text message. Facebook users just send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” or “like yourusername” (without the quotes).

Add Clickable Links to YouTube Videos
LinkedTube is a video linking site that allows you to add link overlays to your YouTube videos which can link out to external sites including your Facebook page.

Include Facebook Like Link in Email Signature
How many emails do you send out a day? If you are a big email user, you can include Facebook “Like” link in your email signature to drive more likes and fans?

Include Facebook Like Link in Newsletters
If you do email marketing, make sure to include your Facebook fan page link in every email. This helps to get extra likes from your subscribers.

Ask for Facebook Likes on Your Business Cards
Another passive way of driving extra likes from your customers is to include a call-to-action to like your Facebook page on your business cards.

Run “Fan of the Month” Promotion
You can choose your best fan every month and offer him/her some free products or services related to your brand as a token of appreciation.

Utilize Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads is a great way to connect with your potential customers. The ads can also be very effective at driving “Likes” from your fans.

Track Fan Growth and Demographic with Facebook Insights
Go to Facebook Insights to analyze your fan growth over time as well as detailed demographic information such as gender and age of the people.


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