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15 Jobs that Will be Replaced by Robots Soon

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People love to make their life easier, and they work hard on securing better and more efficient working conditions for themselves. From the first men using a rock cut firewood and hunt animals, all the way to supercomputers solving complex mathematical problems. Through all these years, mankind struggled to find tools that would allow us to perform better and faster.


Over the course of time, we created machines that are able to perform basic human tasks and replace people altogether. As the technology progresses, we witness an increasing number of human jobs that are now obsolete. Machines and software are able to do the work that men did before, and not only do it, but do it better than us. This is becoming a pretty hot topic as people are beginning to be afraid about their job security. If you think that your job is secure, here is a list of 15 jobs that soon may have no more human operators.

15 Jobs Robots are Taking away from Us

1. Chef


Moley robotics is a startup company that announced a launch of a fully automated, robotic chef. Technology behind Moley allows customers to install a robot in their kitchen. The robot is programmed to mimic 100 percent human arm movement and use an online database to create meals. The company already submitted several patents and presented the prototype at Hannover Messe, International robotic show. Imagine all the chefs being replaced by this piece of tech, is it possible?

2. Bank Tellers and Representatives

An article on CNBC argues that bank tellers and representatives may be replaced by A.I. pretty soon. We already use various banking services using ATMs, smart device apps, etc. With all the progress made in the field of A.I. it’s not so hard to imagine a robot offering you loans, calculating interests, and other banking services. Banks can see the benefit of this tech, so maybe future banks will employ only robot employees.

3. Construction Workers


Manual labor workers are under a lot of pressure when it comes to keeping their jobs on account of machines. There are new automated methods for manual tasks coming up almost every day. Julia Sklar, from MIT, wrote an article for Technology review website, in which she stated that construction workers may begin to lose their jobs rapidly. Construction Robotics designed an automated bricklayer that can lay bricks three times faster than human. The good thing is that there is still need for human to operate the machine, but there will still be no more need for the other bricklayers. If we bring in the development of A.I. into equation, we can see other construction jobs also taken away by robots.

4. Inventory Managers and Supermarket Aisle Workers


Simbe robotics is developing an automated inventory managing robot called Tally. The main idea behind their endeavor is to create a robot that would take care of product availability in the store. Tally roams between the isles and scans the shelves, taking notes about stock size, price tags, and restocking. Although this technology may be an overkill for small stores, chain markets can see a profit coming from this investment. Unlike humans, robots don’t get sick, ask for a higher wage, day off, etc. And the training is much simpler for a machine, all you need to do is update the software.

5. Farmers


This industry has made the most progress in terms of technology implementation. We started with our bare hands and now we might lose millions of farming jobs all over the world. Quartz magazine issued an article regarding this argument and the facts are conclusive. Robots cost less in the long run, don’t get tired, weather is not an issue (except in extreme conditions), and don’t complain about working with chemicals. The technology is already there, and it advances at an amazing pace. F.Poulsen Engineering is a company that offers automated farming tools. They cover a wide array of farming activities with their robotic solutions.

6. Taxi Drivers


Times when you had to listen to the taxi drivers’ stories while you ride to work maybe over pretty soon. Uber decided that it would be more efficient and beneficial to both the company and the users if there were no drivers in the cars. This ignited a few sparks and then the idea of an automated Uber car was born. The project is now in a testing phase with around 100 cars operating in Pitsburg. People from Uber claim that this will also make their services much affordable. The reason for this is, as they claim, that there is no need to pay the driver.

7. Writers


Can you imagine yourself reading a novel written by Artificial Intelligence? We are not that near this scenario, but we’re getting there. The Verge reported that Associated Press issued its first article written fully by an un-human author. It was an financial report, created in AP style, and fully written by an Artificial Intelligence. It seems more likely every day that the future content writers will be pieces of software.

8. Security Workers


Pretty soon we might encounter robot security guards in malls, banks and other public places. Knightscope offers a solution in form of their K5 autonomous security guard. The robot has a full 360 degrees live stream camera, forensic capabilities, anomaly detection, and pretty soon gun detection.

9. Shepherds


Australian Center for Field Robotics from the University of Sidney is developing all sorts of robots and autonomous vehicles. Their flagship project SWAGBOT is able to maneuver through all sorts of terrain and is currently in the phase of development that will allow it to interact with plants and animals.

10. Pharmacists

There’s nothing new about pill counters, machines that count pills and assist in pill displacement. However, it’s not unusual for people to make mistakes while they are working. As a result, a wrong prescription may go to the wrong person. With machines doing all the work, there is almost no chance that anything may go wrong. This is one of the reasons why we can hope to have robotic pharmacists in the near future.

11. Delivery Service


Starship Technologies developed a courier bot, equipped with GPS, sensors, and cameras with a single purpose to deliver goods to customers. This could take jobs away from millions of workers, but it will also make the delivery services less expensive.

12. Hotel Receptionist


There’s nothing better than seeing a smiled receptionist at the hotel, after a long flight. However, we might have to forget about that commodity in the future. The reason for that could be robot receptionists, like the ones in Henn-na Hotel in Japan.

13. Telephone Salesperson

Oxford University researchers claim that we could have A.I. sellers pretty soon, as the technology is almost fully available. It’s said that Siri and Google Now have almost everything needed in order to develop a robot fully capable of making a sale.

14. Tour Guides

Think about going on a vacation and have an Android tour guide leading you on your journey. Again, Japan is in the front seat, steering the wheel. Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation has Android tour guides for a while now. Will it become a think worldwide?, who knows, but it seems likely.

15. Librarian


No matter how much the technology progresses, it seems that the printed word will always be actual. The same doesn’t seem to stand for librarians. Popular Science issued an article about a robot librarian developed by Agency for Science, Technology, and Research in Singapore.


As we can see, there are a lot of future jobs that hang in the balance for humans. But this doesn’t mean that we are all going to stay jobless. As the technology moves forward, the job market changes and new jobs pop out. This means that as we lose one human job we will also gain new career possibilities. Old jobs are no longer needed, so it’s up to humans to develop new careers for future generations.

What’s your opinion on this matter? Is this something that we should be scared of, or should we look at robots taking our old jobs as a way to invent new jobs? Let us know in the comments section.

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